There’s Never Just One…

This, via TPM:

A 41-year-old lawyer has accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of groping her in 1999 when she was a young foundation fellow in Washington, D.C., National Law Journal reported Thursday.

The lawyer, Moira Smith, said that Thomas repeatedly touched her rear multiple times as he pleaded for her to sit next to him at a dinner party hosted by the head of her scholarship program. The alleged incident occurred, Smith said, when just the two of them were alone near the table she was setting for the party.


It’s been clear since her testimony (at least to me) that Anita Hill was a truthful and courageous witness to Clarence Thomas’s craptastitude, and hence his unfitness to be a Supreme Court justice.  There were rumors at the time that there were more women, with more stories.  But they never testified.  So Thomas survived on the “he-said; she-said; who knows?” defense.

But if there’s anything the intervening decades have taught us, it’s that powerful men who use their positions to impose their sexual demands on women don’t stop at just one.  See, of course, Mr. Donald Trump.

And now this.  Thomas is blanket denying, of course:

“This claim is preposterous and it never happened,” Thomas said in a statement to National Law Journal.

That’ll keep him securely in place, until and unless the next woman comes forward, and the next, and the next…

My bet?

Well, there’s never just one.  But keeping Thomas in his seat is so important to so many of the worst people in the country that I would be utterly unsurprised if (a) Moira Smith gets hit by a world of hurt and (b) anyone else who might have knowledge of any misdeeds by Trump receiving that message loud and clear.

We’ll see.

Image: Artemisia Gentileschi, Corisca and the Satyr, betw. 1630 and 1635.

Let’s Nip This Bullshit in the Bud


I am sick to death of journalists telling me how wonderful Kellyanne Conway is- “She’s nice, she’s a good person.”

Bullshit. The way you tell if a person is nice is by observing what they do. Kellyanne Conway is raking in big bucks defending the indefensible, saying horrible things and enabling a horrible man to do and say worse things. She’s not doing anything noble. She wasn’t ordered or asked by the court to defend an accused child rapist or terrorist. She’s in this for the fucking money.

And she is a true Clinton hater who is married to the male version of Ann Coulter. She’s not nice. She’s detritus. She’s Roger Stone in a skirt. She makes Dick Morris look like a standup guy.

She and anyone associated with the Trump campaign should never be allowed to work in political campaigns again.

The Calls Are Coming From Inside the House


Betty talked about this earlier, but it is worth updating and posting again.


There are various theories out there, one of which is that Trump and Bannon don’t care about winning but are setting the stage for a new media network, but I think this reminds me more of the classic domestic abuser:

Websdale also finds that many men kill in a state of what he calls “humiliated fury,” shame that has gone into overdrive for any number of reasons: She is moving out and he is losing control of her, for instance, or he has lost his job and is drinking more.

“It’s about manhood and failing to live up to prescriptions of modern-day masculinity,” he says.

An escalation of abuse is typical just before a battered woman is killed, he notes. There will be more broken bones, more cracked teeth. More calls to 911.

“You can see it coming. You can log it. You can count it,” he says.

In addition to an escalation of abuse, there may be other changes. Maybe an abuser starts keeping a loaded gun on the nightstand, or begins reading her text messages and dropping by her office to make sure she’s at work.

Donald Trump is now angry, humiliated, and waving the gun at the GOP telling them if he can’t have them no one can.

Creamsicle Meltdown

New PRRI research released today shows Trump on the losing end of a historic gender gap:


As expected, non-whites favor Clinton over Trump by huge margins (72% vs. 17%), but Clinton is also annihilating Trump among white women with a college degree (68% to 29%), and even white women without a degree are split 40%-40% between Clinton and Trump. The findings can be read in full here.

Meanwhile, the incomparable Sam Bee weighed in on PussyGate and presidential debate #2. The whole show was fabulous, but here’s a clip:

Samantha Bee called presidential debate #2 a “grotesque travesty of democracy.” Pretty much! As I mentioned yesterday, many of us lady folk were angry and disgusted at the spectacle of a qualified woman like Hillary Clinton being stalked and insulted by hirsute walking Roofie.

Bee says Trump knows he’s losing and is therefore prepared to “suicide-bomb” the election. If Trump’s Twitter output this morning is any indication, Bee is dead right about that:

Uh-oh. He’s shaking out the Tic Tacs right now and limbering up the stubby orange fingers. It’s time to protect your pussy, America! C’mon ladies — and allies of all genders! Let’s knee this sleazy shitbag in the groin and step over his bloated carcass into history!

Surreality TV

creepy-orange-clownThought experiment: A hypothetical demagogue — let’s call him “Candidate T” — has trailed in polling averages for pretty much the entire election season. He develops a catastrophic PR problem just a month out from election day when a video surfaces that shows Candidate T skull-fucking a kitten.

Candidate T assembles his brain trust in his comically clichéd super-villain lair, and they decide they must change the subject from the kitten skull-fucking at all costs. So they send Candidate T out at a high-stakes event watched by tens of millions of voters, and he skull-fucks a puppy on stage.

After the event concludes, all anyone talks about is the puppy skull-fucking, so mission accomplished, right? Nope — not if the goal is to get people to stop talking about the kitten AND win the election. The first part of that objective has been temporarily met, but now Candidate T has disgusted even more voters.

