Republicans are Monsters, a Continuing Story

This is appalling:

Guillen’s father, Jesus Guillen, said he’d asked his son not to try and rescue people in the storm, but he insisted, saying he wanted to help people. He cried and prayed on Sunday afternoon as they pulled his son’s body from the water.

“Thank you, God,” he said, “for the time I had with him.”

The recovery of his body brings the number of people who have died or are feared dead from Harvey to nearly 60, and officials warn that more could be found.

Guillen, who was born in Piedras Negras, Mexico, and moved to Lufkin as a teenager, headed south with his friends toward Houston after Hurricane Harvey, towing a borrowed boat. They were near Interstate 45 and Beltway 8 and trying to reach an apartment complex when they hit the bridge, relatives said.

Alonso Guillen was a recipient of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which temporarily lifted the threat of deportation for immigrants brought to the U.S. before they were 16, family members said.

His father is a lawful permanent, but his mother is still in the application process for legal status.
Reached at her home in Piedras Negras, Mexico, across the border from Eagle Pass, Rita Ruiz de Guillen, 62, said she is heartbroken.

“I’ve lost a great son, you have no idea,” she said, weeping softly. “I’m asking God to give me strength.”

She said she hoped U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials would take pity and grant her a humanitarian visa so that she could come to Houston and bury her son, but she was turned back at the border.

ICE and our Border Patrol are now effectively the brown shirts for this regime. Treat them as such.

Just a Reminder- They Won’t Do a Fucking Thing About Him

I know it’s great hearing so many people trash Trump, but we need to be realistic here. They’ll condemn, condemn, condemn, they’ll issue statements, they’ll make serious faces and muster their “gravitas” voice and mouth platitudes about no place for racism in society, but none of them will do a fucking thing about Trump. Not one Republican in the House or Senate will do a GOD DAMNED thing about it. They won’t refuse to do business until he fires Bannon, Miller, Gorka, and his wife. They won’t refuse to legislate until the funding to study white supremacist groups that Gorka’s wife had removed is reinstated.

They’ll hoocoodanode like crazy:

And they’ll make serious statements:

But they won’t even mention Herr Gropenfuhrer by name.

And they never will, because this is who they are. They knew his true colors last year- EVERYONE KNEW- and they rallied round him because winning is the only thing that matters to them.

The only thing that motivates them is their hatred of you. We’ve been over this before. That’s why they love this “both sides” shit. They know that white supremacist and Nazi associations make them look bad, but they will court their votes because they hate you more. They’ll keep running guys like this:

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart, a Republican, embraced the Confederate flag and Virginia’s history of defending slavery on Saturday, using multiple phrases that indicate his appeal to white supremacist voters.

Stewart championed Confederate leaders Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson and repeatedly emphasized Virginia’s “heritage.”

“It’s the state of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. That is our heritage. It is what makes us Virginia,” Stewart said, speaking at the “Old South Ball” in Danville, Virginia, in a video posted by Blue Virginia. “If you take that away, we lose our identity.”

Maintaining white identity has been a theme of white supremacist movements.

He barely lost the primary a couple months ago, and just the other day the Virginia Chairman of the GOP had this to say:

“You can’t emphatically enough denounce these groups,” Whitbeck remarked. “I mean, you have to be as unequivocal as you can be. Our party has always stood for equal justice. And our Republican elected officials and our party leaders have been saying this message all along as Americans, as Virginians.”

Blitzer reminded the state GOP chair that the hate groups have been drawn to Charlottesville due to the pending removal of the Robert E. Lee statue.

“That has become a big issue. Where do you stand?” Blitzer asked. “Where does the Republican Party of Virginia stand on that Robert E. Lee statue?”

“I think our nominee for governor, Ed Gillespie, has spoken about this,” Whitbeck stuttered. “And we stand will our nominee 100 percent.”

“What is he saying?” Blitzer wondered.

“He has said he supports the history of Virginia in all its forms,” Whitbeck admitted. “You can’t just eradicate the bad parts of our history by just taking down statues. I think he’s right.”

Apparently he has never met Corey Stewart.

