A Steelers Win

The game isn’t over, but I am calling it.

Consider this an open thread.

And nerf warlocks. Fear. Fear. Fear. Spell lock. Skill coil.


Domain Name

More website related drama- I had a bill to pay for the re-registration of the domain name here, and I seem to have lost the bill. How do I find out what company I contact to make payment.

I had the damned bill by my desk for two weeks, and somehow have managed to lose it. Go figure.

*** Update ***

Thanks. It was a scam.

Open Thread

Busy till later this afternoon.

Sunday Open Thread


Blog Rating

In case you were wondering. Although I am thinking if I create a post or two discussing hot gay ass sex, fisting, gloryholes, and what not to try and see if we can pump up the rating a bit. Maybe discussing marijuana, cocaine, heroin, sodomy, and oral sex will push it up to X.

*** Update ***

Still an R. Let’s try the seven dirty words.

“Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits.”

*** Update ***

Mission Accomplished!