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I reviewed last night’s thread and while the gallery was not intended to be exhaustive, I certainly overlooked some obvious black beauties. Accordingly, here’s the last and final part. I’m sure there are still plenty o’ hot broads that were not considered, but if I spend any more time staring at pictures of black beauties, I’m going to have an eyegasm.

It’s all for fun y’all. Sometimes you just wantsta look at some purty pictures. I’ll post something for the hetero/bi-ladies and gays. I promise.

I have blue eyes

This Jane Elliot documentary seems to me to have a lot of useful things to say about racism – although here within the context of UK society – although, as will become apparent if you watch, the things it has to say are sometimes confused or even contradictory.

It is, however, a wonderful illustration of the process whereby white people such as me, and perhaps you, who don’t want to be racist and certainly don’t try to act in a racist manner, can fall into the trap of not recognizing racism or inequality when it happens, or of discounting the reactions of people of other races when they identify something as racist, simply because we exist in a different frame and have not experienced theirs.

At one point, the wonderful and articulate* black woman participant who is interviewed throughout the program summarizes it as:

You can be in a situation where [racism] goes completely over your head because it doesn’t affect you, and because it doesn’t affect you, it doesn’t exist.

There are moments here which are genuinely shocking to me. A blond teacher, who has spent the entire day denying that she needs to learn anything about racism, and who I would quite happily strangle, notes how one of her black students was injured and she was surprised that her skin was pink underneath the graze.

I would be horrified to think that I might react the same way, but self aware enough to recognize that I might unwittingly do so.

As the little old lady says towards the end:

I’m learning.

* Yes, I know “articulate” is a loaded word, but as one who is in love with words, the thing that struck me most powerfully about her was how beautifully she composed what she said.

Please ignore the comments on the Youtube, including those of the racist arse who uploaded the video.