Celebratory Gathering of Happy Trump Supporters

ETA: Original tweet got removed by Twitter, for some reason or other…

No, seriously: This happened. Rosie Gray, at Buzzfeed:

The white nationalist alt-right movement, once the very definition of fringe politics, is facing a truly unexpected scenario: Their preferred candidate is about to be in the White House.

To capitalize on this turn of events, alt-right leaders held a press conference on Saturday at the gathering of the National Policy Institute, the white nationalist think tank headed by Richard Spencer. The event was held in the Ronald Reagan Building in downtown Washington, and attracted vigorous protests outside.

Spencer appeared onstage with VDare’s Peter Brimelow, anti-Semitic writer Kevin MacDonald, Arktos editor Jason Jorjani, and American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor. More than two dozen reporters were in attendance, a stark shift from previous alt-right gatherings that attracted fewer. Behind the press conference, the rest of the NPI attendees gathered to watch, at times booing and jeering the reporters when they asked questions. The audience was nearly all young, white, and male, with some sporting Make America Great Again hats and many displaying the “fashy” cropped-sides haircut common to the movement….

[N.B.: That’s ‘fashy’ for ‘facist’. They’re proud of who they are.]

The alt-right, Spencer said, had before the election been like a “head without a body,” trapped in internal conversations and debates.

“The Trump movement was a kind of body without a head,” Spencer said, saying that Trump’s campaign had been “half-baked” on policy despite having the right instincts on foreign policy and immigration. “I think moving forward the alt-right as an intellectual vanguard can complete Trump.” Spencer, who can take credit for coining the name of the movement, believes the alt-right has a “psychic connection” with Trump in a way they do not with other Republicans. Indeed, the very name of the alt-right indicates its wish to disassociate itself from the wider right: An important part of its project is to challenge and dismantle the conservative movement.

Spencer and the others are careful not to identify Trump himself as alt-right, nor his campaign CEO and soon-to-be White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. The alt-right leaders are aware of their political radioactivity and seek to not harm Trump by linking arms too firmly with him. “I don’t think Steve Bannon is alt-right as I would define the term,” Spencer said, saying Bannon has no direct connection to the movement but that “I think a few of us have shaken his hand” and that there is “common ground” between the beliefs of Bannon and those of the alt-right…

So much common ground, that the two Venn diagram circles are locked in close embrace.

Now that Trump has won, the alt-right must grapple with policy in real-world terms. NPI plans to start putting out policy papers as recommendations for the Trump administration going forward (regardless of whether these specific plans will ever have audience in the White House); the first, out now, is called “Beyond NATO.” One proposal by Spencer is to institute a 50-year freeze on net immigration. He also spoke approvingly of Ivanka Trump’s federally sponsored maternity leave proposals, and of the choice of Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general. Spencer told me later that he’s also proposing a “less is more” idea in which there is less college attendance and college is reserved for a “cognitive elite,” and a “greatness agenda” involving wildlife conservation…

Translation: State support for white babymakers, old-school racists in charge of the judiciary, college education once again reserved for white Christian men, and license for the NRA to run wild in national parks.

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Bearing Witness

bananarepThere’s some evidence that we’re facing a government headed by an outrageously unqualified shit-gibbon who will be controlled through flattery and gaslights by a cabal of bible-humping, social program-slashing, regressive tax cut-advocating Republican pols to enact a Kansas-like economic and social governing blueprint. That would be disastrous for obvious reasons.

There’s also some evidence that we’re facing a government headed by an outrageously unqualified shit-gibbon who will be controlled through flattery and gaslights to implement an authoritarian kleptocracy aligned with white nationalist movements in Europe and resembling Putin’s Russia. Even more disastrous.

Or maybe Team Shit-Gibbon will manage to exceed expectations and create a hybrid of the two — lord knows the Republicans in Congress won’t stop them, not with the prospect of adding federal levers of power to the state levers that have successfully suppressed millions of votes. Karl Rove’s dream of a permanent Republican majority could come true at last, with suppressing and smearing conducted via federal agencies ensuring that dumb-as-dirt, compliant cocksplats like Steve King and Louie Gohmert can enable Trump, his spawn and vile hangers-on to loot the Treasury in perpetuity in exchange for hereditary seats in Congress.

Regardless of which reality shakes out of the chaos of the shit-gibbon transition shit-show, it’s incumbent upon us to bear witness to things that are not normal. Joshua Foust, former security analyst and current national security fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, compiled a list of not normal things yesterday. It’s so long I’m going to put it below the fold. Read more