Slo-Mo Saturday Night Massacre

Looks like Trump has set the flying monkeys on Sessions with a vengeance:

Aside from Trump himself, Sessions is probably the most odious figure in an administration chock-full of comically obvious villains. So in one sense, it’s satisfying to see the racist shit-bag get dragged by Trump and his minions. That’s what you get for hitching your White Citizens Council wagon to an unstable malignant narcissist, Jay-uff!

But on the other hand, we all know why Sessions is the object of Trump’s ire — he recused himself from the Trump-Russia investigation since he is entangled in it himself, clearing a ground-level ethical hurdle that clowns like Nunes and Gaetz eagerly tunneled under to demonstrate the level of servility Trump demands.

For that reason, the entertainment value of Sessions’ serial humiliations should be tempered with concern about the endgame here. But fuck it — I’m gonna enjoy the show anyway.

Significant If True…

Looks like Mr. Mueller is asking the right questions about the right people. Via NBC:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is asking witnesses pointed questions about whether Donald Trump was aware that Democratic emails had been stolen before that was publicly known, and whether he was involved in their strategic release, according to multiple people familiar with the probe.

Mueller’s investigators have asked witnesses whether Trump was aware of plans for WikiLeaks to publish the emails. They have also asked about the relationship between GOP operative Roger Stone and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and why Trump took policy positions favorable to Russia.

The line of questioning suggests the special counsel, who is tasked with examining whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, is looking into possible coordination between WikiLeaks and Trump associates in disseminating the emails, which U.S. intelligence officials say were stolen by Russia.

It would be awesome if that twisted fart-huffer Roger Stone plays a role in bringing the whole Jenga treason tower down. Maybe he could get a tattoo of Trump on his ass to match his Nixon tattoo. More from the report:

At that same July 2016 news conference where he referenced Clinton’s missing emails, candidate Trump said he was open to lifting sanctions on Russia and possibly recognizing its annexation of Crimea in Ukraine. The U.S. and its European allies had sanctioned Russia because of its intervention in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, which the Obama administration refused to recognize.

Investigators have asked witnesses why Trump took policy positions that were friendly toward Russia and spoke positively about Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to people familiar with the probe.

Investigators have also inquired whether Trump met with Putin before becoming president, including if a meeting took place during Trump’s 2013 visit to Moscow for his Miss Universe pageant. Trump has given conflicting responses on when he first met Putin.

At least one witness was asked about Trump’s business interests in Moscow and surmised afterward that the Special Counsel investigation may be focused on business dealings that took place during the campaign.

Maybe it’ll all come to nothing. But it sure seems like Mueller is asking the right questions. And since he’s already flipped some folks, he knows who’s lying.

Hillary Just Called Trump Out

Yesterday, Admiral Mike Rogers, head of the NSA and US Cyber Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that Trump hasn’t asked his agency to counter Russian’s interference in the US elections in 2016 and warned that this gives them the all-clear to continue. Via NPR:

The admiral in charge of both the nation’s top electronic spying agency and the Pentagon’s cybersecurity operations would seem a logical point man for countering Russia’s digital intrusions in U.S. election campaigns.

But National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command chief Adm. Michael Rogers told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday there is only so much he can do. That is because, according to Rogers, President Trump has not ordered him to go after the Russian attacks at their origin.

Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island, the committee’s ranking Democrat, asked Rogers, “Have you been directed to do so, given this strategic threat that faces the United States and the significant consequences you recognize already?”

“No, I have not,” Rogers replied.

But the spy chief pushed back on suggestions that he should seek a presidential signoff.

“I am not going to tell the president what he should or should not do,” Rogers said when Connecticut Democrat Richard Blumenthal pressed him on whether Trump should approve that authority.

“I’m an operational commander, not a policymaker,” he added. “That’s the challenge for me as a military commander.”

Rogers agreed with Blumenthal’s estimation that Russian cyber operatives continue to attack the U.S. with impunity and that Washington’s response has fallen short.

“It hasn’t changed the calculus, is my sense,” the spy chief told Blumenthal. “It certainly hasn’t generated the change in behavior that I think we all know we need.”

The only intelligence agency head to be held over from the Obama administration told Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren that he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin has reached a conclusion: There is little price to pay for his actions and they can therefore continue.

That’s a pretty stark warning. If he’s aware of Rogers’ testimony, Twitler has probably ordered minions to fire Rogers and install a Trump guy. Well, Hillary Clinton called his ass out just a short while ago:

Maybe Clinton’s comment will bring attention to Trump’s inexcusable dereliction of duty and give the issue the wall-to-wall coverage it deserves. Especially if Trump rage-tweets in response.

Hicks Ticks (Open Thread)

Someone seemed a tad nervous during this morning’s executive time:

Why so worked up?

Could it be because Trump’s human email interface, Hope Hicks, is supposed to testify in a closed-door session of the House Intelligence Committee today? She’ll stonewall like other members of der Scheißegibbon’s inner circle, and she’ll get away with it until Democrats have some power on the committees again. The GOP-led House committees are comically open about functioning as Trump’s personal obstruction of justice facilitators. Maybe Trump just doesn’t trust women for some reason…

If Mueller recalls Hicks (or got the goods during the first meeting?), then Trump should worry. At the very least, she had a ringside seat at the Trump-led obstruction meeting around Dim Son’s idiotically enthusiastic email effluvium on the Trump Tower meeting with Russians bearing “dirt” on Clinton.

Tick tock, mofos!

Open thread!

Gates Cooperating?

The Times is reporting that Rick Gates has flipped. They’re the only news outlet reporting it at the moment, and we all heard that he was “queen for a day” last week and nothing happened, but I’m posting this anyway because fun if true.

Update: The Post says it’s happening, too.