Late Night Russiagate Open Thread: Lawyers, Lawyers Everywhere

This poor, degraded, copycat generation… How long before we get to H.R. Haldeman’s “modified limited hang-out option?

Thursday Evening Open Thread: New Repub Protective Euphemism!

Republican Rep. David Schweikert said in a radio interview Thursday that President Donald Trump might lack the language discipline to avoid giving the appearance of interfering in an investigation.

Schweikert said Trump may not have learned the discipline because he’s not from the “political class.” Schweikert made the comments on NPR’s “Morning Edition” during a discussion about possible obstruction of justice by Trump in the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s influence in the 2016 election…

So, Trump isn’t very adept at lying, which is the natural ‘language discipline’ of the GOP… just as a newly-weaned puppy lacks the bladder discipline not to piddle on the rug.

And the way GOP standards for their Dear Leader keep sinking, “didn’t piddle on the rug in the Oval Office” is gonna be next month’s behavioral gold star, isn’t it?

Apart from [facepalm]-ing, what’s on the agenda for the evening?


Here’s something 98 out of 100 U.S. Senators agree on: Donald Trump shouldn’t be able to unilaterally lift sanctions on Russia. Via Bloomberg:

The U.S. Senate voted to increase sanctions on Russia, and give Congress the power to review any attempt by President Donald Trump to unilaterally lift them, a rebuke of the president’s suggestions that the U.S. improve relations with the country.

It’s almost like they don’t trust him not to be weirdly solicitous of Putin or something…

Open Thread: Rising Democratic Star

I don’t want to make this post any longer, but y’all should definitely go read the Jezebel and Chait links, because they are mood-enhancing.

Open Sessions Session Recap Thread: “… ‘Zectif PRIVIJJ!…”

Julia Ioffe — a Russian immigrant who has some experience in such areas — thinks that Sessions may be most fearful that, during his mid-2016 stint as Trump’s “political affairs expert”, he may have gone beyond skirting-the-ethical-line to outright-violation-of-Congressional-regulation when he opened his offices and his arms to every international dignitary willing to be seen in Trump’s company. While the two men are undoubtedly soulmates, right now Sessions needs Trump a lot more than Trump needs Sessions, if Jefferson Beauregard III is to keep his cushy job abusing the rights of uppity women, people of color who don’t know their place, young free-speech drug-defending absolutists, and all the other felons unjailed during That Black Man in the White House’s tenure. Should his Repub fellows get too agitated about Sessions’ flagrant rule-breaking, of course Trump will have no qualms whatsofekkingever throwing the Malevolent Leprechaun to the media wolves…