At least he didn’t shoot her…

Shitty cop in Utah manhandles and arrests nurse for doing her job:

Via Deseret News:

Payne, a veteran Salt Lake police officer, was sent to the hospital by another police agency to get vials of blood for the investigation. But because the patient was not a suspect in the crash nor faced potential criminal charges, because he was unconscious and unable to give consent, and because the officer did not have a warrant, Wubbels [the nurse] — one of the supervisors that night — did not allow him to draw blood.

“If they needed blood, then they needed to go through to proper channels to take it,” she said.

In the body camera video, Wubbels is seen on her phone with numerous supervisors advising them of what was happening and getting confirmation about the policy. Payne sounds impatient in the video and continues to threaten to arrest her.

Wubbels, who is surrounded by other hospital staffers, explains in the video that she is doing what her bosses told her to do. She eventually prints out a copy of the policy for blood draws — one that Salt Lake police agreed to more than a year ago, according to Porter — and shows it to the officer.

Wubbels said close to 10 supervisors were consulted either directly by herself or by the supervisors checking with their own superiors.

But Payne insists he, too, is following orders.

“I’m doing what I’m being told by my boss, and I’m going to do what my boss says,” Payne says sternly at one point in the recording.

Wubbels can be seen trying to tell Payne to calm down while telling her boss on the phone that Payne was threatening to arrest her, and that a University of Utah police officer who was present wasn’t going to stop him.

“She’s going to jail,” Payne says in the video.

“Why?” a hospital staff member asks.

“Interfering with a criminal investigation,” Payne replies.

Turns out the nurse was right and the cops were wrong. A SLC police sergeant admitted in the article that the department’s blood-draw policy “hadn’t been updated for a little bit” before the incident. Officer Payne was wrong to arrest Wubbels, and Payne’s supervisor was wrong to direct him to do so.

But the truly disturbing thing was how Payne went all HULK SMASH on Wubbels, evidently enraged by her polite refusal to immediately obey. He charged at her, tried to bat the phone out of her hand, pinned her arms, cuffed her and wrestled her out of the building. It was completely unnecessary. She wasn’t resisting arrest — she was responding as any normal human would to an assault by a lunatic.

After the nurse is handcuffed and strapped into the seat of Payne’s cruiser, the other cop delivers an incredibly condescending lecture to Wubbels, of the “why were you wearing such a short skirt” variety. A longer video clip captures that part of Wubbels’ ordeal.

According to the Deseret, Payne is off the blood-draw squad but is still on active duty. The department is receiving training on blood-draw regulations so they’ll stop asking medical professionals to violate the law.

That’s not good enough. Payne should be fired since he clearly doesn’t have the temperament to handle his job, and the department should receive anger management training to weed out other Paynes.

The whole thing is outrageous but unsurprising. After viewing news reports about justifiable public anger and largely peaceful demonstrations to protest the killing of unarmed black men and children, 64 million assholes voted in a “law-and-order” mega-asshole, in part as a big FUCK YOU to anyone who objects to extrajudicial executions by police.

And mega-asshole is delivering, “joking” to an audience of cops just the other day about roughing up people they’ve placed under arrest. I suspect Officer Payne heard him loud and clear.

Open Thread: Trump & Arpaio, Dirty Birds of A Nasty Feather

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It’s All Fun & Games, Until Somebody Loses Their Kid

It’s sad (no lie!) that the New England Cosplay Association had to cancel a long-scheduled public gathering because some nitwit college kid got a permit to let Nazi wannabes swarm Boston Common. But this is serious:

Y’know, I’d have trouble picking Insane Clown Posse songs out of a general metal sound-off, but if the Very Serious Pundits could get past their bourgeois prejudices, the classic Juggalo is exactly the type of disadvantaged, Appalachian-heritage ‘Working Class White’ that they slobber over so endlessly. And it would probably cause at least one cardiac incident if this were pointed out to a roomful of Media Village Idiots…

Unleashed Cops

While the Russian asset in the White House pushes cops to brutalize their suspects, we have plenty of cases studies on what happens when you license f**kery by the boys folks in blue.  Today’s example comes  from Baltimore:

Maryland prosecutors have tossed 34 criminal cases and are re-examining dozens more in the aftermath of recent revelations that a Baltimore police officer accidentally recorded himself planting drugs in a trash-strewn alley.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said that, in all, 123 cases are under review in the wake of a scandal in which one officer has been suspended and two others put on administrative duty. Body cam footage revealed nearly two weeks ago showed one of the officers planting drugs when he didn’t realize his body cam was recording. (via Ars Technica.)

Among the consequences of such behavior: folks do time, in this case, six or seven months for the crime of being an easy arrest for a dirty cop:

one of the recently dismissed Baltimore cases included the drug suspect who was the target of the plant in the body cam video. He had been jailed since January on a $50,000 bail he could not post.

