Thank You

A big thanks to the generous contributors who have donated via payal. I very much appreciate your generosity. If you do not have paypal, there is always the amazon wish list, or, playing some of the games at the much recommended 5 Dimes casino.

At any rate, thanks to those of you who have donated.


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Claiming my blog- no one else in their right mind would claim this mess.

New Blogs of Note

New blogs in the blogroll:

Dancing With Dogs
Amitai Etzioni Notes
Kiruba Shankar (Blogging from India)

Site Difficulties

Sorry for the difficulties accessing the sites and the comments boards. Something screwy (meaning something I will never in a hundred years comprehend) happened to the server.

Hot Damn!

I just found, via my comments section, another blog by a West Virginian. That is two of us from West Virginia who can read and write, so put that in your stereotype and smoke it.

Go visit the Hillbilly Sophisticate.

New Blog Link

New blog added to the list of lefty bloggers in the permalinks (humorously located down and to the right):

Steve Soto’s The Left Coaster.


I am sick as a dog and grading papers, so I am not sure how much I will be posting. I have not felt well since Friday night-Saturday morning.