No Blogging Tonight

No bloggin tonight, as I am going to a friend’s birthday party. I will leave you with some options:

Go download and read the first two chapters of Oliver’s new book (Warning- it is a touch racy),


Go enter my Presidential Mad Libs contest (use the link or scroll down a few posts).

New Perma-links Member

Go visit Overspill and The Portable Matthew. I had meant to add those a while ago, but as usual, I forgot.


If you have a substantive comment, no matter how combative, it can stay. If you are like the idiot I just banned who just cut and pasted the same comment to every post, well, you will be like that idiot. Banned.

New Links

New Permalinks. Welcome Trojan Horseshoes and Occam’s Toothbrush.

Trackback Enabled

By popular request, trackback is now enabled.