Bush and Regulations

Not only is this administration and this Congress a group of irresponsible spenders, but they are also extensive regulators:

The Bush administration, philosophically wedded to the idea of smaller government, issued a record-high number of pages of new federal regulations last year, according to a study to be released today by the Cato Institute.

The libertarian think tank found that the Federal Register boasted 75,606 pages of federal regulations in 2002, up from a high of 74,528 pages in 2000, when President Bill Clinton was still in office. The surge is part of a decade-long rise in this crude index of federal regulatory activity, with the number of pages in the Federal Register increasing by 24 percent between 1993 and 2002.

“It is apparent that, in terms of page counts, regulation and agency activity are expanding,” wrote Clyde Wayne Crews Jr., the Cato scholar who wrote “Ten Thousand Commandments: An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State.” “This is in spite of the takeover of Congress by presumably more deregulatory Republicans in 1995.”

Are Republicans the New Democrats?

Savage Fired

Michael Savage was fired from MSNBC:

MSNBC on Monday fired Michael Savage for anti-gay comments.

The popular radio talk show host who did a weekend TV show for the cable channel referred to an unidentified caller to his show Saturday as a “sodomite” and said he should “get AIDS and die.”

“His comments were extremely inappropriate and the decision was an easy one,” MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines said.

I am curious what the hell they thought they were getting, but overall, I don’t really care, because I don’t support idiots and bigots. I am just glad he is gone- I hated the idea of him being the face of conservatism. Which, if liberals really think he is what most conservatives are like, you can understand why people like Atrios and the Talk Left crowd view Republicans as the enemy.

At Long Last

Thank goodness. Finally we are hearing someone bitch and moan about the outrageous spending that has taken place during President Bush’s administration due to appropriations from a REPUBLICAN congress:

Federal outlays jumped by $222 billion in President Bush’s first two years, a spending increase that is expected to accelerate under the administration-backed $400 billion prescription-drug bill that is speeding through Congress.

Much of the spending increases have been for defense and the war on terrorism at home and abroad, according to White House and congressional budget analysts.

The two-year increases represent 1 percent of the economy’s annual gross domestic product, four-tenths of which was devoted to national security.

Meanwhile, Democrats are still lying about spending:

Democrats have been loudly complaining that domestic social welfare spending has been cut under the Bush administration.

But congressional budget officials say that over the past two years such spending for education, job training, unemployment assistance, Medicare, Social Security, veterans benefits, food stamps and other “human resources” has risen from 11.5 percent of GDP to 12.7 percent.

This fiscal irresponsibility is Bush’s Achilles Heel in his re-election bid. Not his ‘arrogance,’ his ‘lying about WMD,’ the fact that ‘he is stupid,’ or the ‘tax cuts for the rich,’ or ‘the erosion of civil rights,’ or any of the other crap that Democrats routinely screetch about every campaign (he is going to starve the poor, enslave the dark-skinned, put children in labor camps, etc.) The spending is his real problem.

Good Read

On the whole, a very fair and well-written newsitorial in the NY Times:

In fact, a review of the president’s public statements found little that could lead to a conclusion that the president actually lied on either subject. But more pertinent than whether the president told the literal truth is what factors he stressed and which ones he played down.

Certainly, a strong argument can be made that he exaggerated the danger posed by banned Iraqi weapons when he was trying to convince the country and Congress of the need for a pre-emptive strike and that he overemphasized the benefits to people of modest means when he was trying to sell his tax cut.

Which is what I have been saying for months. He hasn’t lied- he may have exaggerated, and in the end, he and everyone else (including all the Democrat Senaotrs who once agreed Iraq had WMD) may have been wrong, but he hasn’t lied.

In the speech in March, on the eve of war, Mr. Bush declared, “Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised.”

There is no evidence the president did not believe what he was saying. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and other Democrats said last week that intelligence briefings they received justified Mr. Bush’s statements.

Democrats- calling him stupid had more traction than calling him a liar. You see where that got you.

Laurence Simon, Cyber Detective

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