RIP Loki

Some sad news this morning, as my sister Anne’s dog Loki passed away. If you remember, her other dog Kuma died several months ago, so she has been hit very hard recently in the dog loss category:

Cancer sucks.

Barbara Bush: 1925-2018

I read yesterday that Mrs. Bush refused all medical intervention except bourbon. There’s bravery in that. She was a formidable old lady. That’s all I’ve got to say. Open thread!

RIP Kuma

My sister’s dog, Kuma, had to be put down the other day after a rather aggressive cancer. She’s just devastated, and I thought I would share some pictures. I only met him a few times (she lives in Connecticut), but he was a sweet boy although he hogged the god damned couch and drooled like no one’s business.

I asked Annie for some action pics, but the simple fact is there are none- he lived to sleep. AND I AM NOT JUDGING.

Every time my mother visited Annie, when she came home her back hurt for several days because Kuma insisted on sleeping with her. Big galoot. RIP, Kuma.

Stephen Hawking, RIP

Dead at 76.

Night Owls Open Thread

Okay, it’s not an owl, it’s an oriole. It was sketched by extremely talented lurker Triplet, who used one of the oriole photos I posted this weekend to draw it. Beautiful job, Triplet!

I was on a rare weeknight out with a friend this evening, eating Thai food and drinking sake. So I missed the news. Looks like Conor Lamb won narrowly, which is fantastic!

On a more somber note, physicist Stephen Hawking has died, and on Pi Day, no less. What a remarkable man he was, and what an amazing life he led. Rest in peace.

As I’ve mentioned in comments, we cut the cable cord a while back. I got Sling TV, so I have CNN but no MSNBC.

That sucks on a night like this, where I’d like to watch election coverage without being subjected to obnoxious wingnuts. I know MSNBC gives a platform to some idiots, but it really is worse on CNN.

Anyhoo, open thread!