Mother, don’t you recognize your son

I was thinking of doing a post about songs that mention mothers and it got me thinking of Lady Madonna and that got me thinking of What I Got (because it’s the same tune) and that got me thinking about how I think one of the Sublime albums has the best title of all time and that got me thinking about seeing Cadillac Records and how everyone involved had a great name (you can’t beat Howlin Wolf or Muddy Waters for names and I Can’t Be Satisfied and Killing Floor aren’t bad name either)…and that gave me an idea for a post.

What’s the best title for an album ever?

For me, this is a slam dunk. Forty Ounces To Freedom.

What’s the best name for a band ever?

I know you all think I’m a dad rock kind of a guy but I’m going to get a little contemporary here and go with Hurray for the Riff Raff.

What’s the best name for a song ever?

I think when you get down to it you can’t beat some of the old blues stuff — I Can’t Be Satisfied, Dark Was The Night Cold Was The Ground, Stones In My Passway. I mean, that says it all, right? I also like Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, though.

Finally, how about songs about mothers?

I’ll go with the one in the title here. There’s one I like even better but it’s a little dark (though very upbeat!) because it begins with a hearse.

Auf Wiedersehen

Looks like this second rate blog outlived Red State:

The influential conservative website RedState fired a handful of prominent writers on Friday in a move that appeared motivated, at least in part, by purging the outlet of anti-Trump voices.

The Daily Beast confirmed that among those laid off by RedState and its parent company Townhall Media were top editors and writers Caleb Howe, Jay Caruso, Ben Howe, Patrick Frey (who writes under the pseudonym Patterico), Neil Stevens, and Susan Wright—all of whom are often critical of the president.

Fired staffers learned about their dismissal either through their email accounts being locked or via a memo from Townhall general manager and vice president Jonathan Garthwaite. “[W]e are having to make changes to RedState effective today,” the memo read. “Unfortunately, we have reached the conclusion that we can no longer support the entire current roster of writers.”

RedState was founded in 2004, and soon after conservative pundit Erick Erickson was hired as its editor in chief. The site quickly grew into an influential blog among both Republican lawmakers and conservative activists. But the shedding of staffers on Friday marks a new chapter in its history and for some of those let go, it is a reflection of the drift that the conservative movement has taken during the Trump era.

It’ll just pivot into a more pro-Trump website and continue to serve as an important cog in the wingnut puke funnel. Basically, the owners wanted it to be more like the puddle of choad that is Ben Domenech’s Federalist.


The big thing in American politics is a generational divide where older Americans vote like racist, xenophobic idiots and kids vote like socialists. How did it happen? Well, old people have always been stupid. Trust me, when I was seventeen I was a sharp as a tack and now, well, you read my posts. And I’m not even a fully fledged old yet. I don’t care how much hot teen blood Peter Thiel drinks, he’s going to struggle with the daily jumble when he’s a 120. But olds weren’t always this right-wing and the kids weren’t always commies.

I was reading once that the CIA had a theory about blowback, that they knew there was a pattern where they whacked countries with propaganda/coups/right-wing strongmen and ended up with strong socialist movements (or Islamic fundamentalist movements in the case of Iran) coming to dominate the country.

Do you think that’s what happened, or is happening, here? That the American right, with an assist from corporations, an Aussie media mogul and Russia, has whacked us with an endless stream of propaganda (that works brilliantly on the old) and two near-coups (2000 election and 2016 election), and that the end result is a sort of Sandinista generation?

We never got if off on that revolution stuff

It’s been kind of a brutal week politically. There’s something to remember though: things will change politically when the baby boomers die off and millennials become the dominant political block in our country.

I don’t know that well how baby boomers think, but I do understand how my generation, Gen X, does, to some extent. And I think millennials see the world very differently than my generation does. It’s fair to say that I, and many of you, grew up in a world where Broderism, and worse yet Reaganism, was pushed on us by the media in a way that is not that different from what goes on in North Korea. I try very hard not to be both sides person, but the truth is…it’s hard not to have it in the back of your mind sometimes. It was pushed into our heads for so long. And also too, my generation always felt (correctly) that the world is a shitty place that we’d never be able to change. In a lot of ways, we are, to quote the boomers’ biggest obsession, like a dog that’s been beaten too much.

And a huge proportion of people over 60 have been completely brainwashed by Murdoch media.

A lot has been made about the how the kids at Parkland have reacted eloquently and angrily to the school shooting. They think it’s outrageous that we don’t have gun control but they don’t think gun control is a lost cause, and it’s not in their lifetimes. (It will be quite a while.)

I truly believe that the current political situation is just a phase. It’s a damaging one, unfortunately, but it will end. The group of people my age and older are a lost cause, but the next generation, whatever problems it may have, lacks the political pathologies that have taken our government into a ditch.

Someday Everything is Gonna Be Smooth Like a Rhapsody

I’ll bet you’re a little bit like me. As you draw nearer your last trip around the sun, your coma glows brighter and a tail of brilliant ideas strings out behind you in the firmament–ideas which you have neither the time nor the resources to implement. It’s a cruel universe for geniuses like you and me, no? Ah, well!

 When I used to commute and spend more time stuck in my car listening to terrestrial radio, I came with up with an idea for a radio show that I would host with the other guitarist in my band. We would call it “A Supposed Masterpiece I Cannot Understand” and basically play music which everyone says is great, but that we just don’t get. I don’t know if my list would be long enough to keep the program interesting for very long, but I know what I would play first: Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk. Greil Marcus and Robert Christgau rave about it, Camper Van Beethoven did a whole song-by-song cover album of it. Everybody maintains that it’s this deep, angry album about the fracturing relationships in the band. For me, it’s just a slightly spikier, claustrophobic and less Ocean Way Studio smooth and gently rocking adult contemporary soft rock that I used to abhor but now (God help me!) I kind of like just a little bit. But with fewer genuinely good songs. My friend’s choice, as he recalls it, would have been Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run. While he didn’t deny the greatness of the individual songs, he wasn’t convinced the album as a whole hangs together. Peronally, I think it probably is a great album, but I have never been able to muster much affection for The Boss. There is a whiff of showbiz about him that makes his earnestness feel like a contrivance.

Don’t mistake me; this radio program would not be an opportunity to disparage and heap scorn upon the contemptible music we loathe. That’s a valuable service too, but this is a different category. I like to like things. And I’m always looking for more things to enjoy in life. That’s why I’ve given Tusk the ol’ college try every few years since the mid ’90s. I can hear there is something there. I don’t hate it. But whatever it has is just not getting through. What would you contribute to this show?

What is getting through, after that pickup in MO on Tuesday, is that a D wave is coming and I want to be on it. So, here is the fund that’s split between all eventual Democratic nominees in House districts currently held by Republicans.

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