You be the referee

Watch this 15 second clip.

I just saw this clip. It will be on multiple clinics over the next three years as it is a great clip for a few things.

Now watch it again.

What do you have?
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Its an Elimination Game Open Thread

The Penguins have the chance to close out their second straight Stanley Cup tonight. However the game is in Nashville. Home teams have dominated this series.

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Stanley Cup Game 5 Open Thread

Let’s enjoy tonight’s game and hope that the Penguins can actually generate some cohesive offensive zone time in the face of the Predator’s stifling defense.

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Stanley Cup Game 4 Open Thread

The Preds got the result that their effort deserved in Game 3 unlike in Game 1 and 2. The Penguins need to create more traffic and chaos in front of the net and not be stupid off the puck.

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Game 3 Open Thread

Game 2 went the Penguins way. I had no problem with the referees. They let a lot go but they were consistent with what they were letting go. When Murray got run by a Predator there was no call, and when Crosby ran the Predator goalie, there was no call. Players just want consistency. They’ll figure out what the refs are allowing and now allowing and adjust accordingly.

Now if the Pens can grab a single win in Nashville, the series should tilt their way.

Let’s go Pens!

Let’s go Pens

The Penguins got lucky on Monday night. They looked like crap except for a ten minute flurry in the first period which gave them enough of a cushion to survive playing lazy defense against a team that was jumping on the counter-attack.

So now that they stole a game that they really should not win, let’s see cheer them on tonight as they try to reduce their magic number to two.

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Stanley Cup Game 1 Open Thread

Let’s go Pens

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