Quick Hits

1.) It is pretty clear what the most important story of the day of Petraeus’s testimony was in Greater Wingnuttia- MOVEON’s HEADLINE IN THE NY TIMES. I disapprove of the headline, but it upsets Hugh so much I may reconsider my position on the matter.

2.) Is it really hard to figure out that the gaggle of people in the committee chambers DRESSED IN PINK may be from the group CODE PINK and may try to protest during the testimony?

3.) Not that any of this matters in the debate about what to do in Iraq, but nine more dead soldiers today. On the upside, most of them had the decency to die in wrecks, so won’t have to count their bodies when we make charts in March 2008 to prove the surge is working.

4.) Consider this an open thread.

Open Thread

At work, so I am missing the testimony.

*** Update ***

Ok. Found it streaming via CNN. I have been watching for several minutes, and have not heard a damned word from Petraeus and Crocker. All pols giving statements. Now Petraeus’s mic is broken. Skelton looks pissed.

*** Update #2 ***

When I hear things like “ethno-sectarian deaths,” my bullshit detectors go off.

*** Update #3 ***

This chart shows… That chart shows…

But don’t ask about the data to make those charts.

*** Update #4 ***

Lost my feed for a while, but it is back now, and I see the job of banging the Iran drum fell to Crocker.

*** Update #5 ***

Is it just me, or does Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen look like Sean Hannity in a red dress?

Although Hannity may be less of a hack.

A Steelers Win

The game isn’t over, but I am calling it.

Consider this an open thread.

And nerf warlocks. Fear. Fear. Fear. Spell lock. Skill coil.


Domain Name

More website related drama- I had a bill to pay for the re-registration of the domain name here, and I seem to have lost the bill. How do I find out what company I contact to make payment.

I had the damned bill by my desk for two weeks, and somehow have managed to lose it. Go figure.

*** Update ***

Thanks. It was a scam.

Open Thread

Busy till later this afternoon.