Request From WaterGirl For Testing The New Site

From an email (thanks to valued commenter and tester M. Bouffant):

Hey everyone, WaterGirl here.

You are receiving this message if you volunteered to test the new website and supplied information about your devices, but never followed up by sending email to [address deleted]

I am starting to get our ducks in a row for whenever testing will start.

Please write back to [address deleted] — one way or another — to say that you’re in for testing or that you don’t want to be contacted about testing again.

Hope to hear from all of you one way or another, very soon!

Thanks, WaterGirl

Afternoon Moment of Zen

Had the camera handy so filmed my morning ritual with Mr. Large and in Charge:

He’s a very good boy.

At any rate, in the least surprising news ever, the website is doing weird shit. Honestly, I’m just done having people worry about it on the back end. We’re just going to limp this listing, smoking hulk into drydock and hopefully nobody torpedoes us before we have the new one in the water and combat ready. In other words everything is fucked and we’re out of duct tape and shits to give so we’re just trying to hang on with as few casualties as possible until the new ship is ready. Basically, a metaphor for our current political situation.

Redirects Banished?

This is a new post about the porn and other redirects happening on this site.


We think the problem is handled, but since it can’t be replicated on-demand, I’m asking for your help in testing this for a few minutes a few times today.  Most-to-all reports have been on iOS devices, mostly iPhones. Turn off the ad blocking as it is bad ads causing issues.

Then load the site and click on links – to posts, Twitter, comments, etc. Just go to the site and read and click and click some more.  It’s the clicking that gets redirected, and it happens to both internal and external links.

Should something happen, please let me know details here. Also, if you can, write down the domain or company so we can see if that info helps track things down.


After a bit of testing, please remember to re-enable your ad blocker and enjoy safe surfing.  In an hour or so, try again, and repeat as you can today. If you have issues, please post them here.

Thanks so much for your help, everyone.


ETA:  Please use the Safari browser for testing. Chrome, etc. aren’t quite the same, it appears. And don’t forget to disable the ad blockers.


Porn Ghosts? Happy Monday!



It appears that the porn demon may in fact still be lurking. I’ve had one report of being redirected to porn from clicking on a Twitter link, but I can’t replicate this and for this user, it’s a non-repeatable event.

So – should you have any continuing porn redirection, please let me know in this post and we’ll see what we can do. It should no longer be an issue but this user’s experience clicking on a Twitter link from a post this morning pretty much rules out a stale link from before we applied the fix.

The thing is, I saw some continuing bad behavior Saturday afternoon from clicking on some links on the site (internal and external). So leading indicators are that we still have a problem.

The issue only seems to affect the mobile site, so this isn’t an issue for desktop users that I’m aware of.

Your help is appreciated. I have some obligations this morning, so I may or may not be in the comments, but when I’m back at my computer, I’ll review them all.


Friday Night

Apparently a bunch of you are being redirected to some secksy time websites. We think it is a bad plugin that hackers have exploited and are working on it.

I am so sick of this fucking shit. The rebuild can not be here soon enough.