Turbulence Ahead: Site Updates


I’ll be updating the site today and tomorrow to bring everything up to date. I’ll also be investigating some issues that have been reported. I’ll be hitting low-hanging fruit today and prepping to update the theme tomorrow.  Feel free to use this thread to report issues or otherwise bitch about functionality. No promises, but I’ll see what I can do, if not today or tomorrow, then soon.


Otherwise, Open Thread!

Fall Fundraiser

As you know, Alain has been doing some work on the website, and it is time to pay for the test server and various other things, including Alain. If you are so inclined to chip in, please hit the tip jar (you do not need to have a paypal account).

As always, if you use amazon, the easiest and most painless way to support the site is to click on the amazon link prior to making a purchase there.

Also, I would like to note that I am, if nothing, remarkably consistent. I was searching past posts for the info for the paypal link, and I noticed that several posts up from a previous fundraiser was the following:

I could have written the same thing an hour ago and it would still be true, so at least some things remain consistent. My dour outlook and sour disposition are remarkably stable.

Also, if you ever get sound from ANY ad, it really helps if you would email me with WHO the advertiser is so I can get them removed. That video ad feed is not supposed to have sound and when it happens someone is doing something wrong.

Tech Update: Comment Auto-Trash (Hopefully) Solved!


I was lucky enough to be watching as a commenter’s comments get auto-trashed/disappeared. I’ve looked into this issue a number of times in the past after-the-fact, even solving some of the issues for some commenters. Unfortunately, there remained a frustrating issue for many folks as well as a sore point-of-pride for me.

Today I believe the issue is resolved! I say believe because it is too early to know for sure, but being able to investigate the issue “live” meant a lot. When it comes down to it, it looks like a combination of one or more bugs in WordPress, coupled with some errors in blacklist entries, the trigger being (I suspect) part of the commenter’s email address.

Like many things, it was a cascade of events. In this case, I edited the blacklist and so all should be better. Please let me know if your comments still disappear. Being held in Moderation is not the same, you are informed of that event. The issue I solved is more like a black hole – you submit the comment, and poof – nothing is ever seen again.



Quick Tech Note: Noisy Ad Removed

Due to so many complaints, it is removed while it gets tweaked.

I’m looking into some less-obtrusive ads to present to John.


I’m also planning some site tweaks over the next few days, some necessary/promised a while ago, some new. The theme will also be updated to the current version.

I’m just posting this to inform – no comments needed. Once the to-do backlog is done, I’ll make a post or two about tweak suggestions, perhaps a survey. We shall see.

Site Maintenance: Updates


Just a warning, I’m updating WordPress and some plugins and hopefully fixing false-flagging of some comments.  I’ll comment when the updates are applied; I shall wait a few minutes after this posts to ensure no one loses work on posts or comments (save your work, folks!)


I’ll be doing some other tweaks later this week, and hope to have a surprise or two, but that depends on my time and how things go.

Be well.

Site Maintenance Update

Just a quick update and test. This post will appear and then disappear, and then reappear again. Kind of like the health care travesty in the Senate.

Last night, our hosting company updated a lot of the back-end server stuff and that was why the site was a bit twitchy. It should be fine now.


I’m testing this theory by posting a picture to see if it errors out.

And the errors didn’t happen!

This was on a Reservation, forget which one  thanks to Adam, I’ve determined that it’s from my visit to the Taos Pueblo – thanks! I’ve visited a few out West over the years, but never stepped foot into a casino. Should you ever have the chance, visit a Reservation, tour and ask questions, and spend some money in non-casino settings, they can use it.


Open Thread

On The Road: Please Stand By…

Alain asked me to schedule a post for him. He has asked me to inform you all that he is experiencing technical issues and, as a result, today’s On the Road post will not be happening as normally scheduled. Please consider this an open thread while he waits for someone at tech support to answer his ticket/request.

Open thread!