Open Thread

Busy. (I thought about writing something super corny, like “Busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest,” but thought that was just too cheesy).

Oh. And all that stuff about us not “legalizing” torture? Lies. But then again, we are facing an enemy who wants to ass rape us to death, so I guess we need to do a little torture.

Consider this your open thread before I start whining about the MAC again.

This Mac is Killing Me

Look- I understand the reason you folks at Apple don’t include documentation for anything. It is supposed to be intuitive.

After 20 years of using Windows, it isn’t.

And not even a pamphlet for Final Cut Pro? Bastards.

And all these things across the bottom of the screen are giving me chest pains. Why is the aol one bouncing?

*** Update ***

And if anyone can come up with a reason why there is no knob to adjust the volume, I am all ears. Or how to insert a dvd and not have it take up my whole screen.

*** Update ***

And before I get too negative, I do love the 24″ monitor. It is beautiful. Figuring out how to use everything, however, can be summed up in one quick phrase:


*** Update Eleventy-Three ***

Thanks for all the help, but WTF is “apple comma.” I see comma. I see no “apple comma.”

Tuesday Open Thread

Memeorandum is filled with charge/counter-charges, mostly about that idiot Rush Limbaugh, and I have meetings all morning.

The blogosphere seems less and less relevant every day. I can count on one hand the number of sites where I learn something- the rest are just braying sheep (media bias! media bias! BAAA!) and vicious partisans (democrats cause cancer!).

Consider this an open thread.

We Can Sit and Talk and Not Talk For Hours and Still Have Things to Not Talk About

Consider this your Monday Opener.

Open Thread

Big game tonight for the Eers!

Important Piece of Trivia About Your Host: I was recently (an hour ago) caught singing along to Huey Lewis in the grocery store. I have no shame.