Late Night Open Thread: New Winner in the All-time ‘Worst 9/11 Take EVAR’ Sweeps

And I, for one, sincerely hope this remains the worst take!

Election 2020 Open Thread: The Force of Positivity

Suddenly, the Very Serious People have… CONCERNS!

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Open Thread: “Doing Nothing Is No Longer Acceptable”

Damn fine ad, IMO…

Good for Mr. O’Rourke. He may have decided that going full “gun-grabber” is the best position for him at this time — if it isn’t what the horse-race touts like to call a ‘deal changer’ for his own campaign, at least it keeps the topic front & center in the media.

(Let the frothing proponents of the LAWNORDER!!! party defend ‘… but only if it’s laws I happen to agree with’ in public, during a high-profile election season.)

Election 2020 Open Thread: New Hampshire’s ‘Cattle Call’ Weekend

Or, as I think of it, that proud folkloric tradition, the Running of the Journos…

With 19 presidential candidates speaking during the proceedings — which did not include the usual rule setting by delegates, which was suspended until another quorum — a few contenders’ names came up more frequently than others.

The top three candidates for Keene Democratic organizer JoAnn Fenton, for example, overlapped with the preferences of other local attendees who have yet to endorse: U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris.

Booker and Warren, in particular, were favorites among the Monadnock Region die-hards in attendance, with organizers like Fenton citing their strong ground game and close attention paid to local Democrats.

Fenton, who said she is not ready to endorse anyone yet, quipped that she faces a new conundrum, given the size of the field.

“I have never had this problem before,” Fenton chuckled. “I have always known who I was voting for, and it’s such a dilemma because they’re all so good.”…

Jennifer Rubin, in the Washington Post: “In New Hampshire, Trump drives turnout — for Democrats”

MANCHESTER, N.H. — If, as billed, New Hampshire’s Democratic state convention had its largest turnout ever this year, then the party surely has President Trump to thank. Kicking off the proceeding on Saturday morning, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez quoted Trump’s galling assertion that “you have no choice but to vote for me.” He brought the crowd to its feet when he retorted, “We’ve got no choice but to get his ass out of the White House!” It was that kind of day.

A close second in the villain department was Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), whose name evoked boos whenever mentioned, as if he were the crowd’s Haman, the villain who is ritually denounced at Jewish Purim celebrations. “Moscow Mitch” chanting broke out in the midst of Rep. Chris Pappas’s (D-N.H.) speech, to Pappas’s delight. “You know he hates that,” he said with a grin.

Outside, throngs of supporters filled the sidewalk and the plaza in front of the Southern New Hampshire University Arena, waving signs, chanting for their candidate and donning their campaign’s T-shirt. Supporters of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) outnumbered other camps — by a lot.

As enthusiastic as some Democrats are for their particular candidate, the message inside was “unity.” Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), who faces a tough reelection campaign, drew a sustained ovation when she exhorted the crowd to support whoever the nominee might be. That theme was repeated throughout the day. Whether that spirit survives next week’s debate is an open question…

(Worth reading the whole thing; she writes approvingly about Booker, Buttigieg, Harris, and Klobuchar.. )

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Monday Morning Open Thread: Gonna Be Another Long Week

Overlooked (among the chaos) story of the weekend:


(Could be worse, after all — we could be forced, by some unfortunate confluence of malign forces, to be working for the GOP… )