Party at DiFi Reelection Headquarters this Morning

Fox & Friends must be putting their unique spin on the release of the Fusion GPS testimony, which demonstrates conclusively for lucid readers (i.e., non-Fox & Friends viewers) that the GOP is more interested in propping up Trump than getting to the bottom of Russian interference in our elections:

Specifically, the testimony shows that the narrative peddled on Fox News — that the Trump-Russia investigation was triggered by a dossier underwritten by partisans to undermine Trump — is a lie. Further, it shows that Senators Grassley and Graham’s criminal referral on dossier author Christopher Steele is cynical abuse of an ally and whistle-blower who should be thanked profusely for his concern for the integrity of our democracy, a concern not shared by Trump or his Republican enablers.

Anyway, someone sounds extra nervous this morning:

Each and every single sentence is a lie. And the volume of lies is a fairly reliable indicator of Trump’s perception of personal peril. I fervently hope Mr. Mueller gets this specimen under oath.

Late Night Idiocracy Open Thread: SPRINGTIME FOR ‘SHERIFF’ ARPAIO

If you thought the ‘Oprah for President 2020, or Not’ fooferaw was silly, pardoned felon Joe Arpaio has a bridge candidacy to sell you!

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DACA Showdown Today

Democratic and Republican congressional leaders are meeting with Trump today about the spending bill as it relates to a DACA fix and Trump’s dumb, racist wall that Mexico is definitely NOT going to pay for; via The Post:

There is a chance of a government shutdown in the next several weeks over the wall and/or DACA.

Immigration is the biggest stumbling block in negotiations about keeping the lights on past Jan. 19, which is next Friday. Republicans say Democrats are holding spending talks hostage to secure a DACA fix, which they’d prefer to consider separately. As he meets with a bipartisan group of lawmakers at the White House later today, both Trump and Democratic leaders think they have the better hand — a recipe for trouble. The likeliest outcome is another short-term agreement.

It would be a mistake to throw the Trumpublicans another lifeline in the form of a short-term agreement, IMO. I think the Democrats should demand passage of a clean DACA bill (no wall, no other bullshit) before they agree to provide a single vote to avoid a shutdown.

Trump created the DACA crisis. The Trumpublicans control the government. They need Democrats because they can’t get their Freedom Caucus crazies to act like responsible adults and pay bills the country has already incurred.

I get that Democrats are the grownups. I understand there’s real pain involved in a shutdown, but there’s a cost to constantly propping these feral toddlers up too. It’s time to call their damn bluff. What do you think?

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: ‘Executive Time’


Like those ‘executive toys’ — Trump’s a human fidget spinner. In the Washington Post, “Why ‘executive time’ is a particularly bleak scoop about President Trump”:

It’s 100 percent true that the Trump presidency can be exhausting, but it’s mostly because of Trump’s penchant for controversy, which he often stokes through his Twitter feed during off-hours. And Trump’s Twitter habit only seems to have increased as a portion of his day in recent weeks.

And the reason Swan’s scoop paints such a bleak picture of Trump is because it suggests he’s not particularly interested in the official duties of being president. Whatever you think about Trump’s policies or his fitness for the job, the job requires one to be fully engaged, to be processing information (preferably from sources other than cable news), and to always be, for lack of a better word, on. The idea that Trump doesn’t take his daily intelligence briefing until 11 a.m. is shocking just by itself. And whoever leaked his official schedules to Swan seems to be concerned that Trump just isn’t up to the job right now…

Unfortunately, the Congressional Republicans protecting Trump, and their donors, feel much the same way — as long as he stages signing ceremonies on demand, the less Donny Dollhands interferes with their plans to loot the Treasury and gut our commonwealth, the better they like it.

Immigration Games

Trump ended protected status for Salvadorans who’ve been in the U.S. since 2001 after an earthquake in their home country, setting up the prospect that more than 200K people who have lived and worked here for nearly two decades will be kicked out of the country. Via The Washington Post:

The administration said it will give the Salvadorans until Sept. 9, 2019, to leave the United States or find a way to obtain legal residency, according to a statement Monday from the Department of Homeland Security. The Salvadorans were granted what is known as Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, after earthquakes hit the country in 2001, and their permits have been renewed on an 18-month basis since then…

Immigrant advocates, Salvadoran government officials and many others had implored [DHS Secretary] Nielsen to extend the TPS designation, citing the country’s horrific gang violence and the potentially destabilizing effect of so many people being sent home.

Others urged her to consider the approximately 190,000 U.S.-born children of Salvadoran TPS recipients. Their parents must now decide whether to break up their families, take their entire families back to El Salvador, or stay in the United States and risk deportation.

Senior DHS officials told reporters Monday that the families would have to make that decision, and that the effect on American businesses, among other potential consequences of the TPS decision, were not part of Nielsen’s decision-making process. They said it is up to Congress to determine a remedy.

It’s a cynical ploy, of course, as are Trump’s actions on the Dreamers, the Muslim ban, ending TPS for Haitians, etc. Xenophobia plays well with Trump’s base, the only segment of our population he’s interested in pleasing. Maybe kicking brown people out of the country will distract the mouth-breathers from the fact that Trump is enriching himself and his fellow plutocrats at the public’s expense.

Will the cynical ploy work? Could be! People are pretty fucking racist and stupid. We have all the proof for that we’ll ever need sitting in the White House. I just hope the Democrats are ready to play hard ball on the upcoming spending bill — and that non-xenophobic assholes will reward them for their courage by turning out this fall.

ICYMI: Stephen “Slenderman” Miller Is A Very Weird Entity

Here’s the complete Tapper interview, for those whose weekends are politics-free. Apart from all the peculiar behavior that’s already been noted here, during the interview, Miller rocks back and forth the way Bill Gates did while testifying, which you may remember had observers making remarks about his neurotypical quirks. Miller also keeps jerking his head like a nervous horse — he probably just isn’t comfortable with the earpiece whose cord emerges from the back of his collar, but seriously, that’s why newbies take rehearsals, if their bosses care about appearances.

Word is that Miller is supposed to replace Bannon as the Trump Occupation’s “house intellectual”. If so, he has… not made a good first impression, not even on those Republicans most avid to support Lord Smallgloves as (figure)head of their crusade against the twentieth century…


“He was supposed to be the house intellectual but was militantly unread.”

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Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: Somewhere, Newt Gingrich Plots His Revenge

Hadn’t realized casino mogul Steve Wynn’s been in the court news again…

At least Granpa Dollhands will have something hardcore to DVR, if he wakes up before the new day’s Fox & Friend morning happychat shows are there to keep his tiny mind busy…