Sunday Morning Thread

Don’t forget- CBS Sunday Morning is on and worth watching.

I stayed up really late last night- it is my fault, had a half a bottle of wine (the nightly glass of wine for the heart turned into three), got a little ranty (as you can see below), and then got sucked into watching American Beauty. I don’t know how that happens- yet another movie in my DVD collection, but it comes on and I get sucked in and can’t stop watching it.

At any rate, what a great movie it is. And before the experts and the critics come in to tell me why it really sucked, save yourself the time. I liked it and just love how it makes it abundantly clear that there is no storybook life- everyone is screwed up in their own way, and that is what makes people great. More people should internalize that message.

Plus, it had some great quotes. My personal favorite is when Lester was starting to get back in shape, and was seeking advice from the “partners” next door. They asked him if he wanted to burn fat, gain endurance, etc., and he blurted out- “I want to look good naked.”

Who doesn’t? Consider this an open thread.

Quick Hits

Kinda busy catching up with other stuff, but I do have some time for some quick links:

1.) David Horowitz- Still nutty, but with more suck.

2.) Wildfires rage in California, and Michelle Malkin knows who to blame: ENVIRONMENTALISTS! “Lawsuits have tied up the president’s Healthy Forests Initiative passed in 2003,” Malkin laments.

3.) Captain Ed, last week pissed off at the do-nothing house, shows his intellectual honesty and consistency by attacking them for wasting time with the failed attempt to censure Pete stark today, is still pissed off at the House, but for different reasons.

Monday Open Thread

I heard some lady named Plame is in the news. Anyone ever heard of her?

Saturday Open Thread

I’m not dead yet.

Thursday Open Thread

Document the madness.