Saturday Morning Open Thread: Same As It Ever Was

Democrats care about people; Republicans care about “winning”, which they mostly define as “money”. (Although if they’re feeling particularly GOP, they’ll throw away money just to keep that “winning” feeling… )

This Crap Again Open Thread: Rep. Steve ‘Pigmuck’ King Will *Not* Be Out-Na… tionalist’d

Glass-half-full take: Iowa’s reached a point of political maturity where King coasting to an easy tenth win in 2020 is no longer a sure bet, so he’s updating his portfolio for the ‘How come white people can’t use the n-word?’ Wingnut Welfare Wurlitzer market. Hey, if the Democrats keep winning social media, Lou Dobbs is definitly gonna stroke out before then…

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Repub Stupidity Open Thread: Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Latest Victim of ETTD*

*Everything Trump Touches Dies…

SFGate reports:

Republican U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is defending President Donald Trump’s comments that California isn’t doing a good enough job managing its forests.

McCarthy, of California, says he agrees with Trump that better forest management could mitigate California’s deadly and destructive wildfires. He’s commenting in response to a Trump tweet threatening to withhold California’s federal disaster funding…

Fire scientists say its climate change, not forest management, that’s the chief cause of more destructive wildfires.

Democratic U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, also of California, had challenged McCarthy to condemn Trump’s comments.

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Fox News is Radio Rwanda

Is that hyperbolic? Maybe. But listen (if you can bear it) to this clip from the Blonde with Two Boobs on a Couch* from this morning:

Partial transcript:

“A few things really hit home, when you think about how hard YOU work, trying to put food on the table, many folks go to a job they don’t like, and then you look at the numbers, and you’re spending about $80K…over the course of one of those illegal’s lifetime to keep them here in the United States — you’re paying for them, and you’re working hard to pay for them. Then you look at the numbers of people that are doing illegal drugs here. A lot of the drugs are coming from the southern border, and the president highlighted that last night.

And then you hear him talk about, he said, “Imagine if this were your child that was killed by an illegal alien” because we hear Kate Steinle’s parents and the parents of, the fire chief parents, in Knoxville, Tennessee, their young son was killed by a suspected illegal immigrant, and you hear about Officer Singh in California…the president highlighted the Air Force veteran who was raped and murdered and beaten to death by an illegal alien. He talked about the Georgia illegal alien that killed his neighbor and beheaded him and dismembered him, he talked about the MS-13 gang members in Maryland who are unaccompanied minors who were arrested and charged with stabbing and beating a 16-year-old girl.

You hear all of that, and you wonder why Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are calling this, are saying it’s immoral to build a wall, they’re saying it’s not a crisis. Look at the video! Listen to the numbers!”

It’s no coincidence that Trump and Fox & Friends name-checked states from coast to interior to coast. They want to incite fear and loathing from sea to shining sea. Fox & Friends is Twitler’s favorite program, and together they form a continuous feedback loop of hate.

Anyhoo, Ainsley Earhardt, ladies and gents — a Leni Riefenstahl minus talent serving a fuhrer without brains. Let us hope their incompetence and stupidity contain the damage.

*H/T: Adam

I Waited for Nothing, and Nothing Arrived

I didn’t watch Trump’s address last night, since I assumed that if he said something important, I’d get a news alert soon enough.   Trump told media before the speech that he didn’t think the speech would work, and that he didn’t think his trip to the border would work, but his communications staff wanted him to do it. So, as usual when the laziest President of the last century does something he doesn’t really want to do, he phoned in an address of no apparent consequence.

One thing that a lot of the media coverage seems to miss is that a good part of the Republican House and Senate are not overly bothered by the shutdown.  They represent the “I hate government” brand, and what better way to show their hatred than by denying salaries to government bureaucrats. At some point, Collins, Gardner and a few others like Murkowski who don’t come from completely retrograde red states will put up enough of a fight to get something through the Senate, but it ain’t gonna be soon.

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Sad Trumpone Noises

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Cold Grey Pre-Dawn “Crisis of the Soul Sole” Open Thread: Early Reviews, REALLY Not Positive!

Take it from the professionals…

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