Let’s Not Go to Stupidland

My advice to co-workers in a dysfunctional organization where I worked recently was always “don’t go to Stupidland” – by which I meant that you shouldn’t accept an alternate, delusional reality just because the boss and his enablers are pounding the table and saying that up is down and black is white.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at what just happened.

First, Trump shut down the government to get the wall that his own party (and Mexico) wouldn’t give him for two years.  Things go by so fast in the Trump reign, and the press is so busy following the latest tweet, that this fact hasn’t been seared into the public mind the way it should be.  The Democrat that I’ll support for President will make this point as part of their case against Trump, because it makes Trump look weak.

Second, Trump got his ass handed to him on the shutdown, because he didn’t get the wall (or really any concessions) by doing it.  He was also shut out of the negotiations that led to the bill that the Senate just passed.  Again, he looks weak, because he is.

Third, everybody knows that the declaration of emergency is pure, unadulterated wankery.  Ann Coulter is already tweeting that out and the rest of the wall Nazis will follow, as they did when they stomped their feet hard enough to make Trump shut down the government.  It will be tied up in the courts until the end of Trump’s term, if he makes it to 2020.  I agree that it is yet another assault on our institutions, but I think we’ll weather it because not even Trump thinks it will work.  It’s purely for face saving, and after Trump issues it, he’ll make noise about something else in hopes that we will all forget that he has no clothes.

This is a win for the Democrats, and for the country.  Coulter and her ilk told Trump that it would be OK if he put his hand on the hot stove, so little Donny did it.  And he got burned. If I know anything about narcissists, and sadly I do, Trump will think long and hard before he blindly follows the Coulterites into more wall-related stupidity.  He’s going to find something else to gin up the hate of the rubes who follow him, but he wants to put this in the rear view mirror.

One of Putin’s Other Useful Idiots Weighs In: Swanson TV Dinner Hour of White Power Glower Hour Edition

Tonight on The Swanson TV Dinner Hour of White Power Glower Hour, Putin’s other useless idiot has thoughts to share. Bozhe moi!

You can click across if you like for the rest of Dr. Stein’s deep thoughts on the structure and nature of the American political system, American politics, and, of course, Dr. Jill Stein who, Dr. Jill Stein holds in exceedingly high regard.

(Dr. Stein and LTG Flynn dining with Vladimir Putin in December 2015)

It is important to remember that when Dr. Stein and LTG Flynn were dining with Putin and enjoying the gala, the NRA’s delegation was being hosted in Moscow by Alexander Torshin, Mariia Butina, and several Russian government officials. This amount of coincidence takes a lot of planning!

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Operational Security is Painless, It Brings on Many Changes, and John Bolton Can Take or Leave It if He Pleases…

Ambassador John Bolton, the Assistant to the President – National Security Advisor (APNSA) and the Frank Burns of American national security professionals, is also a master of operational security!

For those that can’t quite make that out:

And now the close up!

That says:

3) Afghanistan -> welcome the talks; 5,000 troops to Colombia

Nothing like the element of surprise when violating the War Powers Act!

Bolton has to be one of the absolutely stupidest national security professionals ever. Anyone want some action on whether he was one of the 30 people that were denied a clearance by the professional adjudicators and then granted one by Carl Kline, just like Jared Kushner was? He makes Alcibiades pushing the Athenian government to invade Sicily look like a military genius fusion of Pericles, Julius Caesar, Sun Tzu, and Clausewitz! And I don’t want to hear from you Jomini fan boys in the comments either! Keep it to yourselves you freaks!

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Inconvenience Million Milers and…

Here’s the Post’s live feed of Trump’s remarks in the Rose Garden, which are supposed to be coming soon.  Of course, with Trump, it ain’t over until the fat orange guy blurts something out.

What Shutdown?

I’m sitting in O’Hare after having arrived early, waiting for my on-time connection. The departure board is showing almost every flight on time, and TSA at the Rochester airport was a breeze. I believe the TSA agents at our airport are employed by a contractor, so I think they’re getting paid.

Most off-season early morning flights out of Rochester are full of frequent flyer business travelers. For example, the majority of people boarding this morning had some kind of AA status, which generally means you fly a couple of times a month. Almost everyone who flies for business is TSA Pre. If you want this shutdown to end quickly, just close the TSA Pre lanes at every airport.

In other news, Trumpovich sharted all over himself with extra vigor last night, so the shutdown polling plus the latest Russia stuff must be getting to him. Good.

Setting aside Trump, what did Mitch McConnell know and when did he know it? What do the Russians have on Lindsey Graham? These and other questions come to mind when it’s clear they’ve been protecting a Russian asset in the White House.