Sport Open Thread

I want to highlight a couple of things from yesterday’s sporting events.

First, just for John:

Secondly, look at the scoreboard:


Let’s think about who goes to NHL hockey games for a second (especially in Dallas). The crowd tends to be white, middle class or higher income, and more likely to be male and older than average. That sounds like a core Trump demographic especially in Texas. And the Jumbotron is mocking Trump. Whoever put that up there thought they had at least implicit permission to mock. And it is only week one. Our objective is to get Trump and the Republican Party competing with syphilis in terms of popularity. Mockery will help (and it is a lot of fun anyways)

Steelers v. Chefs Open Thread

Great googly moogly.

Dallas vs. Green Bay Divisional Playoff

Ran into some Packers fans in Ybor City a while ago. I’ve lived near sunbelt stadiums all my life, which means I’ve had the opportunity to interact with large groups of fans who migrate south for football games.

Packers fans are by far the most sporting, generous and polite of the bunch. They introduced bratwurst to the city of Tampa, and were in turn honored guests at the area’s many tawdry bars. So, Go Pack, go!

Open thread!

Football & Art Open Thread

Went to the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Dali Museum today. Here’s a page from FK’s diary:

Came home and turned on the game. Falcons are beating the Seachickens (raptor-on-raptor!). I don’t really care who wins this one.

Would LOVE to see the Texans beat the Patriots tonight, though I realize that’s unlikely.

Open thread!

College Football National Championship (Open Thread)

Alabama vs. Clemson — the rematch. Should be a good game. Roll Tide, I guess.

More importantly, our dear Patsy Marie is recovering from minor surgery:

She’s okay. She’s a lumpy dog, and when lumps pop up, we have them removed (at great expense). Luckily, they’ve all been benign.

Poor thing is whiny and clingy. We took the Cone of Shame off. Considering putting it on the other dog!

Open thread!

Open Thread — Football & Otherwise

So, today’s playoff games:

I’m pulling for the Texans because I have a vestigial loathing for the Raiders, who are the favorite team of an erstwhile romantic rival. (I won — 20-year wedding anniversary this year. But I carry grudges. Why yes, I am of Irish descent — why do you ask?)

Pulling for the Seahawks in the late game, mostly because I like Russell Wilson. Do you have a rooting interest?

For some reason (unrelated to football), I keep thinking of the sticker on Woody Guthrie’s guitar:

I’d like to make one for my ukulele that says, “This Machine ANNOYS Fascists.” If I’m honest, I’ll admit my playing irritates everyone. Because I suck. Anyhoo, open thread!

Bowl Games (Open Thread)

Here’s today’s lineup of college bowl games:

I think it’s incredibly dumb that these bowl games are being played on a Monday after the holidays when most folks are working. It’s not like the fact that New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday this year was a sudden issue that cropped up, leaving schedulers in a bind.

Also, here’s another shot of that spoonbill I saw yesterday:

And here’s a black-bellied whistling duck with some glossy ibises in the background:

If we’re going to have to look at Trump’s ugly-ass mug for the next four years, I think we’ll need some nature pictures to erase his hideous visage from our corneas and remind us that there is still beauty in the world, despite everything.

Open thread!