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My sister turned 35 today. Happy Birthday.

Mom and Dad want grandkids, so I know how you and your husband can ‘celebrate.’ You aren’t gonna get any younger, and if you will think back to what an insufferable bastard I was as a teenager (things have not changed much), do you really want to deal with that when you are 60?

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If you know anything about WordPress and are willing to help fix this mess, please email me.

Open Thread

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Open Thread

A couple quick notes:

1.) Michael Deaver died yesterday, and I failed to mention his passing. Deaver is the source of one of my favorite stories about Ronald Reagan, a time in which Democrats and Republicans were at each others throats during the day, but still able to get along after work. On Tip o’Neill’s birthday, Reagan had O’Neill up to his private residence, and after dinner, popped a bottle of champagne (Reagan did not drink and had to have the staff search for some booze), and offered the following toast to O’Neill:

“If I had a ticket to Heaven,
and you did not have one too,
I would throw away my ticket,
and go to hell with you.”

Deaver’s career was not without blemish, as the WSJ recounts:

Mr. Deaver’s own image suffered a setback in 1987. He was convicted on three of five counts of perjury stemming from statements to a congressional subcommittee and a federal grand jury investigating his lobbying activities with administration officials. Mr. Deaver blamed alcoholism for lapses in memory and judgment. He was sentenced to three years’ probation and fined $100,000 as well as ordered to perform 1,500 hours of public service.

When the subject of a pardon surfaced in Mr. Reagan’s final days in office in 1989, the president noted that Mr. Deaver had indicated he wouldn’t accept one, according to Mr. Reagan’s diary.

Insert your own comparisons to Libby. RIP, Michael Deaver.

2.) Karl Rove will be on Face the Nation.

3.) Picked up a few films from a friend at a BBQ yesterday afternoon, and I will be watching them throughout the day while I clean the house. One is a classic that I am embarrassed to admit I have never seen- The Rules of the Game. Long time readers are aware that my favorite movie form is the documentary, and I also borrowed two more pieces of subversive media: Why We Fight and Terrorstorm. Additionally, I still owe you all reviews of Cities of Light and No End in Sight. Perhaps one day this week I can do a mass review.

Consider this your open thread.