Lights For Liberty: July 12 “A Vigil to End Human Detention Camps”

Yesterday I made a comment about wanting to participate in some type of physical action in regards to the detention camps. A friend directed me to this:

There is a group meeting at the Aurora, CO ICE facility. I’ve signed up.

Here’s the website for the national organization.  Lights for Liberty. org

Let me know if there are any other events/protests/interventions you know of.

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Interesting If True: Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Trump, Jr

I had to read it twice to realize it was Senate, not House.

Comey Op-Ed


I got nothin’. Except this reign of dolt is exhausting.

Breaking: Barr To Update On Mueller Report

Try to tamp down expectations. This is a long game. Stay focused on the important jobs of taking back the Senate, keeping the House and cleansing the White House from floor to ceiling.

I just don’t want anyone to dive off an emotional cliff because Barr trying to downplay any of this.

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Mueller Sentencing Memo For Manafort

I have no idea where everyone is and I’m probably the least qualified person to be posting about this, but here you go:

Just a reminder. Mike Pence was Manafort’s handpicked choice for VP. Wonder why??