Denver Meetup Tomorrow and Golden Pic

Sorry to bigfoot Adam but wanted to give the Denverites as much notice as possible. Hedgehog and I will be meeting for lunch at 1 p.m. tomorrow (Monday) at Modern Market at 900 16th Street. All area Juicers invited. (Email me if you’re coming so we can save a seat.)

And here are Scamp Dog, Starfish, and me after dinner and a bit of Pokemon Go tonight in beautiful Golden:

golden juicer meetup










Table Rock in the background.

Sunday Afternoon Open Thread

Here’s a statue of former Tampa Mayor Nick Nuccio with his trademark cigar and fedora:


One unique thing about Tampa — or Ybor City, anyway — is that you can still smoke cigars if you’re so inclined without becoming a pariah. Not everywhere, of course, but in plenty of places, and it’s socially acceptable to walk down the sidewalk puffing on a big stogie.

It’s another scorcher of a day, but with any luck, it’ll rain sideways this afternoon and cool things off (for half an hour). Open thread!

Shooting in Munich: All Clear is Given


Earlier today a single perpetrator went on a shooting spree at a shopping mall in Munich, Germany. The Munich Police have now issued an all clear, confirming a single shooter, and indicating that public transportation has resumed and the shelter in place order is lifted. A press conference is ongoing, so we’ll hopefully have more information soon. As of right now we know that there are 10 dead, including the shooter who committed suicide, and 21 wounded. The only current indication of who the shooter might be and what he wanted is from an eye witness who indicated that the shooter “yelled an anti-foreigner slur”. As always this is an ongoing situation and the information is likely to change over the next 24 to 48 hours.

Update at 8:20 PM EDT

Here’s the link to the Munich Police press conference.

Update at 8:25 PM EDT

The Guardian has reported, based on a translation of the Munich Police’s press conference, that the shooter was an 18 year old German of Iranian descent. His body was found at 8:30 PM local time. They have confirmed that he shot himself.

Update at 8:40 PM EDT

The Guardian is reporting that the Munich Police have indicated that the shooter had lived in Munich for a long time and had no criminal record. The investigation is ongoing and no motive has been reported yet.

Golden and (maybe) Denver meetups!

Hi Everyone,

Sunday’s Golden, CO, Balloon Juice get-together with be held at New Peach Garden, 1111 Washington Ave Ste 10, Golden, CO 8040. Starfish, Scamp Dog, and I are meeting at 7 p.m. and you’re invited! Please email me if you’re attending.

On Monday I will be rattling around downtown Denver (near Union Station) and if anyone is wants to have lunch that would be great. Flexible as to time, and willing to travel a bit, so long as the directions are idiot-proof. Email me!

President’s Remarks on Baton Rouge Police Shooting

Joy Ann Reid of MSNBC/NBC, via her twitter, as well as CBS News, is reporting that the shooter has been identified as Gavin Eugene Long, 29 years old (today was his birthday), from Kansas City, MO. Reid is reporting that he may have ties to the sovereign citizens movement.

Update at 5:00 PM EDT

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Gavin Eugene Long is affiliated with an anti-government group. I’m withholding the name being reported as every hit I get on a key word search for it simply brings up Alcoholics Anonymous organizations.

President Obama is expected to address the Nation momentarily:

Report from Beckley, WV

We arrived in Beckley, WV (see here for why) Thursday night. On Friday, we delivered our donations to the United Way; then filled up with another vanful and convoyed north with another van to Summersville, WV, closer to the main flood area. There was a BIG donation center there in a strip mall.

wv floods 1Then we continued on our trip east through the mountains to Roanoke, VA, and onto Davison (NC) (where I’m writing from). It was on that drive that we saw some of the flood damage: many dozens of miles of homes with their ruined possessions piled outside. (See pic.) It seemed endless and surreal, and I’m sure things were even worse off on the side roads that we didn’t see.

We also saw lots of roads with the lee side washed out, lots of electrical lines down, etc.

It wasn’t all bleak. The people we met in Beckley and Summersville were GREAT, and wow, they really had their act together. Everything was super well organized, and there were tons of volunteers an

at Beckley UW

d a constant stream of people showing up with donations. (I’m the one holding the sign, btw; my partner, the Car Tetris champ, is

on my right. Go Hornets!)

Also, I had never been to West Virginia before and the terrain (the drive through the mountains) was outstanding.

Finally, we spent part of the time following these guys:
nasa robot truck






It’s a Mars crawler, and they (and we, behind them) crawled on those twisty mountain roads for ages, but being an astro fan girl I didn’t mind! (See also: NASA Robotics Alliance Project.)

More to report from our trip shortly. Hope you’re all having a great holiday weekend!

If you want to donate cash to WV, I believe the link in John’s post still works or here’s one to the Beckley United Way. If you’re local and want to deliver stuff, they seem to most need baby supplies, pet supplies, cleaning supplies, electric fans (to help dry things), and those big plastic storage tubs (like Rubbermaid) so people can protect their dry stuff.

Kalamazoo Hearts Beckley

Heading out east to the retirement party of one of my partner’s colleagues. (We will be in Davidson, NC – email me if you want coffee.) We had planned for months to overnight in Beckley, WV, which is in the flood zone. So, inspired partly by John’s fundraising, I decided to solicit donations and see if we could fill the minivan.

Kalamazoo came through nicely. The entire car is loaded with people food, pet food, bottled water, and baby stuff; also, lots and lots of blankets, towels, and bedding. And lots and lots and LOTS of cleaning supplies. (Thanks for the good advice, commenter J R in WV!) We’ve also got (hope no one is bugged by the commercial links; these people did good)…

200 packages of Heilman‘s gourmet nuts in bags poetically labeled, “Nuts for You from Kalamazoo” (BTW they ship.)

A bunch of Dr. Bronner’s hemp-based soap and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts (nutritious and vegan!) from a nice woman who helped organize this year’s local Hemp History Week event. (Hemp is good, right Juicers?)

Fastsigns—there may be one near you!–donated the sweet magnetic car signs. (See below.)

Car Tetris!

My partner and I probably spent the equivalent of an eight-hour day contacting people, picking up stuff, and filling the car. (He’s a good filler; obviously has the Tetris gene.) You could argue that it would have been more efficient just to write a check, but connecting with people, both in Kzoo and Beckley, has been wonderful; and people really seemed to love and appreciate the opportunity to donate.

It’s an eight-hour trip to Beckley, and I’ll let you all know how things go.

(Now, where did I put my show tunes…)

The Kzoomobile with signage. Not pictured: a big topper also filled with donations!