Is Football worth it?

While we gear up for the Super Bowl (I say “we” but I will fully admit I’m not a sports guy) my co-host and new Balloon Juice commenter Dacia Mitchell added to the TWiB! Radio news docket the question about the impacts of professional football and how it leaves it’s players. There was a recent article discussing how injuries in the NFL has  a racial component since over 67% of players are of color. Our resident Football expert Aaron Rand Freeman doesn’t believe we can look at injuries in Football in that particular light. The discussion was really interesting and the call-in section towards the later half of the show was pretty awesome.

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And on TWiB! in the Morning we had  New York State Senator Kevin Parker on discussing the perils of governing in a 24/7 news cycle in addition to a landscape completely changed by social media. He argues that it has less of an impact that we would think.

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Tonight I’m going out with the Wife but I’ll jump in the comments when we get back. Dacia Mitchell and Aaron Rand Freeman will hold down the comment section while I’m out being a good husband.


A-Hole Of The Day?

Greetings  Folks,

First let me say thanks for the kind words that a bunch of y’all have thrown my way. The TWiB team is excited that we’re now publishing to this community. So here’s the first episode of TWiB! Radio of the week.  I was forced to crown our first A-Hole of the Day and I’m sure you’ll understand where I’m coming from when you hear the news story that made it happen.  Here’s the show! 

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(note: I know someone mentioned on my  last post that there’s a lot of banter up front. This is true. It’s sort of how our community works. Yes we cover news but we crack jokes + share whats going on with the team. I hope you guys can dig that but if you’re like “I SIMPLY WANT A NEWS STORY” you can jump a head 15 minutes or so.)

And just in case you want to follow along with the 2 major stories we covered here are the articles that were on our docket.  And please note: We’d LOVE for you folks here on Balloon Juice to contribute to our docket!  If you’re on Twitter you can submit by tweeting on the hashtag #TWiBdocket. Or you can even post on this thread any stories that you think should be getting more play or if you simply would like to hear our take on it. We’ll take a look at it!

John was kind enough to give me free rein of what I can post here but I don’t want to overload you folks. We do a morning along with our afternoon show TWiB! Radio (the former is hosted by political strategist and Up With Chris regular L. Joy Williams), an interview show on race, a nerd show, a terribly inappropriate show and a food show.  If you guys are interested in some of those things I’ll try to post a few eps of those here as well! But for today I’ll just throw in today’s episode of “TWiB! in the Morning”. Take a listen!

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Thanks folks! I will be all up in the comment section and one of my co-host Dacia Mitchell will be jumping in to! Magic shall ensue.



Greetings From A Reasonable Negro…

Greetings folks!

My name is Elon James White and I’m a writer, comedian and I run a little outfit called This Week in Blackness. Mr. Cole was kind enough to give me the keys to a shiny new account here at Balloon Juice in order to share some of the stuff we’re working on. We do 2 Mon – Thurs shows that I think fits the space here fairly well. Both shows (one is a morning show with a different lead anchor and the afternoon one is led by me) deal with news, politics and race while adding a bit of humor to it. I also recently launched a new series called “On Blackness” where I talk to a bunch of really smart folks in academia about race in America. If nothing else, I figured that there would be some healthy…ahem…conversations about some of the topics we cover.

I reached out to Mr. Cole because I was very appreciative of his previous postings of episodes of “This Week in Blackness: The Series” and I wanted to show you folks more of what we do. Since TWiB has grown into an independent media source, we’re trying to reach out to as many communities as possible that may be tired of the crap being served by big media. Communities that are looking for alternative voices. That’s what we do at TWiB.  We try to give the coverage that we wish we heard and saw elsewhere.

I wrote all of that to say “Hi.”

To give you a taste of what we do–here’s an episode from #TWIBradio from this past week.  The episode is titled “D’Plato.”  Yes, it’s that type of show.

And here’s a clip from our debate night coverage during the election. This was directly after the Vice Presidential debate. Remember when Joe Biden abused Paul Ryan on national television?

So again, thanks for having me here and I look forward to the magic that will come.  You can always find me on Twitter. @elonjames