Respite Open Thread: Sealed with a Kiss

I loved this and wanted to see if there was a youtube version – and found out puppies and seals have been kissing for years. And each one is more adorable than the next.

Here’s a little respite from the crazy today.

Open thread

Respite Open Thread: Game Over

How we all felt when we realized our phones were listening to us…

I’m gonna come at you like a Burrowing Owl…

Have a good Saturday everyone. I’m off to garden, then out to dinner and then to a musical.

Respite open thread.


Good news open thread

So what is your good news today?

Open Thread

Respite Open Thread: Butterflies and Classic Cars


monarch butterfly on lantana

JeffreyW has been wowing me with his butterfly photos over on our blog. so I had to share.

black swallowtail on lantana



I tracked down this video because of the telephone car…but the entire video is full of fun classic cars.

I’m still completely tuned out and my energy level is much better. I feel like I’ll better be able to fight for the racist-in-chief’s ouster if I’m not completely overwhelmed by the awfulness of it all.

Yesterday, a full-length mirror fell from the wall and shatter, so I’m assuming I’m doomed anyway.

Respite open thread.

ETA: Bonus ducks because I know what you really want.

mud covered ducks

Ducks are messy. They can make mud in a drought. Here are three mud-covered quackers. Of course, Penelope is the only one it really shows on.

Respite Open Thread: Well, This Probably Won’t End Well

So…this happened:

Tardigrades on the Moon – great band name.

So…let’s recap. A craft carrying Tardigrades AND human DNA crashes on the moon. Nothing to see here, I’m sure they all perished on impact…right? RIGHT?

Sounds like the logline for a great Scifi movie…or the future invasion of earth.

Respite open thread