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It never stops with these people. Apparently Stasi Barbie has a new “athleisure” line of clothing.

We live in the dumbest timeline.

This Is How You Do It, Media- Bravo, HuffPo

Over the weekend, a group of degenerate scumbag, gun-humping, right-wing, Trump loving douchebags attempted to start riots in Portland. This is largely unremarkable because this happens all the fucking time in Portland, but it was notable in several regards. First, there was no violence, because the police cordoned off the group of manbaby Proud Boys and 3 Percenter dipshits. Second, a true American hero was born:

The “you’re cool” to the dog made it for me.

At any rate, the usual suspects tried to gin up antifa violence, including Quillette’s Axis Sally wannabe, Andy Ngo, but largely failed to make their case. On the other hand, this report from the HuffPo is pitch perfect:

A few hundred fascists once again invaded Portland for a much-anticipated rally Saturday, but this time were mostly deprived of the violent spectacle they crave, as a much larger group of anti-fascists made them know they weren’t welcome in this city.

The fascists belonged to far-right groups including the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and the Three Percenters. And whereas at previous Portland rallies these groups have often confronted and attacked anti-fascist protesters, this time they were barely given the chance to do so. Upon arriving at Tom McCall Waterfront Park around Saturday, they were kept separated from their foes by concrete barriers and a phalanx of police.

The fascists ambled about, singing the national anthem and chanting “USA” for a mere 30 minutes before deciding it was time to leave. An accommodating Portland Police Bureau — which has been criticized for siding with, and sometimes maintaining friendly relationships with, such far-right extremists — then escorted them to the Hawthorne Bridge, which was closed off to the rest of the city’s residents, for a happy march across the Willamette River.

It was a striking scene: the same group of out-of-town fascists that have terrorized people here for years, given free rein over a city bridge, on their way back from an unpermitted rally in a public park, after weeks of threatening to harm and kill local anti-fascists.

But the police department’s decision nevertheless may have prevented bloodshed, as it largely stopped fascists from crossing paths with their enemies. (“We did not show preferential treatment, but rather facilitated a de-escalation of potential conflict,” Police Chief Danielle Outlaw later argued.)

No mincing of words, no playing both sides, no attempts to equate antifa with these thugs, etc. Just a great job telling the truth about what happened. Notice this caption to a photograph:

Picture of proud boys being protected by police in portland

Excellent work, Christopher Mathais (@letsgomathias) and Andy Campbell (@AndyBCampbell

What Fucking Planet is the National Review On?

Jesus Tapdancing Christ:

Addressing the problem will require a number of different approaches, some broad, some narrow. President Trump, a man who is comfortable using his bully pulpit for the most frivolous of reasons, should take the time to condemn these actions repeatedly and unambiguously, in both general and specific terms. Simultaneously, the president should work with Congress to devote more resources to infiltrating, tracking, and foiling nascent plots (during the 1940s, the KKK was partly destroyed by a radio show that weaponized insider information against it), and he should instruct the federal government to initiate an information campaign against white-supremacist violence in much the same way as it has conducted crusades against drunk driving, human trafficking, and domestic violence. Just as the government must not react to these incidents by abridging the Second Amendment or the Fourth Amendment, obviously the First Amendment’s crucial protections must also remain intact. But where action is consistent with the law — there is no prohibition on monitoring hotbeds of radicalism, nor against punishing those who plan or incite violence — it must be vigorously taken.

THIS IS HIS FUCKING BASE. The guy in Texas wrote an anti-Hispanic manifesto in which he referred to them as invaders. Why does that seem so familiar?

The president of the United States — who condemned the El Paso attack on Twitter — has repeatedly referred to an “invasion” at the southern border; condemned Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and Syrian refugees as “snakes”; accused his critics of treason on at least two dozen occasions; and told four elected women of color to “go back” to the “crime infested places from which they came.” (It is worth noting that Crusius, in his alleged manifesto, claims his views “predate” and are unrelated to Trump but then goes on to attack “fake news.”)

Fer fuck’s sake, he’s done everything but call them untermensch. He proposed a ban on all Muslims entering the country. The lone black Republican is retiring. Trump spent the last week attacking a black congressman and calling his predominantly black constituents residents of a rat-infested hellhole. He’s got armed guards keeping them in cages and subhuman conditions for asking for ASYLUM. He’s leading chants at fucking rallies to tell congresswomen of color “back to where they came from” *wink wink*.

