What Shutdown?

I’m sitting in O’Hare after having arrived early, waiting for my on-time connection. The departure board is showing almost every flight on time, and TSA at the Rochester airport was a breeze. I believe the TSA agents at our airport are employed by a contractor, so I think they’re getting paid.

Most off-season early morning flights out of Rochester are full of frequent flyer business travelers. For example, the majority of people boarding this morning had some kind of AA status, which generally means you fly a couple of times a month. Almost everyone who flies for business is TSA Pre. If you want this shutdown to end quickly, just close the TSA Pre lanes at every airport.

In other news, Trumpovich sharted all over himself with extra vigor last night, so the shutdown polling plus the latest Russia stuff must be getting to him. Good.

Setting aside Trump, what did Mitch McConnell know and when did he know it? What do the Russians have on Lindsey Graham? These and other questions come to mind when it’s clear they’ve been protecting a Russian asset in the White House.


To nobody’s surprise, the most recent Post poll shows that Trump and the Republicans are getting the lion’s share of the blame for the shutdown.  Also, most (53%) oppose the wall.

In the next week or two, I’ll be taking a full shutdown cruise. I’m starting by flying out West tomorrow, then I’ll be getting in a new vehicle (long story) and driving back to Rochester. Along the way I was planning to visit some national parks and monuments.  If a TSA sick out doesn’t keep me from boarding the plane, if the ATC sick out doesn’t make me miss my connection, and if overflowing toilets and assholes cutting down trees don’t close the national parks,  I’ll let you know how my journey through the heart of Stupidland goes.

(I’ll leave the latest Trump is a traitor news to Cheryl and Adam.)

The Only Kind of Record Trump is Going to Break

As Trump tries to figure out if he can divert disaster aid to build a wall, the House is about to go out of session which means that this will be the longest shutdown in the grand history of stupidity.

Let Them Eat Shit

How many ways has the Trump administration crapped on the public servants they don’t want to pay?  Here’s a couple, maybe you’ve heard more:

  • Coast Guard families are encouraged to have garage sales instead of a paycheck.
  • Hey, those federal workers were going to take vacation over Christmas anyway, so this is like double pay (since they’ll get paid for their vacation).

Today’s Post reports that Craigslist and Facebook are full of ads from unpaid workers selling stuff to make ends meet. Air traffic controllers are getting $0.00 paystubs (because, in Stupidland, printing paystubs is mission critical, but paying mission critical employees is not).

Trump’s team is finding high-visibility federal programs and pushing funding to them, which is a blatant power grab from Congress that is politically difficult to oppose loudly. I still don’t see how this ends without a lot more pain, especially if Trump gets away with selectively funding parts of government.