GOP Stupidity Open Thread: Devin Nunes Is… Seriously Misled About the Internet

*Somebody* on his pricey legal team should’ve explained the Streisand Effect… or at least a little more about how American libel law works. Because Rep. Nunes just stepped up on a global platform wearing a giant MOCK ME t-shirt…

If you’re a connoisseur of snark, it’s worth clicking on any of the his tweets to read Gabriel Malor’s whole thread:

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Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Scaring the GOP… White

I’m not gonna argue with the woman — she’ll do what she feels is best. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if she stuck with the earlier plan…

Outside of a White House bid, Abrams’ name has been floated as a potential challenger to Georgia GOP Sen. David Perdue, a Trump-ally up for re-election next year. CNN reported in January that Abrams had met with top Democrats about a Senate run.

On a different topic, wise words from Marcy Wheeler:

Monday Morning Open Thread: Prepared for the Battle on All Fronts



Clown Car Open Thread: Speaking of People Who Should STFU…

Comey’s supposed to be a smart man; why can’t he accept his good fortune that he’s not be pelted with rotten fruit by his abused fellow citizens and just go away already?

Cohen Testimony Open Thread: Breakout ‘Stars’

I’m putting together a tweet-narrative on some of the GOP sideshow artistes who particularly beclowned themselves today, but first, strong supporting character noms for two of today’s partipants.

Steve Lynch (D-Southie) has not always endeared himself to the rest of us Masshole Dems, but he deserves credit for this:

Who is Jody Hice?

On the opposite end of the vertebrate spectrum, do *not* overlook Clay Higgins:

Moron, or miscreant? Why not both?