Site Maintenance

Before you bitch up a storm and blame Alain, he’s not responsible. We’re trying different ads out. I’m going to be getting rid of the taboola one which is just fucking hideously large and awful (and makes me want to throw my fucking phone on the mobile site), so we are trying other shit.

There should be no audio autoplay ads. If there are, email ME.

I’m sure you all will handle these changes with the typical amount of patience, grace, and charm we all display when there is the slightest change (by which I mean none), but I promise you we will get through this.

You fucking assholes.

Quick Tech Update: Mobile Site Blues


The mobile site is going to be a pain for a couple more days and I’m sorry. The mobile theme vendor provided me with a link to download a file from another of their themes and I thought that would suffice until next week, but it causes the mobile site to be pretty unusable for a number of readers (much less commentors!) and thus I’m replacing the new file with the original file.

This whole issue is because of the new European privacy laws, GDPR.

WordPress released an update to accommodate the new privacy laws, and the checkbox to allow saving your nym, email, and website is missing on the mobile site so now every time you view a post and go to the comment form, you have to re-enter that info. I’m sorry it’s a pain. Perhaps users can offer some suggestions or workarounds until this can be solved.

Before I waste real time trying to make this hybrid work, I’m awaiting clear instructions and since it’s a holiday weekend, that means Tuesday. This replacement file is different enough from what we were using as to require a lot more work than I’d hoped for and so I’m returning the mobile site comment form back to what it was. We’ll sort out this mess later this week.

My apologies for a less-than-ideal solution, and have a great holiday weekend for those in the States.


Site Updates


As you may have noticed for a moment, an ad was in the wrong place. My fault.

I’m doing a few updates to the site today. One important update will be the newest WordPress release, which has lots of privacy stuff – yay. This is in response to the new privacy laws in Europe.

I’ve not yet wrapped my head around the changes, so there may be some new buttons for things like Privacy Policy or Private Comment or who knows. Point being, if new things show up related to Privacy and they don’t work at first, or even today, drop me a line and I’ll get to work on it as I can.

Ok, I’m going to some updates now and so the site may show “Maintenance Mode” here and there. Just count to 5 and reload the page and you should be good to go. If something goes horribly wrong, it will get resolved ASAP.


Quick Site Maintenance

Hi Folks, just popping in to update a few things then back to fun estate-related work.


I will post a comment when the updates are complete; consider this an open thread but I won’t be doing any support, so don’t bother kvetching unless it makes YOU feel good.

RSS: The Fixening?

Bold (RSS) readers:

Are things improved? For Feedly users, all should be well going forward, if not, I need to know!

Also, any other RSS users out there having issues? I need to know the service/company name so we can narrow our search, but all things should be humming smoothly.

On that note, open thread.

I’m stuck in tax and estate things all day instead of being on my fishing getaway because when the lake’s 30 feet too full there’s not much fishing gonna happen and I might as well be productive.


So that’s it for me today, most likely. I find that if I give myself a break from some of these admin/paperwork/detail tasks, that break can often expand and when I return, I find something to obsess over and so leave tasks undone.

RSS On The March!

An issue with RSS was found that affected Feedly users. I need to c0mtact their support but there is no way without being a Pro member. So, can a Pro member use the c0ntact form and let me know who you are? I’ll email you some text to submit.


Now, for other RSS reader/service users, please let me know what the name of it is so we can look to see if they’ve been being blocked for similar reasons.


Open Thread!

Ah, The Woes Of RSS

For those folks still facing RSS issues, I’ve escalated this to our wonderful web hosts, Hosting Matters. They’re very responsive, very skilled, and are now helping solve this issue.

I’ve received a number of reports over the past week, but I didn’t respond to many of them. Just making sure that you issue-submitters know were heard, even if I didn’t respond directly. Normally I respond to all issue emails from the contact form, but in this case I had little to offer as I was gathering more information.

Since this issue affects more than one RSS service, I’m pretty sure that the issue isn’t something on our pages that sometimes causes their RSS parsing engine to puke. We’re now looking at HM’s security setup blocking automated requests and so mucking things up. Hopefully that’s it, and this issue will ease away over the next day or so.


Open thread!