Open Thread: Steve King Will Not Be Out-Bigoted


This will indeed be a tough year for competitors in the Worst Person in National Politics Award, but Steve “Pigmuck” King is a dependable, oft-tested professional!


Despite that, he’s *not winning the wider argument…

Late Night Decompression Open Thread: Blame the GOP, They’ve Earned It

To reiterate:

Depressing Open Thread: Frank Luntz Gives ‘Em What They Want

On the one hand, Deplorables gonna be deplorable. On the other hand, Frank Luntz — having made a very prosperous living out of encouraging the worst Repubs to act out their worst fantasies — always gives the customer what they want. And I suspect he thinks Vice, not to mention his next client(s), wanted a slope-browed troupe eager to virtue-signal the world and each other about their depraved misogyny / racism “Christianity”. Either way, not an optimistic view of American politics at the moment!

GOP Fustercluck Open Thread: The Donald Went Down to Georgia Pensacola

(McEntee, according to Politico, is Trump’s “body man”.)

He wasn’t gonna campaign for Roy Moore, because Moore could still lose. (Luther Strange? Who he?) He couldn’t not make some kind of show of support, because Moore just might win, and if that happens Trump plans to take 110% of the credit. So, Pensacola’s not that much of a detour from Mar-a-Largofvckyourself and its well-groomed golf greens…
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Late Night Creepshow Open Thread: Grifters Applaud Their Own

“United in Purpose” has an even lower profile than Ginni Thomas’ main grift, “Liberty Central”, whose main purpose seems to be keeping Ginni too busy to drunk-dial Anita Hill again. But if you assume UiP’s real purpose is to provide a conduit from “conservative” suckers with too much money to “activists” with more greed than sense…


The “heroes” honored by United for Purpose had to meet certain criteria laid out on the website for the Impact Awards. These are people who show “tenacity, courage and perseverance even under hostile attacks” and are “respected among their peers,” among other things. O’Keefe, who just made a fool of himself in an attempt to stick up for a sexual predator, apparently meets that criteria in the eyes of right-wing activists.
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Russiagate Open Thread: Meanwhile, What News of the Prince of Amway?

Erik Prince, brother of Betsy deVos, founder of Blackwater (now Academi), testified before the US House of Representatives Select Committe on Intelligence on November 30th. A 105-page transcript of his testimony has been released, and is providing much fodder for specialists…


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Wednesday Morning Russiagate Open Thread: “Follow the Money”


Paul Waldman, in the Washington Post:

This may turn out to be no big deal — perhaps Mueller will find that all Trump’s transactions with Deutsche Bank were aboveboard and free of any funny business, and also that nothing he discovers there will lead to evidence of any other misconduct on Trump’s part… But the fact that Mueller is looking at Deutsche Bank means his probe is reaching the very heart of Trump’s financial life.

Why is Deutsche Bank so important? After a string of bankruptcies and broken promises, pretty much every other major bank stopped lending Trump money some years ago. The one exception was Deutsche Bank, to which Trump owed $364 million as of the end of last year. By sheer coincidence, Deutsche Bank recently had to pay $670 million in fines for its role in a Russian money laundering plot (though as Bloomberg reports, the bank’s internal investigation found no link between Trump and that scheme).

At this point, we don’t know exactly what Mueller is looking for in the Deutsche Bank records. Law professor Ryan Goodman suggests that Mueller could be trying to determine if Trump’s loans from the bank were guaranteed by Russian interests, which could mean he was indebted to them in ways that could compromise him.

What we do know is that the Russia investigation has led Mueller to Trump’s personal finances, which provide a target-rich environment if you suspect financial malfeasance…

… In that tweet about Flynn, Trump closes by saying, “There was nothing to hide!” That has indeed been a consistent line from Trump himself, the White House and the president’s defenders: nobody did anything wrong, all the contacts with Russians were just routine, and there’s nothing to hide.

But if that’s the case, why do so many Trump associates keep getting caught lying about Russia?

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