First, They Ignore You

Nate Silver runs the numbers on press coverage of the Tea Party versus Occupy Wall Street and finds the Tea Party starting at the finish line. Nobody in the mainstream media gave a shit until the pepper spray incident, and then the Brooklyn Bridge protest finally got OWS some serious media attention.

It’s all Greek to me

I don’t know what this means, but I like it anyway:

Syrek is doing his dissertation on several of Shakespeare’s plays, including Coriolanus.

“You might say that Coriolanus was the first Republican, in the modern sense of the term,” says Syrek. “He is the most sublime bombast in all of literature.”

I asked him who would be Coriolanus in the political drama playing out in Zuccotti Park.

“Oh, God, what’s his name? Sean Hannity. And Menenius would be David Brooks.”

I am now labeling all Occupy Together posts with Jump! You Fuckers!