Respite Open Thread: Sisters!

The bears wrestling is great, but the end is hilarious.

Duck update: Surprise, surprise. I believe Penelope/Pearl is laying eggs. It’s been a process of elimination – Maddie and Mabel only lay one egg a day and I’ve been finding random soft or broken eggs in the yard after collecting my normal two eggs.

Way too young and the eggs are soft or broken upon production because of it. I wasn’t expecting them until end of summer, but researching it looks like because she’s getting a layer diet (because I have no way of feeding her separately) she’s laying early. 🦆🦆🐣

Her egg laying should mature over the summer and produce viable eggs.

Always a learning experience…

Respite open thread.

Respite Open Thread: Lunch Time

I usually make a salad for lunch. The ducks want in on the goods:

It never fails, I open a bag of greens and it doesn’t matter where they are in the yard, they do their fast paddle to the patio door. I swear they have sonic hearing. Domestic ducks running is hysterical. Every morning when I let them out of the coop they charge all over the yard making sure their territory is safe from all threats. I had a new “duck sitter” when I went away a few weeks ago and she would text me every morning saying that watching that made her day. Makes mine, too.

So…triggered straight people want a “straight pride parade.” Axe Body Spray was having none of it:

The entire thread is full of win. If you need a break from the never-ending nightmare of the IQ45 millennia.

Respite Open Thread: This Is How It Begins

I’ve given up on using the quote feature, as it consistently messes with the formatting.  Here are your fowl stories of the day.


It was just a normal day last summer at R and R Garage in North Carolina when a rooster randomly wandered over to the garage, and didn’t seem to have any plans to leave. The employees assumed he’d been abandoned and began feeding him leftovers from the shop fridge, but when they took a long weekend, they sort of figured he would move on to another spot.

When they all returned, though, he was still there, so they named him Earl and he’s been the shop rooster ever since.

rooster works at autoshop

CATCAM Open Thread!

British researchers put small video cameras on cats to observe their behavior. Here are some samples:

Excerpts from an interview with one of the authors:

Q: What were the challenges of getting the cats to wear cameras?

A: We started with 21 cats, but only 16 tolerated the cameras. The others either started racing around or tried to scratch them off. One mother cat was like this, and when we put the camera on her son, she began hitting him. So we didn’t use either cat.


Q: You thank the study cats in the paper’s Acknowledgements section. Why?

A: I always acknowledge the animals I work with. I’ve been doing that since my Ph.D. thesis. I do feel thankful because if the cats didn’t oblige us, we couldn’t do the study.

From my experience with cats and harnesses, I am surprised that none of the cats acted paralyzed and fell over on its side.

Here’s the full journal article.

Open thread for anything but politics.




Respite Open Thread: Duck Baths

By popular request (and vague threats about losing my FP status), duck videos. Bath time is the best time here.

Oh, and because you had to wait so long, bonus video of the monsters “helping” me with landscaping.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a beak.

Respite open thread.