You See, I Take These Glasses Off, She Looks Like a Regular Person, Doesn’t She? Put ‘Em Back On… Formaldahyde Face

Sociopaths live, and we are surrounded by them. Here’s Sullivan awarding Thoreau with a Moore Award for rhetoric showing insufficient deference to the state and to the post Osama bloodlust. The offending quote:

So many awful things have happened in the battles to find this man, so many awful things have been “justified” in the name of responding to his attacks, that killing him won’t fix a damn thing. There is no justice here. He started it, but our leaders have continued it, and it will not stop.

Oh, the vapors! Pointing out we’ve done horrible things is so Un-American and such a downer. Hush, you! I’m on a bloodlust high!

Here is Sullivan, a few hours later, discussing the political benefits for Obama of killing bin Laden. And for fun, here is Sullivan quoting Frum, both exuberant that this finally will show the doubters:

David Frum hopes “we have at last seen the end of this ugly insinuation that there is something less than fully American about the black president with the exotic name:

    President Obama has performed the first job of an American president: he has used the power of the nation well to defeat the nation’s enemies and defend the nation’s people. After an interval for celebration of yesterday’s accomplishment, it will be back to politics as usual. But let’s hope that this time, the usual will have this difference: that the administration can be criticized as “liberal” without being libeled as “alien.”

Because, as we all know, there is nothing more American than killing foreigners! Look, I hated Osama too, and I am glad the man is dead and buried where no one can ever build a tomb or monument to his evil, but there is something sick about someone who tries to shut down speech as mild and tepid as what Thoreau wrote and then going on and cheering the political and other benefits. I know which one of the above quotes I find repulsive.

“The First Thing A Principle Does Is Kill Somebody”

Thus sayeth Lord Peter Wimsey in Dorothy Sayers’ Gaudy Night — and while it offers unmerited dignity to Gov. Mitch Daniels to accuse him of possessing a principled moral judgment, it is still true that his decision to defund Planned Parenthood will kill some number of Indianans Hoosiers [per MBL below.  Seeing as I’m a Gene Hackman fan, an embarassing lapse].

Given that he has foreknowledge (or should, by any reasonable standard) of this outcome; given that he is doing this intentionally — after all, he has committed himself to the affirmative action of signing the bill in question; given that the consequences of this choice are readily recognizable to any mature observer, I know how I would characterize this act. YMMV. The blunt fact remains that mortal harm is coming to some women in his state as a direct result of his actions.

What’s this all about?  Well, Kay here already noted the key fact:  Planned Parenthood in Indiana is a major supplier of healthcare to women in poverty; withdrawal of that care we lead directly to premature deaths.  That fact is implicit in what Kay wrote.  All I want to do here is to make it explicit, to leave no ambiguity in the demonstration that the approach to health care policy taken by Daniels — and Republicans in general — leads directly to the deaths of Americans.

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I’ll Give Him a Little Credit

Well done, Mittens:

Expected Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney tread on socially dangerous ground last night as he talked about the need to “hang” a misery index around the neck of Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president.

Romney almost immediately caught himself, with the English major declaring “metaphorically” speaking, but the mix of nervous laughter with applause indicated at least some in the audience realized its potency.

You know, the fact that he immediately realized what he was saying and that it was a tragic word choice shows to me that at the very least, Romney possesses a degree of self-awareness and the tiniest sliver of decency, something that I think has eluded a lot of the other Republican hopefuls.

On the other hand, there is the fact that Romney simply isn’t as stupid as the many policies he has adopted in his rightward lurch the past few years. Some of his positions have been straight out evil- whether it be his double Gitmo bullshit, or hiring advisory staff who recommend knifing prisoners in the thigh, or his decision to grab up a baton and stand at the front of the Planned Parenthood Hate Parade, or any of the millions of other issues in which he once had maybe not the ideal position, but one that was at least humane and defensible, but jettisoned in order to curry favor with the wingnut primary voters.

So basically, my general position is that there is a sliver of humanity in that shell of a man, but it is being held down and waterboarded by the inner sociopath that just has to be President to show up daddy. I leave it to you all to decide what is worse, to just be plain evil, like Palin, or to know better but do evil anyway like Romney.

Shorter David Brooks

“The government I’m doing my best to destroy actually does useful shit, but let me also say something stupid and wingnutty.

Open Thread

Seems like there have been very few flame wars lately, so I will offer this up. If anyone had gone through what I am going through the past five months to get crossfirex running with two ati radeon HD-5870’s, you would understand completely why Apple computers, while not doing everything you want and having limited game support, are teh awesome.