Night Owls Open Thread

Okay, it’s not an owl, it’s an oriole. It was sketched by extremely talented lurker Triplet, who used one of the oriole photos I posted this weekend to draw it. Beautiful job, Triplet!

I was on a rare weeknight out with a friend this evening, eating Thai food and drinking sake. So I missed the news. Looks like Conor Lamb won narrowly, which is fantastic!

On a more somber note, physicist Stephen Hawking has died, and on Pi Day, no less. What a remarkable man he was, and what an amazing life he led. Rest in peace.

As I’ve mentioned in comments, we cut the cable cord a while back. I got Sling TV, so I have CNN but no MSNBC.

That sucks on a night like this, where I’d like to watch election coverage without being subjected to obnoxious wingnuts. I know MSNBC gives a platform to some idiots, but it really is worse on CNN.

Anyhoo, open thread!

Friday Morning Open Thread: Readership Capture

Mr. Obama does not intend to use his Netflix shows to directly respond to President Trump or conservative critics, according to people familiar with discussions about the programming. They said the Obamas had talked about producing shows that highlight inspirational stories.

But the Netflix deal, while not a direct answer to Fox News or, would give Mr. Obama an unfiltered method of communication with the public similar to the audiences he already reaches through social media, with 101 million Twitter followers and 55 million people who have liked his Facebook page.

“President and Mrs. Obama have always believed in the power of storytelling to inspire,” Eric Schultz, a senior adviser to the former president, said Thursday. “Throughout their lives, they have lifted up stories of people whose efforts to make a difference are quietly changing the world for the better. As they consider their future personal plans, they continue to explore new ways to help others tell and share their stories.”

n one possible show idea, Mr. Obama could moderate conversations on topics that dominated his presidency — health care, voting rights, immigration, foreign policy, climate change — and that have continued to divide a polarized American electorate during President Trump’s time in office.

Another program could feature Mrs. Obama on topics, like nutrition, that she championed in the White House. The former president and first lady could also lend their brand — and their endorsement — to documentaries or fictional programming on Netflix that align with their beliefs and values…

Think that WH “cybersecurity” permits streaming content? (Oh, c’mon, the hate-watch tweets would be incandescent. Twitter could probably charge for premium content!)

Thursday Morning Open Thread: One Can But Hope

(Drew Sheneman via

Man’s a known germaphobe, maybe he’ll get an urge to feel clean inside as well as out.

Or he could stroke out, after reading the latest from Hollywood Reporter:

Michael Wolff’s controversial Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is coming to television.

Endeavor Content — the financing and sales arm formed in October between sister companies William Morris Endeavor and IMG — has purchased film and television rights to the No. 1 best-selling book. The massive deal is said to be in the seven-figure range. Endeavor Content plans to adapt the book as a TV series. A network is not yet attached, as Endeavor will now begin shopping the project.

Wolff will executive produce the series, with veteran Channel 4 and BBC executive Michael Jackson — now CEO of indie producer Two Cities Television — also on board to produce…

Fire and Fury debuted at No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list, based only on the first two days of sales. In less than a week, the publisher reported more than 1.4 million hardcovers on order and 700,000 copies shipped, making it the fastest-selling nonfiction book in the company’s history.

To date, rights to the book have been sold in 32 countries. It is currently the best-selling book of any genre worldwide. (A Spanish-language edition is set for Feb. 28, with subsequent takes in Arabic, Albanian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Japanese, French, German and other languages also planned.)

Fire and Fury comes to the small screen after HBO canceled a planned series based on the 2016 election in what was poised to be a Game Change sequel of sorts. The pay cabler scrapped the project after sexual harassment allegations emerged regarding source material co-author Mark Halperin, who was poised to pen the script alongside John Heilemann. That opened the door for a Trump tell-all, with demand high for Fire and Fury given Wolff’s cinematic writing and fly-on-the-wall detail…

My only question: Will there be a laugh track? Or is this more of a Stephen-King’s-It-remake deal?

Speaking of heartburn, not to mention scary tales for the GOP:

Monday Midday Open Thread

Feeling kinda stuck today, not unlike Batman and Robin:

The photo is from the @BatLabels Twitter feed, which, as its name suggests, primarily features things that are labeled from the old Batman TV series, e.g., “UNDETACHABLE GLUE PAD.”

Besides that, I got nothing. Open thread!

Anyone watching the Emmy Awards?

I’m switching back and forth between that and Packers vs. Falcons. OMG, Colbert just trotted Sean Spicer out for a cameo as Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. Really.

Open thread!

Best Television Commercials of Your Youth?

For some reason I just found myself singing this Milk of Magnesia commercial:

What commercials do you remember as favorites? I loved all the Eddie Jemison “Yes I am” Bud Lite commercials, and the Wendy’s “evening wear” commercials were awesome. Oh, and really old Doritos commercials with Avery Schreiber.

When I watched the superbowl ads the last couple of years I just thought they were crude and dull. I sound 95.

Wednesday Afternoon Open Thread

After successfully avoiding it for years, I finally broke down and started watching “Game of Thrones.” I’ve seen most of the first season now.

As fellow viewers know, the show is gory as hell. That doesn’t bother me all that much. In fact, the primary reason I’m hooked so far is in hope of seeing Joffrey come to a sticky end! (No spoilers, please and thank you!)

But I wish they wouldn’t wantonly kill so many animals for no reason at all. It probably says something rotten about my character that that’s what I find most disturbing, but there it is.

Open thread!