NFL Teams To Loathe In The Age Of Trump*

Today’s NFL is a league in which billionaire white guys** own franchises, 70% of whose players are black.

Our politics are now dominated by an overtly and viciously racist president and an indoor-voice racist Republican party.  Which is why, I think that Sports Illustrated chose to post without comment an article about the political donations of the owners and top execs of each NFL franchise.

A fair number of team owners took what I see as the “don’t bother me” approach to donations — often skewing GOP, but in modest amounts and with an eye to local incumbents.  But several were more active, even hungry in their love of Trump and/or Republicans or PACs that function as Trump enablers.

See, e.g., Bob McNair of the Texans:  literally millions this year to the Republican national campaigns while “his list of 2018 donations, all Republican, is too long to fit on the page. Results can be found here.”  Huge Trump cash supporter in 2016 as well.  He’s the worst of the worst.

I never liked John Elway, and I like him less now that I know he’s a slow but steady GOP donor — though as a Raiders fan as a kid and Patriots one now, I can’t say I needed more reasons to dis Denver.

Then there are those who are trying to scattershot GOP success all over the map, well beyond their own territory. Jimmy Haslam of the Browns, is one, as is the Cardinals’ Mike Bidwell

Jerry Jones is everyone’s fool, so I guess I can laugh at his 2016 six figure support of Chris Christie.  There’s one born every minute. But I’m less inclined to forgive the Tampa Bay owners, the Glazers, for their persistent and substantial support for the RNC this time out.

What’s interesting, though, is how many owners, many of whom have been big GOP donors in past cycles, have sat out this one.  I count 14 who in 2018 either donated only to the NFLPAC or not at all.  And there are a couple who clearly lean our side — notably Wilf of the Vikes and the Falcons’ Blank.

So there you have it. The Krafts have been lying low, and despite Robert’s documented friendship w. Trump (feh!) seem to lean a little more D than R, so I guess I can keep on hoping the Patsies do well, even as I try to wean myself from this young-man’s-mind-wrecking sport.  But I’m done seeing Cleveland as lovable underdogs to root for; may they lose every game they play under current ownership.  And Tampa Bay is a crater. Sorry, Betty, but f**k ’em.

Last thought: I’m not going to interpret information for which I have clearly insufficient contextual knowledge.  But my prior here is that the large number of non-contributors, with more minimal donators who could be added to the list, reflects an impact of the kneeling demonstrations.  Whether it’s hearts and minds changing or a “who-needs-the-grief” impulse this looks to me like a potentially causal connection that will be tested, perhaps confirmed, as we go into the next presidential cycle. (Thank you, Rev. Bayes, and/or M. Laplace.)

And with that, pointless railing at the behavior of old rich white men over. Open thread.

*Yes. It is obviously ridiculous to care about NFL teams by ownership. But it’s also ridiculous to root for laundry, or which town happened to give the super rich a tax break etc., and we do it anyway. So there.

**Almost exclusively — Shahid Khan of the Jaguars is the only owner of color, and there are seven women on the principal ownership roles, either with other family members or on their own.

Image: Pierre-Paul Prud’hon, Innocence preferring love to wealth1804

Swamp Things (Open Thread)

So, here’s the ambient noise at the swamp compound this evening:

What the fuck even is that? Frogs mostly, I’m guessing.

Such a long day! We had a nonstop stream of relatives stopping by to see the new place, so we were occupied with that from 11 AM to 9 PM. We have a driveway gate, so at every arrival and departure, we had to coordinate corralling and releasing the dogs. Not to mention providing assurances via text or phone that, yes, keep going through the scary swamp and past the dead end signs…

During the hullabaloo, the mister and I reaffirmed our bond of silence. One thing that attracted us to each other is our mutual comfort with silence — the absence of a need to fill any lull in conversation with small talk. After everyone finally left, we sat in companionable quiet to watch the World Series, until the mister and the dogs nodded off. Now it’s just the frogs and me, and I’m letting them do the talking.

Regarding the Series: I’m rooting for the Sox since I used to live in Boston, and I adore David Price. But I’m almost hoping the Dodgers pull out a win so we can have a competitive series. If my team ain’t in it, I generally want to see seven games so I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth. Oh well. Doesn’t look likely.

What are you up to?

World Series Thread

Missed threads for games one and two.  Hope I don’t jinx the Crimson Hose with this one.