Hell, they just spent the last nine years riding the racist rump of the tea party to victory as they barely were able to control themselves from yelling N*GGER at President Obama at every step. So if you think this means anything, or that the Republican party will change after seven decades of the southern strategy and giving reach-arounds to the klan, fuhgeddaboudit. This was obvious to me when I left the Republicans a decade or more ago, it’s obvious now. It’s who they fucking are.

Hell, anyone want to bet that Trump’s approval rating with Republicans won’t increase in the next few days? It’s who they are, for fuck’s sake. There will be no mass resignations. There will be no mass defections from the party. There will be no direct action or consequences for Trump. They know that a racist tide lifts all GOP boats, so they’ll talk a good game while publicly distancing themselves so they can keep going to the fancy parties in polite society.

The only questions are whether the media will let them get away with this and the Democrats can stop squabbling internally and stop them in 2018. I’m not hopeful on either account.

Oh, Cool, The Debt Ceiling Debacle and Now the Lunatics are Really in Charge

Having spent the first 200 days of his Presidency ruining the good name of the United States and fucking all of our allies, it looks like the goal of the third 100 days is to ruin the full faith and credit of the United States:

Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) said Tuesday that he is unlikely to support a “clean” measure to increase the nation’s debt limit.

Cole, like many other House Republicans, wants to include spending cuts or other language that would reduce government spending in any measure raising the government’s borrowing limit.

“Most Republicans want to do something to lower the trajectory of the debt,” Cole said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “I mean, a clean debt ceiling hike is like having a credit card and saying ‘I’ve reached my limit, I’m just going to change the limit higher without changing any of my spending habits.'”

“That’s a tough sell to Republicans,” he added. “Democrats seem to be fine with that, but I think most of my colleagues aren’t.”

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has called for Congress to approve a clean hike to the debt ceiling, a position somewhat reluctantly joined by White House budget director Mick Mulvaney, a former House Republican who initially suggested it should be paired with spending cuts.

Democrats have warned that they will not accept spending cuts tied to the debt ceiling bill.

Since Democrats could filibuster a bill in the Senate, this gives the minority plenty of leverage in the upcoming fight.

Congress faces a Sept. 29 deadline for lifting the ceiling. If it does not, markets are likely to suffer and the government could shut down and risk defaulting on its debt.

This is going to require the Republicans to work with the Democrats because of wingnuts who are ready to blow shit up, but here is the catch. Even if they manage to pass a clean debt ceiling bill, what’s to say Trump doesn’t say “fuck it, let it burn?” He doesn’t care about governing, just keeping his tiny lunatic base happy. And he might just do it.

Home in One Piece

Made it home from Connecticut about a half hour ago after having spent basically 22 of the last 36 hours in the car, and man is it good to not be driving or riding for a change. Put close to 4k (3986) miles on the car, driving to CT and back to get ABC and the kids, then to the beach, then from the beach to CT, then back home, and I got pretty solid mileage- about 26 mpg, which is pretty good considering the bulk of the journey had 4 people, all of their stuff, plus a jam packed cargo carrier. I really like the Honda.

Before I left this morning, I checked last night’s sobriety thread and later on during the drive I had a chuckle about this:

Man do I have you guys fooled. I say this because you guys only get what is filtered multiple times and gets outside my head, because I promise you there is a ceaseless torrent of horrid shit going through my mind. If I am not thinking about or doing something that takes my full attention, what is going through my head is just awful a lot of the time. Sometimes I wonder if I am just a monster and sociopath. I mean, I am actively judging the fuck out of everyone every single minute of the day, and I am hear to say most of you are coming up lacking.

What brought this up, you say? What action caused me to erupt today and think about this? Let me tell you. It was about two hours into the drive, and it was a sunny, beautiful day. It had been raining, but I made it through the rain, and it was blue skies and fluffy clouds, I had a nice coffee buzz, the roads were pretty much clear sailing, I was listen to music, and all in all pretty damned happy. And then it happened. I came up behind a woman driving along, got in the passing lane, started to pass, and I saw it:

For no reason whatsoever I just yelled out loud “FUCK YOUR KIDS LADY.” Not at her, mind you- she had no idea. But I yelled it nonetheless. I don’t even know if she has any kids. For all I know she is some saint who just cares about kids. But it happened. I startled even myself.

