Shameless Hypocrites Open Thread: Ken Starr, Straight from 1992

The very special prosecutor who chased rumors of Bill Clinton’s infidelities all over the national media has a major grievance. Per Liam Daniel Pierce at Vice Sports:

File this under: you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Former Baylor president Ken Starr seems to have forgotten what a real victim is, as, in an interview with the Texas Tribune [Saturday], he said that “a grave injustice” was done to Baylor’s fired football coach Art Briles. Injustice? Starr might be forgetting the sexual assault victims that received absolutely no justice under his and Briles’ tenure.

The Baylor University football team was rightfully embroiled in a scandal earlier this year, after an investigation revealed that the university and its football program repeatedly failed to respond to sexual assault accusations against Baylor’s football players. In at least one incident, the investigation discovered, university administrators even retaliated against a complainant. Starr was forced to resign and Briles was fired—and I guess that’s the injustice he was talking about?…

“I’m going to resist the issue, or the characterization, that there was an endemic problem,” Starr said…

NFL Open Thread

So here are this week’s games and my crappy picks, which comprise zero parts knowledge, 1/2 part wishful thinking and one part uninformed guesswork:


I just hope today is a better football day for valued commenter Raven and me than yesterday was. I broiled in the noonday sun watching my daughter’s school get clobbered by FSU (ptui!), then went into the blessed air conditioning to watch my alma mater lose to Tennessee. Figgety fuck-a-doodle!

Anyone cooking today? I’m making a pasta salad that features sun-dried tomatoes, basil, Kalamata olives and feta cheese. Hubby is going to grill some very thin ribeyes for steak sandwiches. That’s all I know.

Open thread!

College Football Open Thread

NOTE from TaMara: This missed it schedule, I just saw it in the drafts, so have rescued it. Sorry for the delay. Party on Betty.

Scheduling this post ahead of time because I’m tailgating at the University of South Florida-Florida State game this morning. Go Bulls!

Here are the top 25 matchups scheduled for today:


Saw this on Twitter regarding the contest between Florida and Tennessee:

Was there really no YouTube in 2004? Damn. The thing I remember most about that year was the four hurricanes that hit Florida. I believe this year is the first since then for a hurricane to make landfall in Florida. An omen? I hope not. But our starting QB got injured last weekend, so this might be the Vols’ year. Or maybe not:

Have fun and stay safe, everyone!

Belated NFL Thread

I’m half-assed watching the Bucs. Winston is throwing interceptions again.

Here’s a photo of Ray-Jay Stadium I took the other day at a USF Bulls game:


The Bucs aren’t there; they’re in Arizona, losing 10-0 at the moment.

Earlier, we were out in the country. Saw a canoe launch that led to a pretty pond:

image pond

We got some fresh veggies and produce for a salad. I made an orange vinaigrette based on this one from Giada. Got any good salad dressing recipes?

Open thread — football or other topics. Except politics.

College Football Open Thread

First, a teeny-tiny apology for falling down on the American football posts job recently. (The diminutive size of the apology is due to my volunteer status creating obligations commensurate with the compensation.)

The truth is, I’ve been too busy over the last few months to pay as much attention to football as I normally would, what with the kid going off to college, campaign stuff, etc.

Anyhoo, some exciting match-ups this week in NCAA football:


In the early games, I’ll be pulling for Louisville because I hate the goddamned ‘Noles. Ohio State and Oklahoma should be interesting. My beloved Gators should win easily this evening, but it’s not a good idea to look past a cupcake, and I hope they haven’t.

No picks from me because I’m even less informed than usual this season due to the aforementioned busyness, not that it would make any difference: My prognostication hit rate would probably be improved if I printed out the schedule on poster board, laid it on the chicken coop floor and picked the teams that garnered the most hen bombs.

Anyhoo, feel free to discuss! Open thread!

Football Notes September 17th

Before I start, let me first address those of you – and there were a few of you last week – who feel compelled to post comments criticizing the existence of posts about football – and I hasten to point out that it has been called football much longer than gridiron football.

I have been invited and welcomed to post here by the owner of this blog and I do so only at his pleasure. We get it: you don’t like the sport and/or are resentful of the fact that these posts exist at all. Nevertheless, you are certainly welcome to post in the comments on topic. Out of respect to those who do like the sport, I ask you not to post comments such as these:

Way too thin skinned for a little thing like calling all 22 of you out. Only 23 comments so far and the American college football game isn’t even being discussed but let me bow out of “your” discussion.

Oh boy! Saturday Game Day, everybody is donning their school colors, and an open football thread! And it’s all about … Oh. Never mind.

Is that honestly so hard for you to do?

Okay, FIFA is cracking down on homophobia. Great!

James Rodriguez to Manchester United, Cesc Fabregas to Milan and Christian Pulisic to Liverpool? The latest transfer rumors.

Champions League results from this week. Discuss.

NFL Open Thread

Let’s Go Steelers!