Friday Morning Open Thread: Thick Mick Mulvaney Knows What His President Likes

… Pre-sorted Starbursts, free money, and the wholehearted defense of even his dumbest moves.

Problem is, the guy with this kind of single-minded dedication to Lord Smallgloves’ whims is not necessarily an intellectual heavyweight.

Everyone’s free to choose the name by which they’re known, but as I have been pointing out for some time, Mick is generally not the cognomen of someone renowned for his wisdom.

Voiceover: Later, that same day…


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Late Night Open Thread: So Where’s Your Tipping Point, Repubs?

Desperate Fantasies Open Thread: Missing Hillary *SO* Much

BOTH SIDES! (Note source)


Saturday Morning Open Thread: Slowly At First, And Then Suddenly

Moral bankruptcy:

Even if this weren’t bullshite, how would Trump know about it? Look at the body language: This is the sorry little sidekick attempting to swagger with the big dogs on the playground at recess. But with global consequences…

Penny-ante autocracy-wannabes…

Open Thread: Preznit Garbage Brain Strikes Again

I just wish I could find the tweet where someone replied “Apparently Trump likes his ‘nuclear’ like he likes his wives.”