It would be, it would be so nice

This blog was talking about The War On Christmas before The War On Christmas was cool. We’ve been waiting ten years for TWOC to become a general election campaign issue. That day has finally come.

While listing the reasons why his father ran for president in an interview published Thursday, Eric Trump pointed to the tree on the White House lawn and claimed it was renamed the “Holiday tree.”


“Or, he sees the tree on the White House lawn has been renamed ‘Holiday tree’ instead of ‘Christmas tree.’ I could go on and on for hours. Those are the very things that made my father run, and those are the very things he cares about.”

Fuck yeah.

And so this is Christmas

What are the odds we get a TWOC question? Is there anything we can do to make sure there’s one? If we all go on twitter and write War On Christmas over and over again, will it help

Sunday Night Open Thread: #TWOC Started Early This Year…

Our annual year-end reminder that the worst offenders against common civility are the WATBs complaining about “political correctness”. Here’s Jezebel‘s explainer:

Some Starbucks’ customers are outraged over the coffee chain’s new holiday cups, just because they lack a Christmas-themed design. In the past, the company released cups depicting images of snowflakes, reindeer, white doves and ornaments. This year, the cups are plain red — and people are really pissed.

According to the Huffington Post, some Christian customers feel the coffee chain is oppressing their religion. In a viral Facebook post, one gruff-voiced customer dressed like Fred Durst circa 1999 wrote, “Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus,” then brags about “pranking” Starbucks by having them write “Merry Christmas” as his name on the cup. He also flashes a gun he brought into the coffee shop, disregarding Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’ request that customers no longer bring firearms into their stores, even in states where open carry is permitted…

“In the past, we have told stories with our holiday cups designs,” said Starbucks’ Vice President of Design & Content Jeffrey Fields. “This year we wanted to usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories.”

That’s right, folks — a corporate decision to not-take-a-side has been declared offensive by people who insist that a side not taken is a declaration against their side. To quote a line from that book they talk about so much: Jesus wept.


It’s a trivial little holiday-cookie nothing of a story, but the earnest cluelessness of the commentors explaining that Americans of-all-faiths-or-none are entitled to go to a movie and a Chinese restaurant on December 25, because freedom!!!, should be preserved in a time capsule as an example of the Way We Live Now.

Good God y’all

After a disappointing ceasefire the last few holiday seasons, TWOC is on like mothefucker. With this:


And this:

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly dedicated Monday’s “Talking Points Memo” segment to denouncing what he called a “‘Happy Holidays’ syndrome” propagated by “secular progressives” and “pressure groups like the ACLU.”

Fuck yeah. This is the kind of conservatism I love. It sure beats the hell out of hearing Bobo and Ron Fournier lecture us about leadership and bipartisanship.

Oh God I could do better than that (you betcha)

Tim F was right: the War on Christmas has become unwinnable quagmire. This Sarah Palin TWOC soundboard is quite amusing, but she’s phoning it in.

If conservatives are serious about this war, they’re going to have make some serious strategic changes. They need a catchy Lee Greenwood war-on-Christmas song. They need to start singing this song or reciting some war on Christmas type manifesto at various public gatherings, the way they do with the Pledge Of Allegiance. Finally, and they must have known this for years, atheists don’t make for good scapegoats. There just isn’t enough history there. Atheists didn’t kill Jesus or institute Sharia law throughout the suburbs of Detroit. Make it about the Muslims and the Jews and maybe even the Hindus and you’ll see better results.

Open Thread: Because Us Simple Peasants Know the Smell of Manure?

(John Backderf via — click link for full-sized image)
Dave Weigel at Slate asks the un-musical question “Why Has Pete Peterson’s Expensive Campaigna Against the Deficit Failed?“:

… For 20 years, a coalition of wealthy people—Pete Peterson chief among them—has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to build public support for austerity. They have held annual summits, then semiannual summits. They’ve written books. They’ve started up coalitions. They’ve partnered with MTV. It’s been five weeks since Barack Obama was re-elected, and there’ve been two gatherings in downtown D.C., put on by Peterson-tied organizations, asking politicians to do something about that debt.

But do what, exactly? Here’s the current problem with Peterson-ism: As scary as it seems to liberals, as clear as it may be that Peterson wants to build momentum for entitlement cuts, the actual work of these groups has moved us no closer to those said cuts…

Not that the professional courtiers of the Media Village aren’t working hard for Peterson’s estimated $458million largesse. Here’s Charlie Pierce at Esquire on the most fragrant recent effort:

One of my primary criticisms of Tiger Beat On The Potomac has been that the entire enterprise has been dedicated totally to gossip, triviality, and Drudge-baiting to the exclusion of what’s actually going on in the country to the people these politics are supposed to serve. Alas, today, the two presiding intellects of the publication put their watery heads together to discuss “bold” policy choices. I hereby take back everything I wrote in the former vein. If this is their idea of discussing policy, I wish to the god that gave me breath that they’d go back to who’s zooming whom at some lobbying shop. Read more

Open Thread: Those Deck Chairs Need Intensive Re-Arranging!

Via Wonkette, Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire has a scoop — “RNC to Investigate What Went Wrong“:

The RNC “is rolling out a plan to review what worked and what didn’t for the party in the 2012 cycle,” Politico reports.

“The plan is to focus on: campaign mechanics, fundraising, demographics, messaging, outside groups, campaign finance, the national primary process and, last but not least, what the successful Democratic efforts revealed about the way forward, and recommend plans for the way forward.”

However, BuzzFeed reports that two of the people leading the effort — former Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer and Republican committeeman Henry Barbour — pushed the narrative that the polls were skewed, and Mitt Romney would ultimately prevail.

Yeah, part of those ‘successful Democratic efforts‘ may have been not relying on people like Ari ‘Grima Wormtongue’ Fleischer and Henry ‘Boss Hogg’s Nephew‘ Barbour. But, hey, as a lifelong Democrat, I can only say: Y’all keep up the good work, boys!

Via Paul Constant, news that Public Policy Polling is just screwing with us now:

A new poll by Democratic firm Public Policy Polling found that 44 percent of people in the United States believe that Santa Claus is a Democrat, versus just 28 who say St. Nick would cast his ballot for the GOP. An identical 28 percent say they’re not sure of Santa’s political affiliation.


What other shenannigans are on the agenda for this Monday rump in the political holiday doldrums?