Friday Morning Open Thread: Defending the Norwegians

Not that they need my help — Norwegians are a hardy folk, just ask my mother-in-law, whose family emigrated here from Trondheim when she was young — but the Norwegian sense of humor can be so dry as to entirely elude those of us from more outwardly expressive clans…

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Open Thread: Remember When the Media Villagers Were Embarrassed That Ken Starr Forced Them to Say “Blowjob” On-Air?


Bad enough having to spell out sh*thole for their viewers… but if they should actually be required to say the R-word out loud, and in reference to such a very fine person as their President*!…

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Open Thread: Running His Mouth, Over A Cliff

Who’s up for a GoFundMe page?…


But, to be serious: Dana Houle, former & future campaign professional, has been pointing out for some time that Trump is not the one tapping out at least some of “his” tweets — certainly not the ones that use proper capitalization and sentence structure:

Sure, Lord Smallgloves no doubt could be brought to agree with whatever the current ‘John Barron’ or ‘Meredith McGiver’ are sending out under his name, but getting his scripters’ names on the public record would, IMO, be an important step towards ending the pretense that the ugly, racist, conspiratorial blasts are just ‘he’s senile so impulsive, he’s not used to politics’ rather than ‘This is your modern Republican party, folks’!

Republicans Then and Now

Jess Phoenix, Democratic candidate for California House district 25, last week tweeted a series of points from the 1956 Republican platform. It’s easy to see how the two parties could, back then, come together over a number of issues. I’m going to put the tweets into something that looks more like text. The tweetstream is available here.

I went & read the actual 1956 Republican platform thanks to this tweet. Holy crap. Pro-unions, pro-equal pay, pro-“progressive programs,” pro-expanding Federal minimum wage & Social Security, free vaccines, more facilities to train scientists, pro-affordable housing, & then this gem really stood out: “We promise unwavering vigilance against corruption and waste, and shall continue so to manage the public business as to warrant our people’s full confidence in the integrity of their Government.” Wow.

And here’s some about the , which has been trending as today. “We recommend to Congress the submission of a constitutional amendment providing equal rights for men and women.”

This part is salient: “The Republican Party supports an immigration policy which is in keeping with the traditions of America in providing a haven for oppressed peoples, and which is based on equality of treatment, freedom from implications of discrimination between racial nationality and religious groups, and flexible enough to conform to changing needs and conditions.” It gets better.

“We will overlook no opportunity that, with prudence, can be taken to bring about a progressive elimination of the barriers that interfere with the free flow of news, information and ideas, and the exchange of persons between the free peoples & the captive peoples of the world.”

My favorite may be this: “We fully appreciate the importance of scientific knowledge and its application particularly in the military field.” Would be nice if the current admin listened to DOD re: climate.

The last bit I’ll quote is this: “We recognize the need for maintaining isolated wilderness areas to provide opportunity for future generations to experience some of the wilderness living through which the traditional American spirit of hardihood was developed.”

She then goes on to speculate why things (i.e. the Republican Party) have changed so much. She mentions the end of the Fairness Doctrine and says there’s more. I like this summing up, in which I have combined parts of two of her tweets, although I don’t know how we get there.

We need to define our shared ideals again, & then we must lift them up as high as we can. There are no perfect candidates, because we’re all human. Our job as voters is to find candidates with whom we agree on our ideals. It doesn’t have to be 100% agreement, either. Remember, we create the system. That means we can change it. That much, I believe.

Here’s a link to the 1956 Republican platform.


And open thread!

Scratch A Repub, Find A Creep – MO Edition

Since our Misery contigent frequently shows up for the Early Morning Open Thread, figured I’d give y’all a place to vent…

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Late Night DACA Open Thread: Good DREAMers vs Lousy Fantastists

SOOO successful! Just ask the Grey Lady’s finest knob-polishers:

For 55 minutes, with cameras rolling, President Trump engaged in a vigorous discussion of immigration with congressional leaders of both parties in a setting usually reserved for bland talking points and meaningless photo opportunities.

In effect, the president and his visitors threw away the blah-blah scripts and negotiated possible legislation in front of the nation. “I hope we’ve given you enough material,” a pleased Mr. Trump joked with reporters as he finally ushered them out of the Cabinet Room in the White House.

That was the point. After days in which his very fitness for office was debated, Mr. Trump appeared intent on demonstrating that he could handle the presidency. He was in command of the meeting while inviting input. He did not berate anyone. He did not call anyone derogatory nicknames. He signaled that he was open to compromise.

The bar, of course, was historically low given that Democrats and even some Republicans have been describing him as so unstable that he should be removed from office. For his advisers, the meeting was a relief, a chance to reset the narrative and make Mr. Trump look more like a traditional president. And his critics, grading on a curve, called it a welcome change, a moment of constructive engagement that they hoped would lead to more.

Yet it was a measure of Mr. Trump’s political weakness that anyone seemed surprised.

He did not lapse into incoherence but neither did he demonstrate mastery of policy details after a year in office. At one point, Senator Dianne Feinstein of California seemed to lead him into agreeing to an immigration deal on terms that she and fellow Democrats have sought, only to have an alarmed Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the House Republican leader, jump in to steer him back toward his own policy.

Indeed, Mr. Trump made clear once again that the details of governance do not really matter to him as much as success, telling congressional leaders that he would approve whatever they send him. “I will be signing it,” he said. “I’m not going to say, ‘Oh, gee, I want this or I want that.’ I’ll be signing it.”…

YAY “Our Team” for the win! At least the Repubs have found someone to blame it on…

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And Issa Wrap!

Loathesome slug and all around creep Darrell Issa is retiring, presumably to go spend more time with his money:

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) will not seek reelection this year, according to a local report on Wednesday, increasing Democrats’ chances of flipping his swing district in their favor.

Issa barely won reelection in 2016 by just over half a percentage point in a San Diego-area district that went for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton by about 7 points.

The OC Daily reported Wednesday that Issa will not be seeking reelection. Issa’s office did not immediately confirm the report.

It’s great to see him go (for a very limited primer on his awfulness, click here), and Democrats will have to really fuck things up to not win this seat anyway (DNC: HOLD MY BEER!), but I do regret not savoring his ass being beaten like a rented mule on election day.

At any rate, for one last time, go fuck yourself Darrell Issa, you piece of shit.