Wrapping Up the Weekend Open Thread

Late Night Gentrification Open Thread: The Arrogance of Privilege

Even thirty years ago, when I worked on the campus of a Midwestern sports-powerhouse state university, the ongoing joke was that the administration counted on the revenue from parking enforcement almost as much as from stadium tickets!

Fellow DC gentrifiers add, Hold my beer baby –

Since I am an old, I found the replies to that tweet entertaining…

Open Thread: Another ‘Honor’ for Professor Krugman!

“Tongue so firmly in cheek as to protrude from the vulgar bodily orifice” (R.A. Lafferty)

Friday Night Open Thread: Dystopias, All the Way Down

We’re a kakistocracy now:

Cold Grey Pre-Dawn Assange Open Thread: Communicable, Like Measles

If you click on the linked story, it’s being updated regularly…