Open Thread: Gradually, and Then Suddenly

Like Hemingway’s bankrupt, the Squatter-in-Chief is losing even Fox News:

Which makes the still-to-be-rleased Mueller Report that much more dangerous…

Et tu, Check?

Cold Grey Pre-Dawn Open Thread: Vulgar Speculation

Barr solicited his position as Trump’s latest coverup guy — he could hardly wait to upgrade his obituary from “GOP loyalist who leaked salacious details of the Lewinsky record”. So he’s probably achieved a status bump, which I hope he’ll be very happy to remember…

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Your Early-Morning Saturday Mueller Report Speculation Open Thread

I’ll put a no-politics Early Morning Open Thread up right after this — let’s see which one gets more comments!

{FacePalm} Open Thread: “Show Me What Decompensation Looks Like, Alexa”

Speculation Open Thread: Does Trump Think Something BAD Is Coming At Him?

Or is he just appeasing his Deplorables?

There is probably no better way to demonstrate one’s manly strength and control than firing off a tweet in capital letters. So it is that, when a dozen GOP senators defied President Trump’s orders and voted to terminate his declaration of a national emergency, his powerful Twitter thumbs sprang into action: “VETO!”

The thrilling message to his supporters: Trump’s got this. He’s totally in command of the situation.

But we are now learning new details about just how personally involved Trump was in trying to prevent defections among GOP senators. It turns out Trump aggressively sought to make this vote all about himself — frequently warning that he would unleash the cult-like wrath of his voters if the Senate didn’t do his bidding — and raged as that effort failed.

What makes this so odd is that even though the Senate and House have now voted to terminate Trump’s national emergency, he actually can veto the measure, and his emergency will proceed. So why the histrionics? One possible answer is that, for Trump, even this interim loss represented an unacceptable display of weakness — with ominous portents for the future…
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