Evening Open Thread: Beep, Beep

I turn on the computer and what do I see? President Impeachment has run a bus over Rick Perry several times

Frog/Scorpion and all.

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Hello, 911? Hello…I’d Like To Report A Murder

I’m very much of the “what pisses off Republicans pleases me” crowd these days.  In that vein, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is my heroine:

It hasn’t sunk in yet for the political establishment — and by that I mean not just the electeds, but the whole infrastructure of consultants and wingnut welfare types and staffs and so on — and the elite political media ecosystem, that they are a day late and a dollar short in the face of those who simply don’t accept their asserted authority.

AOC and many more did not come to the arena to play.  She is no where near dumb enough to acquiesce to the pre-existing “rules”.  Those norms are intended both to constrain policy, but, as important, to channel political warfare into forms that favor incumbent power.

This is the one true lesson Donald Trump absorbed, and now others have learned:  don’t apologize. Attack.

Which is, of course, ever more vital when you are on the right side of history.

Image: Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, At the Moulin Rouge1890.

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: MOAR POPCORN!

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Good News Open Thread – Congo Rapidly Curtails Ebola

Remember the Ebola scare in May?

As 42 days (two incubation periods) have passed since the last possible exposure to a confirmed Ebola virus disease case, on 24 July 2018, the Minister of Health, Dr Oly Ilunga announced the end of the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (from the World Health Organization)

Lessons were learned from the West Africa epidemic of 2014 to 2016 and applied in the Congo. Additionally, a vaccine was available this time around. Nobody who was vaccinated became ill with Ebola. The response was coordinated by the Democratic Republic of Congo and the World Health Organization. Much more at the link about the public health response.

That’s pretty good in a nation that is still torn by war. Congratulations and thanks to all who stopped the epidemic.


Happy New Year: Ireland Man Edition!

We have an early entrant in the bizarre things that occur on New Year’s Eve contest. This one courtesy of Ireland Man (like Florida Man, but with a better accent!).

(h/t: https://twitter.com/AMoCS/status/815302062829404160)

Hope everyone’s festivities or quiet night’s in are going to plan!

Stay frosty!