Urkranium-1 Open Thread: The ‘Unified Morons Theory’

(Matt Davies via GoComics.com)

There is a growing body of empirical support for Marcotte’s theory:

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Saturday Morning Open Thread: Slowly At First, And Then Suddenly

Moral bankruptcy:

Even if this weren’t bullshite, how would Trump know about it? Look at the body language: This is the sorry little sidekick attempting to swagger with the big dogs on the playground at recess. But with global consequences…

Penny-ante autocracy-wannabes…

Whistleblower Inquiry Open Thread: How Fast Can Bill Barr Tap Dance?

Not quite fast enough this time, I’m hoping! He was invaluable when it came to covering up Iran-Contra, and he did yeoman service during the Great Clenis Hunt, but he was younger then. And “we” were more naive about just how irretrievably corrupt the GOP had become…

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Friday Evening Open Thread: All Too True

Urban Dictionary attributes the original usage to Rahm Emmanuel in 2009.

The article, by “founding editor of POLITICO” John F. Harris, absolutely lives down to its original title:

It is too early to tell what will come of House Democrats’ decision to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, but not too early to conclude that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has failed to revive the concept of solemnity in American politics.

That was the obvious intent Tuesday, when she stood in front of a bank of flags, invoking the Founding Fathers and Constitutional Convention of 1787, as she announced the impeachment inquiry.

But the reaction, underway even before she started speaking, made clear that for much of the country, it was just another day in what Rahm Emanuel, when he was Barack Obama’s chief of staff, called the metropolis of “Fucknutsville.” The news may be important, it may be swerving wildly in surprising ways, but never these days is it something that commands reverent attention.

People below a certain age may not have firsthand experience with news events that did indeed command that reaction — and impeachment proceedings against a president unambiguously would have been one of them…

He blames — you will no doubt be shocked! — what he calls ‘the Lewinsky Affair.’ The beclownification of which, of course, was very much a boon for the men who would later found Politico, but then irony is dead and therefore cannot sue for libel.

Because this remains the internet:

Trump Crime Cartel Open Thread: A Single Interlocking Scandal of Infinite Chapters

These records indicate that attorneys representing Trump and Manafort respectively had at least nine conversations relating to this effort, beginning in the early days of the Trump administration, and lasting until as recently as May of this year. Through these deliberations carried on by his attorneys, Manafort exhorted the White House to press Ukrainian officials to investigate and discredit individuals, both in the US and in Ukraine, who he believed had published damning information about his political consulting work in the Ukraine. A person who participated in the joint defense agreement between President Trump and others under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, including Manafort, allowed me to review extensive handwritten notes that memorialized conversations relating to Manafort and Ukraine between Manafort’s and Trump’s legal teams, including Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani…

From 2004 to 2014, Manafort had advised President Viktor Yanukovych, who advocated that his country sever ties with the United States and other Western nations, and align itself more closely with Vladimir Putin’s Russia. After Yanukovych fled the country in disgrace in 2014, a ledger was recovered from the burned-out ruins of his Party of Regions. Its records showed that Yanukovych and his political allies had made some $12.7 million in secret cash payments to Manafort. The disclosure led directly to Manafort’s resignation in August 2016 as chairman of the Trump presidential campaign…

… Manafort and those around him took the very public efforts by Giuliani to press Ukraine to investigate Manafort’s accusers as a favorable signal that the president might still pardon him after the 2020 presidential election. Trump is famously transactional, and Manafort feared that the president might be leading him on, according to the person who was party to the joint defense agreement communications. Giuliani’s constant touting of the Ukraine issue proved “reassuring” to Manafort, albeit to “a limited degree,” according to this person…

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