Thursday Night Open Thread

Sorry for the lack of posts, but a lot is going on.

Open Thread

The site conversion is complete, I am still sick, and the Raiders got jobbed yesterday.

*** Update ***

PS: I don’t support torture or the death penalty, but for the love of everything holy, can we waterboard OJ Simpson and then shoot him?

Open Thread

The Steelers play the Bills, I am feeling sick, and this is all you get.

*** Update ***

Another win, and I only feel slightly dirty for rooting for the Browns as they beat the whiny-ass Bengals.

Site Maintenance

They site may seem particularly laggy or nonexsistant tonight after normal business hours (which are what, exactly, for a blog?), and that is because we are having a long overdue update to WordPress installed, as well as moving to a different server.

The tech folks sent me some detailed information explaining what they are going to do, but they lost me at ‘Fantastico console,’ and as such, I quit reading it and skimmed to the point where I had a vague idea that something important was going to happen tonight.

You have been warned.

How Well Did My Predictions Fare?

Last week, I posted my predictions as to what would happen with the Petraeus testimony:

1.) Petraeus will enter the room, and Joe Lieberman and several other moderate Democrats will faint when they see him in Class A’s with lots of ribbons and medals.

2.) Petraeus will offer a mixed report, citing temporary tactical advantage and listing points of progress. Lots of cheese charts with arrows pointing in the right direction, but little to no sourcing, will be on display.

3.) Lieberman, freshly revived from his initial fainting, hears Petraeus utter the words “our brave men and women in uniform,” and promptly passes out again.

4.) Petraeus mentions, in passing, that we are facing difficulties. Democrats fail to press him. The difficulties are not mentioned specifically, but in vague generalities.

5.) Petraeus states the situation is too tenuous to drawdown troops before fall of 2008.

6.) Lieberman is revived yet again, only to hear the phrase “Al Qaeda in Iraq,” and promptly falls to the ground in shock and horror. Ron Paul gives him the finger.

7.) Afterwards, numerous Blue Dog Democrats state to the media that the General was impressive, and has assured them that we are making progress, and, as such, they are reluctant to do anything.

8.) Republicans, when speaking to the press, state that this is clear proof we are winning, and evidence that we do not need to cut and run like some of the Democrats want.

9.) Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and John Warner all state how impressed they are, but note that they have some unspecfied concerns and that we need to proceed cautiously.

10.) Some cranky Democrat notes that there was no real information presented, and wants to have some hard data to compare to the numerous negative reports we have received from independent organizations. Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, NRO, and the Weekly Standard promptly call him a traitor. Malkin breaks out a cheerleader outfit. Michael O’Hanlon goes on Hardball and claims the GAO is the most corrupt organization in Washington.

11.) The rest of the media cover the story until about 7:45 EST, at which point it is learned that Lindsey Lohan may have smoked pot while in rehab. The Petraeus story dies.

12.) Seven more members of the military die.

How did I do?