New Permalink

I added another admitted lib to the links- Make sure you go check out Nathan Newman.

Brief Hiatus

Taking a brief hiatus for personal issues- should be back in form by Thursday. Remember to vote in the Blog Awards, and I might point out that despite the fact 19 people linked to the awards, I do not have THEIR submissions. Hrmm. Below are the categories.
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Posting Will Resume Shortly

Spent the day at the lake today- and will rpbably do the same tomorrow. I should return to posting Sunday or Monday.

*** Update ***

Digital Cameras and the like were present- I should have some funny photos to post from the lake by Monday- including me wiping out on every watercraft I try.

New Home For Croooow Blog

Henry Hanks has a new home. Drop by and say hello.


At the lake all week-end… I will be back tomorrow night or Monday.

Blogger Exodus

The Blogger exodus continues, and the Yale Diva has moved to a swanky new pad, complete with the latest version of MT.

Comment Policy

Despite the fact that I am frequently (and IMHO erroneously) perceived as a right-wing, nazi, fascist, blind Bush-cabal, starve the poor, kill the elderly, bomb foreigners right-winger, I think I have a pretty liberal policy on comments. My policy, though unstated, is now on the record-

“Don’t be a total jerk.”

I actually believe that more speech is the cure for offensive speech. Having said that- be nice to the left wing commenters. If they disagree- that is called discussion. There is no reason to be overtly rude to people who have differences of opinion, on either side of the political spectrum. I absolutely do not want people to feel uncomfortable commenting, and if anyone is nothing but an unrepentant troll, I will deal with them. Other than that, argue with them- debate them. Show that you are right, and not just RIGHT, and engage them. But I don’t want people attacking people just because they do not adhere to the world view I have. If I did, I wouldn’t have comments. Plus- I am wrong a lot- and I don’t mind admitting it or acting on it. Neither should you.

In other words, be polite.