Cold Grey Pre-Dawn Open Thread: Vulgar Speculation

Barr solicited his position as Trump’s latest coverup guy — he could hardly wait to upgrade his obituary from “GOP loyalist who leaked salacious details of the Lewinsky record”. So he’s probably achieved a status bump, which I hope he’ll be very happy to remember…

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Puerto Rico: So Close to the Mainland, So Far From the GOP

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Trump Grift Open Thread: Everyone’s ‘Undercover’ At Mar-A-Largo

(Drew Sheneman via

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Cold Grey Pre-Dawn Open Thread: He’s Decompensating, and None of His GOP Fellows Cares

If you weren’t paying attention during Reagan’s second term, take my word: The old man was visibly falling to pieces, week by week. But unlike the current Oval Office Occupant, Ronnie at least had a wife who cared enough to fight for him, and a moderately competent bunch of advisors alert to the possibility that they themselves might be held accountable some day.

Today’s Repubs haven’t got even that rudimentary sense of self preservation — they’re just grabbing everything they can steal before the whole rotten Potemkin village falls apart.

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The Smell Down There

Consistently over the past few decades, the North Carolina Republicans have been one of the slimier, scummier groups of people out there. I don’t know if it is because the state is turning bluer, so what is left of the GOP is more bottom of the barrel than before, but their antics have been covered in depth regarding their blatant racist gerrymandering, their attempts to neuter the Democratic governor, the current election scandal, or my personal favorite, the overt racist voter suppression:

So it is with a mixture of glee and the attitude of “hoocoodanode” that I read this:

Republican Rep. Mark Walker has been caught up in a federal corruption probe that has rocked the North Carolina Republican Party and led to the indictment of former congressman Robin Hayes (R-N.C.).

A Walker-controlled political committee received $150,000 from a business owner, Greg Lindberg, at the same time Lindberg allegedly asked him to pressure North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey to replace his deputy, according to an unsealed indictment released Tuesday.

Walker, a member of GOP leadership, is not named in the indictment. However, POLITICO has identified him as “Public Official A” using the indictment and FEC records.

Text and emails released by the Justice Department said Walker was part of Lindberg’s scheme to pressure Causey over the personnel move.

Throw them all in jail.