Open Thread

Let’s discuss Scott Beauchamp, who was widely regarded as not existing, but who now exists- much to the chagrin of the lunatic fringe of the right wing blogosphere.

I guess we know why he didn’t put his real name on it- it is FRENCH sounding! Of course he wants us to lose! The VICHY have infilitrated the ARMY!

The real question- is Scott Beauchamp actually Jamil Hussein?

*** Update ***

The twin assholes chime in:

Once again, as I’ve said all along, you can’t “support the troops” while publishing agitprop that suggests the troops are a bunch of sociopaths. The Nation went after the troops a couple of weeks ago; the “Thomas Diarists” were The New Republic’s tepid entry into the field. As regards the accuracy of Beauchamp’s charges, I’m sure we’ll be hearing from his superiors before the sun sets in Iraq. Not everyone runs an investigation at the same leisurely pace as Franklin Foer.

TNR has found this war’s John Kerry wannabe. Time will tell whether his motives are as pure and his accuracy as reliable as his illustrious predecessor.

Dean Barnett, supporting the troops. Still no word (that I am aware of- I can’t read them ALL the time- no one should be forced to) from Dean and Hugh why a 3.5% increase in salary for the troops is outrageous.

*** Update #2 ***

First they claimed Beauchamp’s unit never discovered a mass grave. They were wrong.

Then they claimed he was not really soldier. They were wrong.

Now we are arguing whether or not a Bradley can run over a dog. Any guesses as to how this is going to turn out?

They really should listen to Yglesias’s advice:

That’s just crazy. All these people need to stop. They need to take a deep breath. They need to apologize to the people at TNR who’ve wasted huge amounts of time dealing with their nonsense. And they need to think a bit about the epistemic situation they’re creating where information about Iraq that they don’t want to hear — even when published in a pro-war publication — can just be immediately dismissed as fraudulent even though the misconduct it described was far, far less severe than all sorts of other well-document misconduct in Iraq.

What is great is that we both know they won’t- instead, they will attempt to ruin this soldier’s life. Hell, I expect the calls for a court martial to begin soon.

*** Update #3***

From the comments, proof you can not run over a dog with a Bradley:

Case closed. Beauchamp is a liar.

*** Update #4 ***

Scale models used to disprove Beauchamp. Hilarity ensues.

Great Moments In Political Hackery

This is exceptional:

Buying Time…

…but not much. Rasmussen’s latest survey suggests that the administration has convinced most Americans that we should wait until General Petraeus reports in September before deciding on any change of course in Iraq: 51% hold that view, compared to 38% who disagree.

That’s good, I guess. The problem is that September is right around the corner. How realistic is it to expect conditions in Iraq to change enough in the next eight or nine weeks to convince Americans, most of whom are now pessimistic, that a corner has been turned? If the Democrats were smart, they would have joined with the administration in identifying September as the key date, rather than trying to undermine the surge from the opening gun. In September, it won’t be hard for them to argue that any improvements are modest and the surge, having been given a fair chance, should be terminated.

You see- things are going badly because the DEMOCRATS ARE UNDERMINING our efforts. Just last week, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were spotted placing IED’s near Baghdad.

You will have to forgive Hinderaker for this one. First, he is an idiot and can not control himself. Second, let’s face it- with Bush guttered out at 26%, any time they see a poll number over 50% they are going to get a little full of themselves.

How To Argue Like a Hack

Dean Barnett demonstrates:

Ron Paul – Do you know that this Robert Taft-idolizing crackpot is Andrew Sullivan’s latest heartthrob? Andrew’s bitterly disappointed that Republicans aren’t giving Paul a chance. I’m convinced that if Andrew familiarized himself with Paul’s background, his disappointment would be mitigated. On the bright side, Wendell Goler asked Paul for three programs he would cut. Talk about serving a heaping helping of red meat to a libertarian. (For what it’s worth, Paul is actually right about the Department of Homeland Security; that monstrosity is a living breathing emblem of all that’s wrong with our government.) The good news is that Paul was such an embarrassment tonight, he may not be invited to the next debate. As Captain Picard might say, make it so.

Why not just call Sullivan a fag, you hack? You and Hugh deserve each other.

*** Update ***

New category. I am tired of sorting out partisan stupidity. Let’s just start calling them what they are, regardless of political affiliation.

*** Update ***

What is it about Ron Paul that has Dean Barnett and Hugh Hewitt scared to death?