Chill Grey Pre-Dawn Open Thread: Phallic Symbolism

That’s a version of the 100-round drum magazine that enabled the Dayton shooter to kill and injure so many people in under a minute. Think of it as a stylized totem to a particularly bloodthirsty god…

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An ABC of Election Theft…

This is amazing…a font created entirely out of gerrymandered districts:


Go here for a proper, high resolution image of the font, and the chance, if you’re so minded, to download it for free.

Here, by the way, is my first composition in this latest gem in the long history of typography:

It’s all a hoot — but it hurts too much to laugh.

(Note: this was up for ~15 seconds last night, but I pulled to avoid triggering my werebigfoot side.)

Open thread, jackals!

Cold Grey Pre-Dawn Open Thread: ForPol Thoughts That Keep Us From Our Rest

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Reports that ICE is out and about

Just a warning to those concerned, pass it on. This is a surprise since the press was fed Sunday as day 1. Could just be some gung-ho agents getting ahead of things, who knows.

Open thread.

Early Morning Sundae Sermons Open Thread

This is true! Spare a single tiny tear for the professional Panglossians, paid by Our Betters to remind all ‘sensible’ readers that well-groomed center-right white men with the correct credentials are obviously the best people to lead us, that’s just science. The Oval Office Occupant has been almost as much a disaster for their quiet careers as he is for the rest of the world… a sloppy, shambling, semi-literate professional faker who continually demonstrates not only his own unfitness, but the general shoddiness of the Panglossians. One tear, maybe a swift kick, and move on without them.

When you’re a privileged white dude, not getting first chair (and right of refusal) feels like a demotion…

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