At any rate, I am glad to be home. What are you all up to tonight?

We’ll File This Under Family Values

This is stunning:

That Scaramucci’s marriage was in trouble was hardly a secret. Long before Ball filed for divorce on July 6, Scaramucci was open with friends and associates about what he believed to be the sorry state of their union and how they were struggling through regular counseling sessions.

He just hated that his relationship was being discussed in public. A follow-up report from the Post said that Scaramucci didn’t attend the birth of their son last week. Instead, he sent Ball a short congratulatory text.

Scaramucci said this is an unfair characterization of events. He told me that Ball’s due date was Aug. 9, so when he boarded Air Force One to West Virginia last Monday to attend the president’s address at the National Scout Jamboree, he didn’t think he’d be in danger of missing the birth. As soon as she texted him that she was going into labor, he said, he looked into chartering a plane from West Virginia but discovered that there was a wide no fly-zone around Air Force One. He explained that he decided to wait to fly back to Washington with the president, then travel to New York from there.

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

More From Arizona…

Update: I swear that when I started writing this DougJ’s post was not in the queue.  Anyway…we’re all grownups here (Schpeake Fer Yerself!–ed) so I’m guessing we can read one piece and then another.  Or not. Enjoy!


Joe Arpaio is now on his way to being an old lag, and if that conclusion is decades late, it still behoves us to get our schadenfreude on:

The longest-serving lawman of the state’s most populous county, where he became a national figure known for immigration raids and sweeps aimed at rounding up illegal migrants, was found guilty Monday of contempt of court. He faces up to six months in jail.

Arpaio’s crime, you’ll probably recall, was to keep on doing what he’d been doing after a federal judge told him to stop:

Arpaio had conducted the sweeps under the federal 287 G Program, which enables some local law-enforcement offices to act as quasi-immigration agents. In 2009, the federal government rescinded this power, but Arpaio refused to stop. In 2012, Arizona U.S. District Court Judge Murray Snow, ordered an injunction against Arpaio’s office aimed at ending the sweeps, but still, Arpaio refused.

I fortunately don’t have any personal experience here, but I have it on good authority that judges really, really don’t like it when you ignore them.

Arpaio tried two lines of defense:

During the criminal trial, which consisted of a five-day trial in June and July, Arpaio’s attorney’s argued that Snow’s order was unclear and that though the sheriff had made mistakes, they weren’t willful violations of the order. He also argued that Arpaio delegated much of of the enforcement responsibilities to his subordinates, and that he should not be held responsible for their actions.

Again, I don’t think telling a judge that they f**ked up in their legal writing is a terribly persuasive strategy, and as for the “my employees suck, I don’t” argument, I’m reminded once again that the Party of Personal Responsibility™ is a f**king crock.  Hence, the man’s a convict.

It is, alas, apparently unlikely that white supremacist poster child Arpaio will actually go to jail for his crime.

But whatever his sentence, this outcome makes me smile.


Here’s Loki, the Trickster God, in the glass I’ll raise when the clock hits 0-whiskey-00 this evening.

Image:  Egon Schiele, The Door is Open, 1912.

Tonight’s News Dump

Trump’s legal team is looking for ways to discredit Mueller’s investigation. Both the New York Times and the Washington Post released stories with that theme. The WaPo story has more juicy detail:

Trump has asked his advisers about his power to pardon aides, family members and even himself in connection with the probe, according to one of those people. A second person said Trump’s lawyers have been discussing the president’s pardoning powers among themselves.

Trump’s legal team declined to comment on the issue. But one adviser said the president has simply expressed a curiosity in understanding the reach of his pardoning authority, as well as the limits of Mueller’s investigation.

“This is not in the context of, ‘I can’t wait to pardon myself,” a close adviser said.

Just checking to make sure of all the legal ramifications in the same way Trump has been so careful throughout his career.

The lawyers are also looking for conflicts of interest. From Trump’s interview with the New York Times yesterday, I think he doesn’t understand what conflict of interest is. He seems to think that it means conflicts with HIS interests. Perhaps his lawyers understand the term.