Open Thread: Now with more Nick Danger, Third Eye



Thanks to Raven et al. for reminding me of the genius that is Firesign Theater. Suck it, haters!


Open thread!

Things To Do On Days When Do Nothing Seems Like The Best Option

Perhaps…rotate your improbable confections once a day for six months…


My son dug this up (it should be noted that the sole useful purpose of a sixteen year old roommate is exposure to the zeitgeist — or at least that part of it to which us certain-age types have no direct access). I am awed by the whacky patience required to come up with a chocolate geode.

What’s the most unlikely project you’ve ever attempted. Did it work?

And beyond that question…open thread.

PS: lovely meet up last night. As usual, I completely failed to match up names to nyms but it was a hoot to see such friendly jackals in congress.

Happy New Year: Ireland Man Edition!

We have an early entrant in the bizarre things that occur on New Year’s Eve contest. This one courtesy of Ireland Man (like Florida Man, but with a better accent!).


Hope everyone’s festivities or quiet night’s in are going to plan!

Stay frosty!

College Football + Other Stuff Open Thread

LSU has dispatched Loo-uh-vull, and Georgia Tech handily dismantled Kentucky, so now it’s on to the games with title implications: ‘Bama vs. Washington starts at 3 PM ET (Roll Tide!), and Ohio State and Clemson play at 7 PM (Go Clemson!).

I’ve got ropa vieja simmering in the kitchen (following this recipe, more or less, only I use Goya Adobo instead of assembling the spice mix described in the recipe because ain’t nobody got TIME for that shit!) and am enjoying the beautiful weather outside.

A beer would complete the circle of my domestic contentment, but I gotta pace myself: I want to make damn sure I’m awake at midnight to watch motherfucking 2016 die!

Open thread for both sportsball and non-sportsball talk!

Late Night/Early Morning (Eastern Daylight Time) Open Thread: Mad Weapon Designer Edition

If you’ve never seen one of the Slingshot Channel’s videos, you are missing out on sheer, insane, fun. Jorge Sprave, the genius behind the Slingshot Channel, seems to have more fun, at all times, than anyone I’ve ever seen. In this recent episode from April 7, he demonstrates his fully automatic Ping Pong ball shooting Gatling Gun!