A grace note:  Mookie Betts is more than just an astonishing ballplayer.

So let’s play ball!

Also:  the message below was never more true.  At your job and at the ballot box…

Image: Office for Emergency Management. War Production Board, At Your Job Today…Don’t Bunt When the U.S. Needs Home Runsbetw. 1942 and 1943.

Random Baseball Open Thread

We’re watching the ALCS Game 5, Sox vs. the ‘Stros. Price vs. Verlander. I don’t have much of a rooting interest. May the best team win.

What are you up to? Open thread!

Monday Evening Open Thread: At First I Thought It Was A Steve King Rally…

… which is libel against fake predatory dinosaurs, of course. An explanation, such as there is one:

SB Nation spoke with ISU band director Christian Carichner about how the best marching band moment in years came together.

Iowa State hatched the dinosaur plan after watching something Michigan’s band did with dinosaurs in 2017.

Last year, the Wolverine marching band did a tribute to John Williams, the composer who scored Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Home Alone, and Harry Potter movies, among many others. The Wolverines’ routine involved dinosaurs hanging out on the side of the field, like wide receivers flexed out beyond the numbers just to draw a defense’s attention…

Band leaders started putting together their routine in June, when they ordered 60 inflatable dinosaur costumes on Amazon.

You, too, can own this dinosaur costume. The Rubie’s Adult Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume costs about $50 per ensemble. ISU purchased 60 of them for an estimated cost of $3,000, using a budgetary surplus from last year…

“Frankly, it costs more money just to feed the marching band than it does to outfit them in dinosaur costumes,” Carichner says.

The costume purchaser has the option to buy a version of the outfit that will also make its own dinosaur noises. The band was frugal in this regard.

“We did not get the sound,” Carichner says. “We just got the regular T-Rex.” …

Disaster almost struck during the performance. The dinosaur costumes seal tightly. They need to, because a small fan inside of them keeps them inflated. In the cold air and while doing rigorous physical activity, the small windows for sight fogged up, partially blinding dozens of on-field dinosaurs. Some third-party dinosaurs had to step in to help.

“So the kids couldn’t really see,” Carichner says. “If you watch the video, there’s two guys; we call them the ‘dinosaur wranglers,’ wearing different dinosaur costumes, kind of poking around and making sure that they were all in the right spot.” …

Further detail at the link. The dinosaur wranglers, if you can’t quite make them out, are the heavyset guys in bright green pants — those are actually man-riding-dinosaur / hobby-horse-dinosaur costumes.

From the replies to the original tweet:

Recipe and Baseball Open Thread

I promised you guys a recipe last night. Here it is. I have a wood pellet grill, but you can adapt it to a gas grill or oven easily.  Temps would be the same.  I would probably use olive oil or butter on the chicken before rubbing on the spices with either of those methods to keep it juicy.

I am seriously going to start a new cooking blog – it will have one simple recipe. Take item, season lightly with seasoning of your choice, cook on wood grill to appropriate temperature. Serve and enjoy the deliciousness.

Nothing has turned out badly on the new wood grill . Tonight’s roast chicken is no exception.

I’d been reluctant to cook a whole chicken because I’d never done one on a grill before. I doubt I would have tried it without the ability to control the temp and use a plug-in thermometer.

I seasoned the chicken with a flavor packet inside and rubbed the outside with crystallized lemon, salt, pepper and poultry seasoning.

Inside, I added 5 cloves of garlic, 1/2 of an onion and a seasoning packet filled with Black Seed*, fresh basil and more poultry seasoning. If I’d had a fresh lemon I would have added that to the cavity, as well.  To make the seasoning packet, I just use an unbleached coffee filter and twist it shut.

I preheated the grill to 400 degrees F, added the chicken and then reduced the heat to 350 degrees. I cooked it until the breast registered 165 degrees, about 40 minutes.

It was crisp on the outside and completely juicy on the inside. Probably one of the most perfect chickens I’ve ever roasted.

*I just discovered Black Seed and I’m obsessed with it. Added a nice, mellow flavor to the chicken.

ETA: 100% Black Cumin Seed

Amazing Herbs Whole Black Seed™

I’m watching the Red Sox/Astros. What are you up to tonight?ba

College Football Open Thread

I guess Betty doesn’t care any more.

I’m going to do nothing but sit in the chair today and nap. I’m in what could charitably be called “a mood.”