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Schadenfreude Open Thread: But It’s His TURN!!!…

No doubt I will pay for this later. WORTH IT!

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This Is How You Do It

I applaud this woman. But I also remember that last year someone was stabbed while doing something similar, so each situation is different.

I am ashamed to say this happened in Colorado, but happily, another Coloradoan stood up and the sheriff arrested the offender.

BTW, if you’re on twitter, follow @_SJPeace_ StanceGrounded, he’s a good guy: “Also, if you don’t know a Muslim or have one as a friend, more than welcome to follow me. Trying to dispel Muslim stereotypes and End the hate. One Love”

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Ted Lieu Live Tweets Hicks Testimony

They are on a lunch break. You can follow along here when they return.

ETA: Adam says Hicks has left the building. So you’ll have to make do reading Lieu’s old tweets here.


Wednesday Morning Open Thread: The Neverending Battle

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