Friday Morning Open Thread: Everybody’s Talkin’ Bout It…

(Marshall Ramsey via

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Thursday Morning Open Thread: Mueller Drops the Mic

(The Washington Post: 40 House Democrats want to open an impeachment inquiry into Trump”. Plus Republican, for now, Justin Amash.)

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Dangerous Moron Open Thread: Brad Parscale Has Been Fed A New ‘Idea’

Like the old crack about a guy who thinks he’s a genius because he was standing outside with a bucket when it started raining soup, Brad ‘GRU Conduit’ Parscale thinks Trump’s promotion to the Oval Office makes Brad a political trendsetter. Trump is gonna give up his YOOOOGH instant-gratification Twitter platform about the same time my rescue bitch stops trying to get at the cat’s food — if that were ever to happen, I’d know if for a brink-of-death indicator. But, hey, here’s hoping the publicity puts this Parler platform under all the bright regulatory lights…

Donald Trump’s beef with social-media giants is well-documented—just last month, he brought Twitter C.E.O. Jack Dorsey to the White House to whine about the dip in his following that’s supposedly due to anti-conservative bias. Yet despite his gripes, and the gripes of his far-right allies over the de-platforming of people like Alex Jones, Twitter has remained the president’s megaphone of choice. That’s in part because no platform rivals the reach of Twitter, where Trump can broadcast his every thought to millions of people in seconds. But a new report suggests the president’s aides are pushing him to lend his online clout to a Twitter competitor, raising the specter of a social-media ecosystem that’s even more deeply polarized.
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Russiagate Open Thread: Speaking of Reagan Administration Malfeasance, Here’s A Fawn Hall for the New Generation

If you want a ‘responsible’ newspaper to gin up false sympathy for a treason-adjacent GOP minion, the NYTimes is your outlet. And if you want a reporter who’ll do a dishonest job with real dedication, Maggie Habermann is your willing gull:

Like few others in the White House, Ms. Hicks was witness to some of the president’s angriest moments and most pointed directives about the investigations into the Trump campaign and its contacts with Russians in 2016. Her dilemma now is how to respond to House Democrats, who have grown frustrated and increasingly aggressive in the face of a sweeping decision by the Trump administration, and the Trump Organization, to oppose such subpoenas.

Ms. Hicks was instructed by the House Judiciary Committee to turn over documents by June 4 and to appear in person on June 19. She and another former West Wing aide, Annie Donaldson, who was the chief of staff to Donald F. McGahn II, the White House counsel at the time, were subpoenaed to testify…

A White House spokesman did not respond to an email seeking comment about whether they will instruct Ms. Hicks to follow Mr. McGahn’s lead, or what legal grounds they might invoke to do so. But for Ms. Hicks, the options are fraught.

Witnesses have generally followed the White House lead, in part because of institutional concerns about areas that could be viewed as covered by executive privilege. But if Ms. Hicks does not cooperate, she would potentially be in legal jeopardy with the House.

The likeliest possibility would be a compromise, where she would submit to an interview as long as certain topics are off limits. More recently, Mr. Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., reached a deal with the Senate Intelligence Committee to come in for a limited interview, after he balked at a subpoena…

Always there with a helpful suggestion, our Ms. Haberman!

(Side note: The Washington Post — which is interested in the business of politics, not the politics of our oligarchical ‘betters’ — chose to focus on note-taker Annie Donaldson, not ego-fluffer Hope Hicks. And they got there almost a month ago, because honest reporting takes less time than beat-sweetening.)

Fisking by Emptywheel, who’s an expert at this:

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Repub Senility Open Thread: Lindsey Graham Wants It to Be 1983 Again

And he’s not afraid to sacrifice other Americans’ lives in order to live out his days-of-political-glory fantasy:

According to Wikipedia, Graham is just a few months older than I am. So he didn’t actually have to avoid going to Vietnam, but he damn sure remembers what happened as that ‘intervention, for democracy’ wrapped up. But then, as long as you were a GOP politician, Grenada was just a splendid little military exercise!

The Guardian, on Saturday — “Pence hints at possible military intervention in Venezuela”:

Vice-President Mike Pence has told the most diverse graduating class in the history of the US Military Academy the world is “a dangerous place” and they should expect to see combat.

“Some of you will join the fight against radical Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq,” he said.

He also said: “Some of you may even be called upon to serve in this hemisphere.”…

Unlike ‘Mike Dense’, Lindsey Graham is not a certified idiot. But it seems he’s been huffing Trump’s farts so intensely, he’s beginning to hallucinate, per McClatchy:

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed posted online Wednesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who leads the Senate Judiciary Committee, favorably compared potential military action in Venezuela to the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983, an operation that lasted about a week and led to the overthrow of the Caribbean nation’s military-run government.

“I think the military option has to be real, I think the ultimate solution is getting Cuba out,” Graham said in an interview with McClatchy. “If Cuba goes, Maduro goes and we have a history of standing up to Cuban intervention in the past and this is a defining moment for the Trump presidency in terms of how they deal with Cuba.”…

When asked about the scale of military force needed in Venezuela, Graham did not offer specifics but said the goal is “to restore order.”

“We’re not occupying Venezuela, but if Maduro refuses to go and the Cubans keep using their military apparatus to prop him up, it is in our national serucity interest to do in Venezuela what Reagan did in Grenada,” Graham said.

President Ronald Reagan sent about 6,000 troops to Grenada, an island nation about double the size of Washington, D.C., with a population of about 100,000 people. The weeklong operation in Grenada resulted in the deaths of 20 U.S. troops…

Also Lindsey Graham, earlier this morning:

Yeah, it’s not just Graham’s skin that’s as transparent as window glass…