Rome (Italy) Meetup?

Commenter bystander is in Rome for a couple of weeks and was wondering if there are any readers in the area who’d like to have a meetup?

I’m happy to coordinate so just drop me a line

Rome (Italy) Meetup?

Commenter bystander is in Rome (Italy) for a few weeks and was wondering if there are any readers in the area who’d like to have a meetup?

I’m happy to coordinate so just drop me a line


And yes, I’ll be posting this during better hours for any European readers, but some folks here might be heading out so I wanted to mention it for all timezones.

In the Air and I Just Don’t Care

I have traveled so much lately I am (other than the whole wallet/ phone thing yesterday) getting back to being good at it and not instinctively hating everyone around me.  

Should have eaten breakfast, though.   What are you all up to today?

Searching in the sun for another overload

This could be a BIG win for Dems, even if it’s a long shot.

The NRCC is pouring money into a last-minute TV ad buy in Kansas ahead of a Tuesday special election, seeking to pump up Republican enthusiasm and turnout in a district that President Donald Trump carried by 27 percentage points just a few months ago.

The late independent expenditure seeks to boost Republican state Treasurer Ron Estes, who is running to replace CIA Director Mike Pompeo in Kansas’ 4th District. The district has not been on the radar of most national groups and activists, which have focused on the upcoming special election in Georgia as a more competitive opportunity. But Kansas Republicans are fretting that Estes’ margin is closer than expected in his race against Democrat James Thompson, an attorney.

“Kansas should not be in play, but Kansas is in play,” said one Kansas Republican consultant.

Let’s throw James Thompson a few bucks.

Goal Thermometer

Writers Chatting: Chapter 6

First butterfly this spring in my awesome plum tree

Hello! Sorry we were a bit short on threads in March. My work load almost doubled, so I had some frantic rearranging to do in order to accommodate it. I think we’ll be back on track for twice a month now as long as there is interest.

I am stockpiling some stories from our published writer’s on their experiences to share the next few posts. Thanks to everyone who has emailed me. I’ll give you a heads up when I’m planning on posting your wonderful experiences. Going forward, what I would love is any emails with topic suggestions and/or your stories.

Today I’m sharing John F. Wirenius story. He’s successfully published his book, Phineas at Bay (found here):

So I self-published a novel in 2014. it’s called Phineas at Bay through CreateSpace. It’s a sequel to Anthony Trollope’s six Palliser novels, set in England  in the late 19th Century.

On the whole, I found it to be a very satisfying experience.  I had a good friend, with a Masters in English, who was willing to edit the book, and had another friend design the cover. (My first friend, who appointed herself my “Domineditrix” was kind enough not to change, if I would do the same for her novel; my second charged me a reasonable but not nugatory fee.)  So I went to CreateSpace for internal formatting and layout and production.  I also used their book description promotional services to come up with the jacket description and author bio.  Read more

Boston Meetup part two

Boston Meetup

We are here and doing it live.  So far it is me, Conster, Turbulence, and Flying Toaster so far.  I have my back against the wall so Anne Laurie can not stab me.