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Trump might actually believe this since he’s a malignant narcissist whose sense of “right” and “wrong” is aligned precisely with “good for Trump” and “bad for Trump.”

So, Trump’s story is that Nunes & Co’s absurd clown show cleared the Russia matter up, and his next move will be to try to shut the Mueller investigation down. Yes, it would be outrageous, and it’s legally and politically dicey, but Trump definitely doesn’t give a shit about that. A couple of years ago, a president publicly and brazenly using the DOJ to punish enemies would have been unthinkable. Today, we call it “Friday.”

The question is, can he sell this steaming load of horse shit to enough people to get away with it? He doesn’t need to sell it to the deranged fart-huffers who watch Fox News all day — they already believe it. But he does need to convince a sufficient number of non-Republicans that it doesn’t much matter whether Trump is subject to the law or not.

As Kay observed this morning, the DOJ is gone now, as an institution that’s a check on Trump. With Republican majorities in both chambers, Congress never was a check on Trump, and that can’t be rectified for several months. So for now, it’s Mueller. After Mueller, it’s us. Keep this link handy. I’m afraid we’re gonna need it.

“The saint he thinks he is…”

There’s some speculation that James Comey moved up the release date of his highly anticipated memoir from May 1 to mid-April to get ahead of a possibly damning report due from the FBI inspector general about his (Comey’s) handling of the Clinton email server investigation. Via Politico:

The book could land at a complicated moment for Comey, as well. “A Higher Loyalty” was originally scheduled for release on May 1, but the publisher last month announced it was moving up the publishing date because of the “intense scrutiny” surrounding the FBI.

Comey detractors, however, have speculated that the change had more to do with spinning another major piece of Comey’s legacy: his handling of the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email during the 2016 election, which he is also expected to detail in the memoir.

The FBI inspector general’s report reviewing allegations of misconduct by Comey in connection with the email probe is also expected to come out this spring. “It’s hard to believe it won’t be critical of how he handled things,” said [Matthew] Miller. “There is speculation that he moved up the publication date to get ahead of the report. In the book he will come off as the saint he thinks he is.”

Miller was DOJ spokesman during the Obama administration. His remark captures my ambivalence about / contempt for Comey. On the one hand, there’s credible evidence he threw the election to Trump with a grandstanding letter to Congress days before the race ended. On the other, no Comey, no Mueller investigation.

Will the book make a big splash? Miller speculates that it could drive public opinion and become a PR headache for the White House, but being up to their eyeballs in negative publicity is normal for Team Trump.

So, regardless of what Comey reveals in the book, his legacy will likely come down to this: Comey set the house on fire, but at least he notified the fire department on the way out the door. My father-in-law was an old-school fireman, and he used to joke that his department had “never lost a basement.” We’ll see if Mueller’s team is able to salvage more than that.

“We’ve always been at war with Eastasia…”

The GOP is selling it hard on Twitter today:

Adam Schiff ain’t buying it:

I have no idea how this shakes out. Anyhoo, open thread, I guess.

So Soon?

But what about Devin Nunes’ memo?

The Trump administration on Thursday imposed fresh financial sanctions on Russian government hackers and spy agencies to punish Moscow for interfering in the 2016 presidential election, and for a cyberattack against Ukraine and other countries last year that officials have characterized as “the most destructive and costly” in history.

Sanctions also were imposed on individuals known as “trolls” and the Russian organizations that supported their efforts to undermine the election. Additionally, the administration alerted the public that Russia is targeting the U.S. energy grid with computer malware that could sabotage the systems.

I have my doubts about the effectiveness of this:

In all, the new sanctions target 19 people and five organizations. Many were indicted last month by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, who is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election and whether the Trump campaign coordinated with the Kremlin to sway the race’s outcome. Those 13 individuals and three entities are accused of spreading propaganda using social media and other means, with the goal of sowing discord.

The sanctions also target the KGB and GRU (somehow). I doubt that they’ll make much real difference since the whole Russian hacking effort yielded a high reward for relatively little cash, so they’re going to keep doing it. But, better this than nothing.

“Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked…

…have been sacked:

Jesus, what a fucking shit-show. Open thread!