I suspect PussyGate isn’t over, not by a long shot. Soon, women in addition to Miss Utah will speak up about being forced to endure Trump’s unwanted, Tic Tac-scented advances. Other contestants besides Miss New Hampshire will describe what it was like to be ogled by Trump in the dressing room at pageants.

What we saw last night was desperate flailing by a candidate who is going to lose bigly. That he attempted to turn a presidential debate into a Jerry Springer spectacle is a measure of his desperation. He lied and lurked and smirked and stalked, and he threw the contents of Ken Starr’s 1990s recycling bin at his opponent, who remained cool. It didn’t work 20 years ago. It won’t work now.

I also suspect I’m not the only woman who is angry and disgusted this morning. I’m pissed off that a malignant, gross predator like Trump has jack-hammered through the gutter to drag our already dysfunctional politics into the fucking sewer. I find it revolting that an accomplished woman like Hillary Clinton is required to be in the same ZIP code with a tawdry creep like Donald Trump, let alone in his physical proximity.

But one thing I’m NOT this morning is worried. We can’t let up. We should use this opportunity to demoralize and heap derision on all the gutless elected Republican cowards who won’t stand up to Trump, and we should lift up their opponents in any way we can. We should continue to donate, phone-bank, canvass, etc.

But she’s got this. And I so look forward to watching that grotesque buffoon Trump get an indelible “LOSER” stamp on his forehead, family name and brand. It will be exquisite to watch the sanctimonious hypocrites, bigots and bagmen in the Republican Party brawl over who is responsible.

Eyes on the prize, pedal to the metal, and a correction: WE’VE got this.





So…. apparently Mark Cuban was scheduled to sit in the front row of the debate on Monday, and Donald Trump responded in the most Trumpian way possible:

Gennifer Flowers, the former model who had an extramarital affair with Bill Clinton in the 1980s, says she’ll accept an invitation from Donald Trump to sit in the front row of Monday’s presidential debate, according to an assistant.

The prospect of Flowers attending the debate was raised on Saturday when Trump tweeted that he would put her in the audience, if billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban sat in the front row.

“If dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Jennifer Flowers right alongside of him!” Trump tweeted Saturday afternoon.

I don’t even understand how this makes any sense as a rebuttal to Cuban sitting in the front row, unless Cuban and Melania have been screwing around, but I’m not an insane crazy person.

About Those “Conservative” Principles



Ted Cruz on Friday said he would that he would vote for Donald Trump for president.

“After many months of careful consideration, of prayer and searching my own conscience, I have decided that on Election Day, I will vote for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Cruz said he endorsed both because of his primary pledge to support the party nominee, as well as his concerns about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Last year, I promised to support the Republican nominee. And I intend to keep my word,” Cruz said. “Second, even though I have had areas of significant disagreement with our nominee, by any measure Hillary Clinton is wholly unacceptable — that’s why I have always been #NeverHillary.”

The announcement follows months of waiting for Cruz’s stance on Trump, as well as the political ramifications of an endorsement following the Texas senator’s bitter, personal primary race against Trump.

“If he announces he endorses, it destroys his political brand,” said someone who had worked for Cruz’s campaign.

Before, when they thought Trump was going to lose, conservatives thought the best plan of action was to boldly oppose Trump so it would benefit them as the heir apparent to the “conservative” cause. Now they think he can win, so they are all reversing thrusters to full because they think it will benefit them (check out the divinely inspired backtracking from Trump’s catholic liasion). There are two conservative principles. One is cleaks law. Cleek’s Law:

Today’s conservatism is the opposite of what liberals want today, updated daily.

It’s always about what’s best (or what they think is best) for them at this very moment. Always. It’s why they embraced the bugfuck crazies in the tea party movement. It’s why they all saw starburts with Sarah Palin and then eight years later boldly disassociated themselves from her. It’s why they embraced Joe the not actually a plumber and currently a union member.

The second conservative principle is they hate you:

I was a winger for years, and we can discuss that particular psychosis at a later date, but what I can explain to you right now is that they fucking hate you.

They just do.

They hate you because you respect gay people as normal human beings.

They hate you because you respect African-Americans as normal human beings.

They hate you because you respect Asians, Latinos, and everyone else who isn’t a straight white male.

They hate you because you respect a woman’s right to choose.

They hate you because you respect the right of people to be with who they love.

They hate you because you respect the right of anyone to adopt a child.

They hate you because you respect international law.

They hate you because you believe in economic and tax fairness.

They hate you because you respect the right of anyone to worship any way they want.

They hate you because you respect scientists and their collective knowledge.

They hate you because you respect teachers and the work they do educating Americans.

They hate you because you respect the human dignity of every American.

They hate you because you respect the rights of people over corporations.

They hate you because you respect nature and think we have a duty to take care of the environment.

They hate you because you respect your right to vote, and they don’t think you deserve it.

They hate you because you respect the constitution and the rule of law.

They hate you because you respect laws against torture.

In short, they hate you. Period.

They masquerade their bullshit in the words of Jesus and the all-knowing free market, but it is transparent what motivates them. Not love for their fellow man, not love for their fellow citizen, not love for country- what motivates them is hate for the other.


They fucking hate you. They want you, and everyone who speaks for you, and every institution that represents your values, whether it be Planned Parenthood or food banks or ACORN- you name it. They want it destroyed.

So when slimy pseudo human Ted Cruz is running in four years against Hillary, and the usual clowns start fapping about him being a true conservative and not like the Trump aberration, remember this.