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Open Thread


Open Thread

Minor site news: Tim F will leave on vacation for the next week. Unless I find a wi-fi connection that isn’t clogged with bear poop my posting will be light to nonexistent. In fact I probably wouldn’t bring the laptop if the moving part in my Nikon FE2 had not frozen up*, leaving just the digicam for photo duties. At least they sell those with manual controls.

In the meantime John will do his usual thing so blogging won’t slow down by much. But there’s more! Some time in the next few days we (not me; see above) will announce a special surprise. See if you can guess what it is.

(*) gratuitous detail: it won’t take power from a battery, and I don’t feel like taking every picture at M250.


My cryptic hint would work better if the blogroll was not somehow immune to updating. Oh well. You’ll find out soon enough.

An Open Thread Dedicated to the Greatness of Devon Cole

My sister turned 35 today. Happy Birthday.

Mom and Dad want grandkids, so I know how you and your husband can ‘celebrate.’ You aren’t gonna get any younger, and if you will think back to what an insufferable bastard I was as a teenager (things have not changed much), do you really want to deal with that when you are 60?

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