Mobile Site Blues



Just a head’s up: I’ll be working on the mobile site in the next little bit. To solve some issues with it, I’ve got to undo many of the customizations, then see how it looks and works, then redo them. Apparently the mobile theme was radically updated and so what worked before is having some side-effects now, and some changes aren’t taking.

None of this should affect the desktop site  – this is just for the mobile site.

Thanks in advance for your kind words, challenges, and sass-talk.

Open thread!

Tech News: Update WordPress NOW!


I’ll be launching the new and improved Buttons plugin later this morning and making a few small tweaks. Please note – improved by Major Major Major Major, in his first help-behind-the-scenes.  Please give him a well-earned pat on the back.

But the real focus of this post is to encourage you who have WordPress sites to update them ASAP. There is a critical security bug in 4.7.1 that’s been fixed, and tens of thousands of WordPress sites are being hacked because folks haven’t updated them to 4.7.2. So, if you have a WordPress site, no matter how tiny and under-read, please take 5 minutes to update it to this more secure version.

I have a big tech post half written for next week covering a bunch of privacy and security ideas, and a more personal one that I hope to publish soon.

And as a reader-turned-client has encouraged me, know that I am available for hire to help on your site, to sort out tech issues in general, and to help secure your privacy and digital stuff.  Just use the Contact a Frontpager form and I’ll get back to you asap. No issue is too small, and I am happy to refuse things that are too big or out of my skillset.

Besides all that, have a great weekend, and keep all Americans, our residents, and guests in your thoughts and prayers. There are a lot of scared people among us, something not felt since the Red Scare.  That drove my mom to live overseas as she couldn’t stand the cultural environment back then. She has confided in me the temptations to move overseas again, but I’ve convinced her that this is home, and we resist.

Open thread

Quick Tech Update and Open Thread


I’m working with Master Programmer Major Major Major Major (only his hubby can call him Master Master Master Master!) to add the missing button we need so that we can use one uniform set of buttons for both desktop and mobile site.

There are, of course, a few other things I’m working on. I’m trying to squeeze in as much as I can over the next week, but competing time-suckers may mean that some things trickle out more slowly than I’d like.

That said, Open Thread!

My fault folks – some mis-config between test server and the live server. I’m killing test server and rebuilding so it doesn’t happen again. My apologies.

New Buttons – Please Tell Me What You Think


The eagle-eyed may have noticed that I just changed the buttons. They are a different beast and don’t work 100% like the other ones. The plus is that they work on both desktop and mobile site and are standard – so no special tweaks to functions and css filed. So less work, less to go wrong going forward, and they are easy to setup and use on any new theme in the future.

On the other hand, there is no “jump to bottom” button; you will need to tap the down arrow multiple times.  I’ll ask the plugin maker if that’s something that can be added. I just reduced the scroll time to 1 millisecond – so whenever you tap or click the button, it should move down one screen at a time, but quickly.

I can also change how many screens down/up the click takes you. Right now it’s set for 1 screen, but I can make it a half-screen, or 4 screens, or whatever I want.  So I can force the down button to go most/all the way to the bottom and the up button go most/all the way to the top and not use the “jump to top” button.


So, that all said  – what do you folks think, and what’s your vote –

  1. two buttons that go up/down a bit at a time, with a jump to top button,
  2. a top/bottom button that go 10 screens up/down (or whatever ends up being close enough to “top” or “bottom”).
  3. buttons as they are now, but add a “jump to bottom” button

More Site Tweaks Today and Tomorrow


Just a little heads up – I’ll be doing some tweaks today and tomorrow.

  1. New up/down buttons for desktop and mobile site
  2. Tweaking Mobile Site
  3. Likely some tweaks to main layout b/c of ginormous banner ad
  4. Better live video streaming
  5. New instructions for commenting (enhanced commenting basically as this version of WordPress has brought in some new capabilities)
  6. Perhaps a better set of text tools for making comments if it works well in our site
  7. Site Hardening

Some of these changes may temporarily result in the site looking or behaving differently. If so, this will be as brief as possible.

Some of the things we’re tweaking for security may have an unexpected side-effect which will be remedied as soon as it is obvious that there’s an issue.


Carry on, everybody, you’ve all done very well.

Site Update Incoming

WordPress just released a pretty important security update which I’m about to apply.

Besides that, I’m still working on a number of smaller issues such as buttons for mobile site, better video embeds for live events, adding comment counts to next/prev post buttons, and some instructions so that commenters can put tweets properly in comments without having to paste just the text content. There are also a few user-reported issues (look at the post from Wednesday that lists some other issues I’m tackling).

That said, these things are fixed:

  • Back button
  • Read More links
  • Jump to bottom/top buttons for desktop view of site

So I’m going to do the WP update and, assuming the site still works well, take care of a few real life things.  I’m leaving this post so that any issues can be noted here and hope to be back in two or so hours to review any other issues, requests, or suggestions from  this post.

As always, thanks for your patience and support.

Updated to say: sorry for stomping your post Tamara, but this update is important.

Another update: I’m backing up all the files first, so that will make the site a little slow for the next 10 minutes until it’s done. Then I’ll perform the update, and we should be good-to-go.


Final note: update performed, all is well. Will enable mobile site buttons after lunch and tweak mobile site settings.


Updates Done, Not All Work Done


The site is updated and our customizations reapplied. I moved some things to the child theme so less work next time, but we still customize 8 theme files and 6 plugin files to get the site working this way.

I’ve also restored Back button functionality and Read More now works like it should.

There’s lots more to do, but my eyes are getting a bit tired and so I’m taking a break. I’ve been hard at work on a video issue for Adam and that’s taken a lot of time and reading, still without a good answer for how to post live video like from TV channels or other live event video streams. YouTube works fine, but live events from other video sources seems to not.

Once again, thank you all for your generosity, patience, and encouragement.  Feel free to use this as an open thread and to make any more requests/comments.

See my earlier post with a list of items I’m hoping to tackle right now –