A Little Late-Night Honesty

Beto has had it with reporters.

Also, Nebraska State Senator John McCollister has had it with his silent Republican colleagues:

A majority of House Democrats now favor impeachment.

Cloudflare has left 8chan on its own, and reports are that it’s down already.

It’s so easy to soften what we say, to be polite. We’re taught to do that from childhood. But it’s time to say things clearly and simply, to take a stand.


Late Night Open Thread: Look on the Bright Side


U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeremiah Lynch issued his decision on Monday, finding Andrew Anglin owes Tanya Gersh $10 million in punitive damages along with $4,042,438 in compensatory damages.

The ruling comes after a daylong hearing Thursday in which Gersh, her husband, and her therapist testified to the emotional damage caused after Anglin called on his followers on the Daily Stormer to “storm” Gersh’s family.

Anglin accused Gersh of trying to force the mother of white nationalist Richard Spencer to sell her building in Whitefish and posted personal information on Gersh, her husband, and their son online. A barrage of threats and anti-Semitic messages followed.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, representing Gersh, filed a lawsuit in federal court against Anglin in early 2017. In a statement released by the SPLC on Monday, Gersh said justice has been served…

Anglin was not present at the July 11 hearing, nor was any attorney there to represent him. He forfeited his defense in April after repeatedly refusing a judge’s order to appear in the United States for a deposition, and his attorneys subsequently asked to withdraw from the case.

“This victory is every bit as important as it would be if Andrew Anglin had showed up for trial,” said John Morrison, a Helena attorney also representing Gersh. “It’s also not surprising to me that somebody like Andrew Anglin who commits these acts of cowardice is afraid to actually show up and defend his position.”…

Anglin’s whereabouts remain unclear. David Dinelli, the attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center, told the Missoulian in a phone interview Monday that his organization will move forward with collecting the damages recommended in Lynch’s findings.

“We are committed to doing whatever we can to collect whatever Andrew Anglin has that is subject to collection here in the United States, whether that’s cash, assets or intellectual property,” he said, declining to comment further on the potential methods for collection.

“The bigger message is that Tanya Gersh, a real estate agent in small-town Montana, was able to take on the web’s most notorious neo-Nazi and win,” he added.

“Andrew Anglin may stay out of the United States, and we hope that he does. … We’re confident and pleased that the judge’s ruling today will send a message to all those people that if they try (to do the same) they will be held accountable.”

Chief Judge for the District of Montana Dana Christensen will take Lynch’s findings into account and make the final ruling.

I can only apologize to whichever country sad little coward Anglin has self-exiled himself.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread

Don’t know if this is “correct”, but it’s interesting:

Barring a shock to the system, Democrats recapture the presidency. The leaking of the Trump campaign’s internal polling has somewhat softened the blow of this forecast, as that polling reaffirms what my model already knew: Trump’s 2016 path to the White House, which was the political equivalent of getting dealt a Royal Flush in poker, is probably not replicable in 2020 with an agitated Democratic electorate. And that is really bad news for Donald Trump because the Blue Wall of the Midwest was then, and is now, the ONLY viable path for Trump to win the White House…

Much more detail (and an interactive version of that chart) at the link. (Of course, “barring a shock to the system” is a pretty big escape clause, especially with the current smash’n’grab crew occupying the Oval Office… )

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: RESIST

Time To Do a Good Deed: Get Your Pens Out!

From NewsChannel5:

MARLOW, Ok. (WIBW) — A World War II veteran from Marlow, Oklahoma is turning 93 on April 17th and his family is trying to get cards sent to him for his birthday as a surprise.

Daughter Liz Anderson tells CBS affiliate WIBW her dad Recil Troxel loves getting any kind of mail, and is obsessed with checking the mailbox.

“He sits here in his chair looking out the window every day,” Anderson said. “When the mail is here, he’s like the mail is here, we better go get the mail.”

But, it’s not very often Troxel finds something in there for him.

While Troxel’s birthday is in April, his family wanted to start his celebration early so he can get enjoyment from one of his favorite things.

The WWII veteran is currently undergoing cancer treatment, and his family just wants to make him happy.

If you’d like to send him a card, you can mail it to:

2684 North Highway 81
Marlow, Oklahoma 73055

So let’s get those pens out, get some cards, a postage stamp or two, and make someone’s day a wee bit brighter!

Open thread.