The Keith Lamont Scott Execution Video

I still, for the life of me, can not figure out why they did this. Why did they have to have him out of the damned truck. he wasn’t who they were looking for, he was in his truck minding his own business, and they dragged him out and shout him. He didn’t do anything threatening. His hands were at his sides. North Carolina is an open carry state. The cops were undercover. He probably thought he was being jacked or something.

There was literally no reason for them to do this. They could have easily backed up, secured the area, calmed down, assessed the situation, and de-escalated. There is no reason for this. None.

If anyone in the military behaved like this anywhere in the world, they would be court-martialed, dishonorably discharged, and probably sent to Leavenworth. There would be a thorough review of training policies, and tens of thousands of man hours would go into making sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

Now the cops are making a big deal about the blunt they found. This is the picture they released:


I didn’t know whether to laugh and roll my eyes or just cry when I saw that. I bet if you fucking scroll back the douchebag will be wearing a hazmat suit. It’s not even a half gram of weed. I haven’t smoked pot in, well, a while, and that’s not even enough to get a person high. Maybe a mild buzz and a craving for a milkshake. They wouldn’t even prosecute this- a half ounce (that’s 14 grams for you squares) gets you a $200 fine. It’s a class 3 misdemeanor, which, btw, just to remind you, is not punishable with the death penalty. They’d most likely just make you shred it in front of them if they caught you with it.

I mean, we’ve all heard the phrase “killer weed,” but they don’t mean it literally. But now, because a bunch of hotheads with gun and a badge killed a man for no reason, this pitiful joint (it’s a shitty roll, too, if that matters) is now causus belli for a public execution. And they didn’t even know he had it. And they wouldn’t have if they hadn’t fucked up and rolled up like fucking commandos on a dude at a bus stop waiting for his kid to come home from school.

The Execution of Keith Lamont Scott

Undercover cops show up to serve a warrant on someone else, encounter a man who we now know had a TBI recently, don’t do one damned thing to de-escalate the situation, and then shoot him dead for no reason in front of his family. And shit is about to blow up if this becomes widely seen:

This stinks. We have a serious policing problem in this country.

Faunasphere: Dear Fresno Police…


Six cop cars one day, four the next, threats of ongoing surveillance—that’s pure intimidation of activists engaged in free assembly and legal photography on public land.

Better be careful, Mr. Tough Guy With Your Badge Taped Over, [thx to commenters for pointing out that the tape might be for mourning, and the cop’s nameplate is over his right pocket] or someone will think you’re there to provide “safety, service, and security” for Big Ag at the expense of ordinary citizens.

SHARK’S a great group, by the way. Their thing is video, and they use it well. They’re also targeting Oklahoma Rethuglican James Inhofe’s canned pigeon hunts, in which big, brave “hunters” shoot pigeons released from cages. In violation of hunting ethics, but apparently in full compliance with GOP ethics, they leave wounded birds behind to suffer and die.

Related: the government’s true terrorist priorities.

And speaking of drones…federal biologists are using them to deliver vaccine-laced M&Ms to endangered black-footed ferrets. “We dropped the vaccine out of a bag while walking around, but that’s very hard to do over thousands of acres,” Randy Machett, a USFWS biologist told The Guardian. “We are working with private contractors to develop equipment to drop the vaccine uniformly across an area, rather than one hog getting to eat a big pile of them.”

Montanans: be on the lookout for one really fat ferret.

He Did Everything Right…

Charles Kinsey, a behavioral therapist who was trying to help an autistic patient who had wandered away from a group home, did everything right when confronted by cops with guns drawn. He got shot anyway:

Luckily, Mr. Kinsey is expected to make a full recovery. The cops were responding to a 911 call about an agitated, armed man threatening suicide. The man was the group home patient, and the “weapon” was a toy truck. Kinsey said he was more worried about his patient than himself, but Kinsey is the one who ended up shot in the street.

The people who minimize the problem of police violence against unarmed citizens — specifically black male citizens — will point out that the video doesn’t show the shooting. That’s true; it doesn’t.

First it shows Kinsey lying in the street with his hands up, calmly explaining who he is, what he is doing there and stating that neither he nor his patient are armed. Then it shows him handcuffed and bleeding from a gunshot wound.

I guess we’re supposed to believe that Kinsey attempted to ninja the cops during the video break. Such bullshit.

Mourning in America

Here’s your daily episode of racist, violent, lying, dishonest cops:

Gore Vidal, many years ago- “It is no secret that American police rarely observe the laws of the land when out wilding with each other, and as any candid criminal judge will tell you, perjury is often their native tongue in court. “

Real and Serious, Indeed

We’ve got a real and serious problem in this country, and it’s not the email server Hillary Clinton used during her Secretary of State gig. It’s not the urgent need to hold yet another completely symbolic vote to repeal Obamacare.

Perhaps our elected officials could hold hearings on the urgent matter of how police officers interact with black citizens — encounters that too often result in dead black citizens. Instead of grandstanding political bullshit, maybe they could review alternative policing tactics that might yield fewer deadly encounters between cops and citizens.

Just a thought — one that I’m sharing with my elected officials today. Half of them are shitheads, so it’s probably a waste of time. But damn. This situation has got to change.

Another Video of Alton Sterling’s Public Execution

These cops should spend the rest of their lives beyond bars. Having a gun in your pocket in an open carry state is not a death penalty offense, particularly when it has not been adjudicated.