Respite Open Thread: Serena Brings the Joy

This made me smile so much!

Respite open thread

***I know some are looking for an update on the little white ball of fluff – who btw, is a grumpy old man despite his sweet looks. I’ve filed a report with the Humane Society, but he’ll stay here as long as I can. He’s up on the neighborhood boards. He ate a bowl of wet cat food (did I mention he’s old and all I have for dog food is BIG crunchies, so I worried about his teeth) and is settled in my front yard, under a big tree. In case his people are driving around looking for him. ***

Respite Open Thread

This week has been unsettled for me. I’m getting new kitchen countertops and sink and cooktop. I planned ahead and have plenty of stuff in the refrigerator that can be eaten on paper plates with plastic utensils. Which is a good thing because, surprise, things are not entirely going as planned.

The plan was that the plumber would unhook everything on Monday. The installers would install on Tuesday. And the plumber would hook stuff up again today.

But the order for the faucet got bollixed up. And part of the backsplash still needed to be cut and finished.

With any luck, the faucet will arrive tomorrow, the installers will install the backsplash, and the plumber will finish hooking stuff up. Right now, everything but the sink is working, and the drawer under the cooktop needs to be cut down a bit.

Yesterday was traumatic for the kitties. They were locked in the bedroom because people were carrying heavy pieces of stone around with the doors open. The kitties are getting over it today. And tomorrow everything should be back to normal.

Here are Zooey (left) and Ric (right) being relaxed.

Respite Open Thread: Meet Max


A few days ago, Msilaneous told us she was thinking of bringing a new kitten into her home after losing her beloved cat of 17 years in January. As us cat lovers know, you don’t choose the kitten, the kitten chooses you.


“There was a surprise waiting for us when we arrived at Heaven’Lees Rescue yesterday afternoon. A tuxedo cat had given birth a half hour before our arrival. The boys were awestruck as we each took a quick peek through the tiny opening next to the heater keeping them warm. The boys are my three grandsons. My younger daughter also met us there, “there” being Elizabeth’s house.

Elizabeth runs Heaven’Lees Rescue with support from her husband and occasional volunteers. While we were there she was on and off the phone to the vet who was helping her monitor the newborns. Soon she was answering questions from a caller and prospective adopter. Her last call before we left was to the vet’s admin to forward Kitten #8’s records.

Elizabeth handed me a kitten when we first got there, but I hardly had a chance to get a look before I felt something land on my foot and start climbing my leg. Laughing, I handed the kitten I was holding to my daughter, and plucked Number 8 off my pant leg.

Elizabeth could not remember his back story, but I’ve been monitoring the rescue websites for the past few weeks and recall a huge litter of black kittens being posted a while back with no mention of a mother. I think Number 8 was the last of his litter and last to be adopted. He is 9 weeks old.

His name is Max. (Full name Maxwell {how about Maximilian} Winston Snackwellz Familyname, Familyname, Familyname the 8th) The boys reserve the right to add.

TaMara, I’m so grateful for everything you and the commenters shared with me Wednesday. I very much liked the idea of adopting two, but in the end Max chose me, and from what I can tell so far, he is going to be quite enough for a while, I think! Elizabeth told me he craves attention, which is true enough. He is also in need of some serious socialization. The boy plays rough! He is also adorable, funny, sweet, bright, curious, a real love bug, and a purring machine. We are all head over heels.

We had our first bath this morning, both of us going into the experience complete newbies. Not sure who came out more traumatized. LOL  He vocalized his woes, I commiserated, and we cuddled until we felt better.

He had company today and played hard. To relax him, I found this video on YouTube. He was enthralled – for all of two minutes, but it did the trick. He just conked out.”

Black kitten watching youtube video of fish


If that doesn’t brighten your day, well, I refer you back to my anger journal and how it has lightened my days. It started out today:

“Dear Anger Journal, once again, Anne Laurie and John Cole bragging been bragging about their first tomatoes, while I look at my garden and know I’m still a solid month away from my first ripe tomato. Sigh, I kinda hate them now.” 😜

Respite open thread.

Respite Open Thread: I Was TOLD There Would Be Tea And Honey

Bear on hotel balcony

Photo by Deborah Roberston at Mount Washington Hotel NH

Bear just waiting for his party to arrive for tea and honey on the balcony.

Here’s video of what happens at my house when I’m late letting the ducks out in the morning:

And this made my afternoon – Manta Ray asking for help

I am taking a serious break, but did want to offer you some respite. I have started an anger journal – it has been so cathartic. Y’all can have your gratitude journals, I need somewhere to put all this anger so I’m not dumping it on some innocent bystander. It’s surprising how well it actually works. LOL

I hope everyone in the path of Barry is safe and hunkered down.

I’m off to mow the lawn and make sure everything is good and watered before the heat today. Cute Penelope Pearl story – I was outside in the lounge chair reading and she came over and settled down next to me so I could pet her while I read. So freakin’ adorable. I’ve had quite a few ducks, none so puppy like.

What’s everyone else up to today?

Respite open thread

Respite Open Thread: Chance Encounters

This is definitely squeee worthy and I could find no information on the circumstances behind this. I will use this as a reminder – mamas leave their fawns alone all day. They are not abandoned. Leave them alone. We get more horror stories here of “good folk” rescuing “orphaned” fawns that are most definitely NOT orphaned. Colorado Dept of Wildlife goes on a PR campaign every spring on every platform to remind people of this.

Now an encounter we know was appreciated by all, including the graduate.

a bulldog named Tarzán

This little guy, a bulldog named Tarzán, stole the show by trying to steal a graduates diploma. He would. not. let. go. Click here for the video (it won’t embed).

dog chewed diploma

And finally, just some happy reunions.

Respite open thread