One of the very first things he did when he took office was to attempt to change the Homeland Security Department’s counter extremism group to focus only on Islamic Extremism. Your entire god damned party freaked out on Obama for WARNING YOU about this shit.


Oh, you will also be wholly unsurprised that the NRO doesn’t think we should talk about guns.

Alright. That’s Enough Respite

Here’s a slightly wonky way into a pragmatic reason why the moral catastrophe that is Republican immigration crimes is bad for America’s bottom line, and not just its moral standing.

Changing U.S. demographics can decrease the productive capacity of the economy through slowing labor force participation and population growth. Holding labor productivity constant, slowing participation and population growth lower potential gross domestic product (GDP) and the natural rate of interest. The natural rate could also be lower because of increased saving; however, Americans are saving less than they did 30 years ago. Most likely, changing U.S. demographics are reducing the U.S. natural rate of interest by decreasing potential output.

That’s from a research note out of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.  As glossed in the press release from the bank, the authors have found that,

Potential output is the amount of goods and services that an economy can produce when it fully employs its available resources.

If potential output declines, Hong and Shell said, the natural rate of interest declines with it.

“An aging population and slowing population growth limit the supply of available workers in an economy,” Hong and Shell wrote. “Therefore, holding labor productivity constant, a decrease in workers—a higher old-age dependency ratio—reduces the output generated by an economy.”

They continued: “A smaller working-age population means fewer people with a lot of disposable income to consume. These factors decrease an economy’s productive capacity and thereby lower the natural rate.”

So, the thinking goes, Americans are living longer and having fewer children … which means more retirees and fewer workers … which means lower potential output … which means a lower natural rate of interest.

That is: fewer folks being born into the existing US population means lower growth going forward.  That means that a growing gap between what the American economy could produce and what it actually can generate.  Given that the growing fraction of Americans who are older and all or mostly out of the workforce is supported by the economic activity of those younger working cohorts, that means harder times to come for those least able to make bank on their own behalf, people who in a civilized society would be able to enjoy a respite after their prime working days are done.

So what’s the connection to immigration?

Simple:  if domestic babies aren’t going to conceive and birth themselves, then the only way to push America’s labor force that can drive the US output towards its full potential is to welcome younger, ambitious and hard working folks who might want to live and work here.

You know:  immigrants.  The people on whom the Trump-led Republican adminstration is committing crimes against humanity.*

So, yeah, ICE and CBP and the concentration camps of the American Gulag are a moral catastrophe, a lasting shame for every American.

They’re also dumb, dumb, dumb just on the level of dollars and sense.

Top 0′ the Sunday to y’all.  This thread is open for bidness.

*An aside: for various reasons I’ve had to look up population figures for London in the seventeenth and early eighteenth century.  Through just about all of that period, deaths exceeded births in that hugely unhealthy city, and yet the the metropolis grew substantially.  Without digging deep into my files, here’s a quick example.  In the 1670s, about half a million lived in London. Forty years late, that number was up to 630,000.  Where did that additional 25% come from? Mostly from internal migration, the countryside pouring into the big city.  (And by big, I mean unique.  The next largest English city — Norwich! — had a population of about 25,000, if my memory is serving me) and the numbers went down fast from there.   Not sure why I bring all that up, but heck, fun facts are fun.

Image: Philip Zec, Women of Britain Come into the Factories, 1941

Looks Like You’re Just Going to Have to Get a Job You Smug Little Fascist Shitbag

Fuck this kid, fuck his friends, fuck his parents, fuck that school breeding these little monsters, and fuck his lawyers:

The $250 million lawsuit filed by Nick Sandmann against the Washington Post has been dismissed by a federal judge.

William Bertelsman, who heard oral arguments in the case earlier this month, issued the ruling on Friday.

Nick and his attorneys, Todd McMurtry and L. Lin Wood, alleged that the gist of The Washington Post’s first article conveyed that Nick had assaulted or physically intimidated Nathan Phillips, engaged in racist conduct, and engaged in taunts.

But, Bertelsman wrote, “this is not supported by the plain language in the article, which states none of these things.”

When the other cases are thrown out the little prick should be forced to stand in public with a placard that says “I don’t understand the first amendment.”