Monday Afternoon Open Thread: Funny, Not Funny

Monday Morning Open Thread: Schadenfreude Special

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So this weekend we all got to “enjoy” a humongous display of spoilt white elitists embarrassing themselves in public… and also the Oscars. The Republican “Establishment,” such as it remains, has been gripped by the deadly horror of its unleashed Id made visible, and of course it turns out that it’s everybody’s fault but the Republicans’!

From the Washington Post, company paper of the town whose monopoly industry is national politics:

The implosion over Donald Trump’s candidacy that Republicans had hoped to avoid arrived so virulently this weekend that many party leaders vowed never to back the billionaire and openly questioned whether the GOP could come together this election year.

At a moment when Republicans had hoped to begin taking on Hillary Clinton — who is seemingly on her way to wrapping up the Democratic nomination — the GOP has instead become consumed by a crisis over its identity and core values that is almost certain to last through the July party convention, if not the rest of the year.

A campaign full of racial overtones and petty, R-rated put-downs grew even uglier Sunday after Trump declined repeatedly in a CNN interview to repudiate the endorsement of him by David Duke, a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Trump had disavowed Duke at a news conference on Friday, but he stammered when asked about Duke on Sunday…

Roger Stone, a Republican consultant and longtime Trump associate who does not work for the campaign, said Sunday that he has been reaching out to fellow alumni of Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign about volunteering on Trump’s behalf at the convention.

“We’re looking at pulling together people with deep knowledge and experience at Republican conventions going back to Barry Goldwater in ’64 or Reagan in ’76,” Stone said of his efforts, which have been taking place by telephone. “If they try to change the rules to steal it from Trump, he’ll need friends who understand the rules.”…

Anybody who believes that Roger Stone, a foundational CREEPster with a Nixon tattoo on his back, stopped working with Trump after that embarrassing incident last August is too naive to be allowed to walk to the corner store with a ten-dollar bill. Neither Barry Goldwater in 1964 nor Ronald Reagan in 1976 ended up as the GOP candidates in the general election, but the ugly chaos they created at their respective conventions did guarantee that “their” party would lose to the Democrats… and, more importantly in the long run, that their separate authoritarian philosophies would permanently warp the Republican Party, to the detriment of our long-suffering nation over the past fifty years. Trump — via Stone — is setting himself up as the Next Great GOP Iconoclast. Whether he’s got the ability or the attention span to pull it off is an open question. But perhaps the pundits who wonder if Cleveland 2016 will end up as the historical counterpart to the Democratic disaster in Chicago 1968 are not merely fantasizing a return to past excitement…
Apart from watching the clown show turn gladiatorial, what’s on the agenda for the start of the week?

Open Thread: Interesting Times

Springtime for Donald! If this were a movie script, it’d be rejected as “too blatant — just clownishly over the top.”

Open Thread – RNC Wonders: Is It Over Once the Fat Man Sings?

Look, it is known that Governor Christie likes the finer things in life. Now that he’s endorsed Mr. Trump, he can once again fly first class and stay in the yooogest, most luxurious hotels, with as much fine dining in world-class restaurants as the lap band permits. Not to mention another chance to blow his own horn at the nominating convention, this time in Cleveland — he can make a pilgrimage to The Boss’s exhibit at the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, and he won’t even have to write up an expense account afterwards!

Mr. Charles P. Pierce, at Esquire:

… Christie and He, Trump have been running buddies for a while. They share similar temperaments and speaking styles. They both dislike Ted Cruz, which gives the two of them something in common with the rest of humanity. Christie kamikaze’d himself into Marco Rubio in New Hampshire, a move that benefitted He, Trump more than anyone else. And now, on the day after a debate in which the elite pundit class thought Rubio dinged Trump up worse than he’d been dinged all year, here comes Big Chicken to the rescue as the entire world echoes with the sound of thousands to TV cameras being swiveled back to the entertaining burlesque attraction of a vulgar talking yam…

Jim Newell, at Slate, “Chris Christie Is Marco Rubio’s Kryptonite”:

… We can consider all sorts of reasons for why Chris Christie endorsed Trump on Friday, one day after a Republican debate in which Rubio seemed to knock the billionaire back on his heels: promise of a job in the Trump administration, sidling up to the near-inevitable winner, stylistic similarities or a Tri-State penchant for brawling. Really anything could have motivated him, except for Christie’s stated reason that he believes Donald Trump would make an excellent president.

What seems most likely, on the guttural level that spurs an establishment governor to make a decision to support a figure like Donald Trump for president, is that he despises Marco Rubio and enjoys thrashing him. If he can’t do it through his own campaign anymore, he’ll do it through someone else’s…

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Open Thread: GOP Realizes Its Stalker Is Calling From Inside the House

Hard for us cynical sane people to credit, but it would seem like the Establishment GOP really didn’t understand, until after South Carolina, that the Trump-Monster emerging from fifty years of Repub propaganda about undeserving moochers, atheists, and subhumans was not going away because they ignored / mocked / threatened him. They had a lovely big-budget musical planned… Springtime for Patricians, featuring a third-generation celebrity, a tiny ethnic sidekick, a creepy rival to better highlight the lead, and a backup cast of goofy stereotypes for the audience to mock. Then this yammering BRUTE appeared out of nowhere, tearing up the pretty sets, pissing on the terrified prop crew, tearing some of the cast members limb from limb. Trump is their history made visible, a nightmare from which they are fruitlessly attempting to awaken…

From the Guardian liveblog, last night:

Who is doing best so far? Jeb Lund thinks Marco Rubio is putting on a good performance – but should stop laughing at his own jokes:

Marco Rubio is doing very well. He hit Trump smartly on apt points, and he even had a good punchline. Cruz isn’t doing as well as Rubio, which should probably be alarming for Cruz supporters, because he’s the one who should be tap-dancing around everyone on stage. Kasich seems pleased to talk when people remember him and just as pleased to watch when no one does. Ben Carson was let out by the roadside to run free through a meadow as mom and dad peeled off in the car…


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