New Perma-links Member

Go visit Overspill and The Portable Matthew. I had meant to add those a while ago, but as usual, I forgot.


If you have a substantive comment, no matter how combative, it can stay. If you are like the idiot I just banned who just cut and pasted the same comment to every post, well, you will be like that idiot. Banned.

New Links

New Permalinks. Welcome Trojan Horseshoes and Occam’s Toothbrush.

Trackback Enabled

By popular request, trackback is now enabled.


I have the links almost fixed. If you are not there and should be or want to be, let me know.

Grand Re-Opening

Welcome to the newly re–designed and relocated Balloon Juice. I want to first thank Kathy Kinsley and MommaBear, who spent an ungodly amount of time getting this thing up and running. Kathy handled the transition and the design, while Momma Bear handled the graphics. ABig thanks to Rev. Markle and Rev. Chapin, who set up the server for me.

In other words, I am a bleeding idiot who doesn’t know how to put anything together, and I was lucky enough to have these decent people to help me.

If you find a bug or a problem, please note it in the comments below. Also, I intend to re-work the links to the left, and if you are not there and should be or if your link is not working or is outdated, please let me know so I can fix it.

If you use buttons for links, here is one:

Button 1.jpg

Thanks, and Welcome.

New Perma-Links

For some absurd reason, I thought I had perma-linked to American RealPolitik months ago- I guess I had not, and this is after I chastised the Emperor Misha for not having known about them. I am losing it as I rapidly approach middle age. This oversight has now been fixed, and you should visit them now- I check them every morning for my daily cartoons.