Midnight (Bad) Movies Open Thread: The Incredible Shrinking Zinke

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Russiagate Open Thread: Maria Butina’s Handlers, Owning the GOP, One Dirty Old Man At A Time

It’d make a great movie farce, if not for the treason, not to mention all the ancillary dead people…

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Saturday Morning Open Thread: Texas Judge Pulls ACA Ruling From Vulgar Bodily Orifice

This seems to be the most important fact about that ACA story *right at this very moment.* If you, or someone you know, has not yet been able to enroll — DO IT NOW.

While I am not an expert — and I assume people who are will be posting updates at a more reasonable hour — current consensus even among right-leaning pundits seems to be that Dubya appointee and Federalist Society contributor District Judge Reed O’Connor is making a noisy public display for his fellow true believers in the Invisible Hand. This is the everything’s-bigger-in-Texas version of the Republiclowns holding one last hearing on the Clinton Foundation before they lose control of the House (and, hopefully, the narrative)…

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Late Night Overamped Reboot Open Thread: Lies Within Lies Within Lies

“Trump confides to friends he’s concerned about impeachment”. Donny Dollhand has no friends, just accomplices. And he’s reached the talking-to-the-WH-portraits stage:

Despite President Donald Trump’s public declaration that he isn’t concerned about impeachment, he has told people close to him in recent days that he is alarmed by the prospect, according to multiple sources.

Trump’s fear about the possibility has escalated as the consequences of federal investigations involving his associates and Democratic control of the House sink in, the sources said, and his allies believe maintaining the support of establishment Republicans he bucked to win election is now critical to saving his presidency…

The president has been on a days-long tirade, sources tell NBC News, lashing out at his own staff and lawmakers on Capitol Hill, frustrated by the threat of a Democratic House with subpoena power, an array of looming congressional investigations, multiple intensifying federal probes, a botched effort to find a new chief of staff and a potential partial government shutdown over a lack of funding for his top campaign promise — a border wall.

Trump has ranted about why no one around him is doing anything to stop any of it and vented about the lack of support he believes he has in Congress and within his own White House, the sources tell NBC News…

Nixon had strong support from every member of the GOP caucus… until he didn’t.

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Poe’s Law Open Thread: Mick Mulvaney to Become “Acting” Chief of Staff

No matter how broad your satire, it’s simply impossible to outdo the Squatter-in-Chief.

Mick Mulvaney is the GOP’s go-to guy when it comes to not doing jobs they don’t want done. He’s put in some busy months doing his best to gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, while nominally remaining in charge of the Office of Managment & Budget, so I guess it was decided he’s ready for a fresh challenge: Not-managing access to the Oval Office Occupant.

Only remaining question: Did it simply occur to Donny Dollhands that a guy who loved not-doing important jobs was just the right Repub to not-do this one? Or, given Mulvaney’s known proclivities, was there an actual offer of payment made — either to Trump for the announcement, or to Mulvaney for accepting, or both?

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Repubs in Disarray Open Thread: The Chief-of-Staff Searchlight

… casts a harsh and unflattering glow:

The new attention hasn’t been particularly flattering to refusnik Nick Ayers, either…

From Vanity Fair, “A Top Trump Insider Appears to Conclude That the White House Is Doomed”:

In his home state of Georgia, it is no secret that Ayers has been considered a potential candidate for governor. Certainly, he has the resources—in the range of $12 million to $55 million, according to public filings—and the self-regard to step out of the shadows. Back in 2011, at the Republican Governors Association, Ayers famously abandoned his boss, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, to join Tim Pawlenty’s presidential campaign. Ben Smith, who obtained a copy of Ayers’s long-winded e-mail announcing the move, noted that it read like “he’s the one who will be running for president” instead of Pawlenty. (A classic Ayers line: “Over the past six months, I have prayed deeply about my purpose in life and how best to utilize the talents God has given me . . . As He often does in walks of faith, He has called me to a higher purpose.”) Stepping into the chief of staff role also would have forced Ayers to disclose how, exactly, he made his fortune as a political consultant—sometime West Wing insiders say Ayers wanted to avoid.
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GOP Venality Open Thread: Choral Squawk of Shame

The rest of us, we’re just drab white-collar players. The Republican Party, an effectively criminal enterprise just waiting for the right enterprising criminal…

The LAWN ORDURE party. Doesn’t even rise to the level of bullshit, just tight little balls of sheep manure.

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