Societies need cops. They don’t need cops who think a badge and a gun makes them lords of the street.  And any civilized society needs leaders who know that.

The good news, in Baltimore and in response to the Shitgibbon’s latest droppings?  The pushback–from Maryland prosecutors and from police forces around the country respectively.  Resistance isn’t just necessary; it’s useful.

Image: Caravaggio, The Taking of Jesus, c. 1602

Patrice O’Neal Was Right

I absolutely love comedians- there is nothing better than a good stand up comedian doing his thing. I particularly like edgy comedians who really take risks. I’m not talking about douchebags like Andrew Dice Clay, who just stand up and spew racist, misognystic hit. Edgy in that you think about things and it makes you uncomfortable and only they could get away with it. Richard Pryor. One of my all time favorites was Patrice O’Neal, who was an absolute genius. Watch from the beginning until 7:20.

Now read this:

Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau resigned Friday, less than a week after a city officer shot and killed a woman who had called officers for help.

Mayor Betsy Hodges said she asked Harteau to resign because “I’ve lost confidence in the chief’s ability to lead us further — and from the many conversations I’ve had with people around our city, especially this week, it is clear that she has lost the confidence of the people of Minneapolis as well.”

White woman’s life is valuable. Philando Castile and countless others? Well, shit happens.

Long Read: “How Being Wrongly Pegged as the Dallas Cop Sniper Changed Mark Hughes’ Life Forever”

Dan Solomon, at Fusion:

Mark Hughes has a sense of humor about what happened to him last summer. On July 7, 2016, Hughes was wrongly identified by Dallas Police and news organizations around the world as a suspect in that day’s sniper attack at a Black Lives Matter march in the city, and when I meet him in the office of the tax prep company he owns in nearby Arlington, Hughes asks me with a straight face: “Are you familiar with the July 7th event?” Then, pointing to his desk neighbor: “You know, he was the one who was actually doing the shooting.”

It’s hard to imagine how Hughes would have survived the past year without cracking a few jokes. Almost everything about his life has been affected by the day his photograph was emblazoned on local news, CNN, and the Dallas Police Department’s official Twitter account, with the words “This is one of our suspects. Please help us find him!” above his photo.

Hughes had seen groups like Open Carry Tarrant County, whose members—and leadership, which is white—carry long-arm rifles on the street in front of his tax-prep business, in accordance with the law. And as he made plans to attend the march he decided, for the first time, that he should do the same. Philando Castile, the Minnesota man whose shooting death had been captured on video prior to the march, had his right to carry a gun violated by the officer who shot him. Hughes decided that meant he had a responsibility to assert his own.
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Murder, Plain and Simple


The dashcam video of the public execution of Philando Castile has been released, and it is actually worse than I imagined it would be:

Yanez met with two special agents from the BCA at 1:42 the day after the shooting, accompanied by two attorneys, Tom Kelly and Robert Fowler. It had been a long 17 hours for Yanez and his attorneys noted he had only gotten a couple hours of sleep. Yanez had only pulled over two people since starting his shift at 6 p.m. Since it was a slow night, a recent convenience store robbery, to which Yanez responded to the week before, was very much on his Yanez’s mind, and he was keeping a close eye on the store. He saw a white car pass and thought the driver appeared to match the description of one of the robbers. But when the agents asked Yanez in the interview to elaborate, he couldn’t offer many details. He wasn’t sure about height, weight or even gender. One had cornrows or dreadlocks. One had a hat on.

“And then just kind of distinct facial features with like a kind of like a wide set nose,” he said.


He then goes on to say he smelled marijuana but told him he was being pulled over for his headlight, so he’s already contradicted himself several times. He pulled him over because he was black. The taillight was an excuse, the marijuana is just bullshit to cover his ass.

There are so many things to unpack here, but really, one of the easiest things we could do, right this very instant, without costing a penny, endangering the public, or requiring any roll-out or training that would lead to an immediate decline in these sorts of encounters is this simple: an immediate ban on traffic stops for bullshit like expired tags and broken taillights and crap like that. We all know those only exist (at this point) to harass people, particularly black people, and because taxcut jeebus requires that towns and municipalities fund themselves with bullshit tickets for crap like this. This is not rocket surgery.

Let’s go through the list of recent high profile murders and incidents involving traffic cops:

Philando Castile: Taillight. Dead.
Walter Scott: Taillight. Dead.
Samuel DuBose: Front license plate. Dead.
Eric Garner: Selling cigarettes. Dead.
Freddie Gray: Riding his bike away from police. Dead.
Sandra Bland: Failure to signal lane change. Dead.

We could go on and on and on. Stop the bullshit. We’re not serious or mature enough of a country to deal with systemic racism or implicit bias, so let’s treat cops like kids and limit their interaction with the public and the people who clearly scare them so much. We’ll save lives.