The GOP’s Racism Problem: Nobody Wants to Be Last Off the Sinking Ship (Part 3)

As too many of us know from experience, there’s a feedback loop at failing organizations. Those employees with the best chances, or the best reasons, to escape announce they’re going to ‘pursue other opportunities’. Everybody starts circulating resumes, stockpiling office supplies, and keeping a running tally of who’s taking long lunches or spending time with HR. Every new departure adds to the sneaking conviction that the whole group is irretrievably doomed…

Here’s an announcement that seems to bode particularly ill for the industry reputation of the Republican Party:

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The GOP’s Leader/Base Racism ‘Dilemma’: When All You’ve Got Is A Bigot… (Part 2)

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The “adults in the room” of the Permanent GOP Party embraced Donald Trump because he seemed like a bargain-basement solution to overcoming Hillary Clinton’s predicted landslide victory. Now that Trump’s gleefully ravaging the whole party’s chances in 2020, they’re stuck — they can’t cross the Oval Office Occupant’s rabid “Base” (not to mention the GOP traitors like McConnell and Nunes, who’ve traded their souls for Russian payola and ‘red meat’ votes), but all the still-normal Repub voters and “independents” can’t stomach the stench. Let a thousand tiny, tiny violins play!

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Racism: The Very Gross Elephant in the GOP’s Room (Part I)

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Answer: A vestigial sense among the keepers of St. Ronnie’s legacy that the time for public celebration of blatant racism was not yet ripe.

Historical documentation is always nice, but anybody with the most nominal political awareness knew Ronald Reagan was a racist. He famously started his campaign in a Mississippi town best known for the KKK murder of civil-rights activists. It was widely reported during the campaign that his father-in-law’s John Bircher cronies deliberated groomed Reagan as a prettier, more trainable version of Pat Buchanan or Bill O’Reilly — the ‘old-fashioned blue-collar working-class guy’, aka, someone who’d promote racism as a public virtue.

By the time he was in the Oval Office, the openly racist ‘conservative’ media like National Review were publicly exulting that ‘Morning in America’ was code for ‘send the colored and their commie-liberal supporters back where they belong’, and the squishy-moderate publications like Fred Barnes’ New Republic were half-heartedly suggesting that Ronnie wasn’t *really* a racist, he just pretended to be one to please the ‘hardcore’ Republican voter.

Nixon’s infamous ‘Southern Strategy’ was the HIV infection of the Republican party; Reagan’s success, followed by the Bush terms, was the emergence of full-blown political AIDS; Trump is just the Kaposi’s sarcoma that announces the disease in the most public way possible.


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Republicons in Disarray!

The RNC, now a wholly owned subsidiary of the scammy Trump Organization, is trying to strong-arm Republicans into exclusively using a new fundraising platform called “WinRed,” the wingnut rejoinder to ActBlue. That’s got to be on the up-and-up, right? [Politico]

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel grew visibly emotional during a meeting with senior GOP officials on Wednesday, as she insisted that she isn’t personally profiting off a new, President Donald Trump-endorsed small-donor platform…

The party chairwoman choked up as she kicked off a closed-door panel discussion on WinRed by addressing ongoing rumors that she and other RNC officials are poised to personally benefit from the new platform. At one point, McDaniel said the only money she is making is her RNC salary…

Those close to McDaniel say she hadn’t initially planned on defending herself during the meeting, which was called to answer questions RNC members had about WinRed. But she and top aides to the president have grown aggrieved in recent days amid questions over who will profit from the new donor platform…

The RNC and the Trump campaign released separate statements on Wednesday saying no one working for them was profiting off WinRed.

Since Trump himself is a known fraudster and top Trump campaign / RNC officials are of the caliber of colleagues who have been literally hauled off in chains and jailed and/or are under investigation for massive financial malfeasance and other unsavory activities, the current crew cannot be expected to view GOP small donors as anything other than slow and fat marks. The only surprising thing is that the marks saw the target on their own asses.

I think this is my favorite detail from the story:

Dietzel [who heads a rival digital GOP fundraising platform] has taken an aggressive posture, deriding the national party’s all-hands embrace of WinRed as tantamount to socialism.

The hostilities show no sign of abating.

I don’t know that any benefit will redound to Democrats. But it gladdens my heart to watch these terrible people fight and hiss “socialism!” at each other like meth-addled, libertarian possums in a pillowcase, so I thought I’d share. Open thread!

Late Night Open Thread: Bal’more Is More Than A Match for…

Pity the poor staffers stuck with trying to rebook this monster, again, with only six weeks’ advance notice…

The Republicans spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe arrangements that have yet to be made public. The website for the hotel, the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, and multiple third-party hotel booking sites show the hotel as sold out for the days of the retreat, Sept. 12 to 14, while showing availability at other nearby hotels.

During past congressional retreats, Capitol Police have cordoned off the premises to all but lawmakers and authorized attendees, meaning no unrelated guests are permitted.

The House Republican Conference handles the retreat planning in conjunction with the nonprofit Congressional Institute. Jeremy Adler, a spokesman for the conference chairwoman, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), did not respond to a request for comment Monday. Congressional Institute President Mark Strand did not immediately reply to an email seeking comment…
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